August 8

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Classical/Spanish guitar. Electric guitar. Music in general. Tennis. Wing Chun (Variant). Philiosophy, Theosophy, Hermetics, Mysticsm, Spirituality, Unfoldment.

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God, Jesus, Lao Tze, Buddha, B.O.T.A, Andres Segovia (Guitar Maestro), Tom (my Tennis coach) and Mick (my Wing Chun instructor).

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  • Dear Gary...


    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx

  • Dear Gary, Thank You for the invite as a friend. I do remember you of Course! I hope that ALL is going well for you. I was not expecting to see you on this site though. But ALL is Good as Everything Happens for  a Reason. I sned you my Silver Violet Flame with the Highest Blessings of Unconditional Love...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx


  • Hello garyquick,thank you for accepting my frindship invitation.All is well here.Enjoying all of the snow.Peace to you and all that you love my brother.Stay blessed,


  • Dear Gary . I love the gentle intelligence and adventourousness of English men , The Grail legends and Cropcircles and Celts.My ancestors came from Cornwall but we have lived in Australia for 4 generations.I wish you well in England Love Fiona
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Nov 2, 2020
garyquick posted a discussion
Please help by voicing your concerns over the state brutality and killings in Libya by putting sending a message to the United Nations Security Council at the following…
Feb 23, 2011
garyquick left a comment for Chichieun
"Thanks, what an an inspiring video :) Peace, Light and Love x"
Feb 13, 2011
garyquick commented on Krishna Kalki's video
"Awesome video, great summary :)"
Feb 8, 2011

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"My Body will remember it now 🤢, so I guess i am really done with 🍔🍟🍕🌭."
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"Guess i change my Ways now. I am work on me to do Sport, but i always got sick. 😒So nothing goes on and i still got my Pain in my Back each Day. 😑It is really a hard work.

My Plan is work on my Sport. I do when i can and want to eat clean, wich…"
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"OMG - that happened to me back in 2012 and I haven't had a McD burger since. Never could get the awful taste out of my mouth."
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"Actually, these McD burgers are so full of toxins, it's amazing that anyone is still eating them, without dissolving into a watery nothing...lol🍔😉"
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"Oh, guys. I got story for You. I was just eat a Burger at MC... D.. 🤫and 10 min. later i got Diarrhoea from it, really like Water. Some minutes later i sweat and feel really bad. Then all comes out 🤢🤮. So then i really got poisened from it.
My Body…"
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"These original humans are no longer apes, of course....Currently, Vega is the central star within the Galactic Federation...They are so spiritually perfected, they can exist on all planes, including the physical dense aethers......

Well, here is a…"
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"On VEGA there are beings with Etheric Bodies. So far, only one of these species has managed to manifest itself mentally on Earth for a whole 4 weeks. In the end, his figure dissolved in water."
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