February 26

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I have no inner monologue and cannot stop trying to understand why i do not have one. Everyone i know has one. I ask Eevryone about this. I need to understand.

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  • I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command. Infinite Blessings & Overlighting Energies of The Creator's Love & Crystalline Rainbow Light with Ever-Unfolding & Expanding Enlightenment, Wisdom, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You in Every Moment !
  • Well, everyone has the potential to communicate telepathically and some are permitted to do so, under the laws of karma, maybe at an earlier stage than others....But the critical factor is your current light quotient, which is a soul level marker, for how bright your light body is and how high your developed consciousness is...When you get to a certain level, which, for want of a better name, we call "the birth," you start to experience a closer connection with your higher aspects, as well as those higher aspects in others, around you...This is because upon the spiritual levels of consciousness, we are all connected as ONE....The ilusion is separation....

    Now as a life is experienced and we demonstrate our wisdom and love, we send out a type of beacon to those who have evolved before us and feel inclined to aid our development...These beings may be offworld, space brothers and sisters, also....There is no difference, as the spiritual evolutionary path is one we all have in common...Even the dark ones evolve, albeit, they dispise such a concern and instead focus on personal gain...

    If you do seek to understand me more and why I can telepathically receive high levels of data and aid from both my Earthly ashram, as well as my starseed contacts, than please feel free to read my page intro and follow some of the links to various videos and articles I have written, in blogs and forums..

    Again, feel free to comment to me, whenever prompted to...

    In love and light, Col. Drekx Omega
  • No its no a disadvantage to live. But its the same feeling as i am female and will never understand what it would be like to have a penis haha. But i understand why i wont ever experience that myself. Im female lol.

    But why do i not have this ability everyone else seems to have.. I hope i get my answers one day. I want to be able to converse with something internally... You need to ask it its name. Most people have Annunaki aliens playing them. A lot of these voices are bad and have negative intentions.

    Yours sounds fairly neutral, but in saying that i guess you believe it to be your conscience im assuming, which would mean your voice it the same sex at you.. But if you listen closely, is it really your voice? does it know things you never told it. Does your body disagree with the voice ever?

    This subject really scares a lot of people. Thank you for not being insecure about it.

    Can you direct me to anyone on here that could help my search?
  • I appreciate your friend request, which was like a good feedback from you.☺

    Yes, we often use the ACC wall to post stuffs when we are not sure 'where we should post them in' just like you did. So you are perfectly right on this.

    Yes, I really liked your inputs here, couse they are unique and you confidently shared it with us. So I appreciate this degree of diversity you brought here. But I don't know much about channellings, but I am sure a lot of pple here can help you on that question. There are many silent members here, and many are interested with channelling, and I think some can channel.

    I think your mind is very ok! There might be no monologue within, but you seem very good in a dialogue with other.☺
  • Thank you Roaring Lovely.
    I appreciate your compliment of diversity, however does anyone have any information or idea of why I have not got this thing inside i can channel.

    And so far your the only one who really seems to think its good for me to be bringing diversity here, I hope more people have your vibes! :)
    My lack of inner monologue makes people go weird around me :(
  • Welcome to ACC. It is good that you are bringing the diversity we longed for.☺
  • Hello, Im searching for answers as to why i have no inner monologue. I want to channel something but i dont think it is possible. I dont know anyone like me or anyone else who has no inner speech. Where can i start a convo or is there a similar convo already going on?
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"I have no unanswered questions i leave bouncing around in my head. I ask what i need to know no matter how inappropriate no matter who it is. Im a massive Trump fan. I think he is hilarious. He says things how they are and if you dont know what he…"
Dec 7, 2022
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"As i read it is only because Im educated that i know the meaning of each word as i read it and i guess this process ive become quick at over the years. Like i only have to scan a few words to understand their definition and i can pretty much gather…"
Dec 7, 2022

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