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San Francisco, CA


October 7

About Yourself

I want to learn more about my "mission" in life. I want to understand why I am here and who I was before I came here. I went through a period in my life where I was experiencing a divine discontentment with how my life was going. I became drawn to astrology and eventually picked myself out of my rut. I started exploring spiritual topics and realized that I was experiencing some sort of "pre-awakening."Since then, I have been slowly finding "answers" by extensively seeking wisdom.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My philosophy teacher Mr. Graves is awesome. I took logic, political theory, and knowledge with him. I took Plato's allegory of "The Cave" and Decartes's Meditations to heart and began to transform my thinking from the inside out. My father is also somewhat of a guru. He is full of wisdom and compassion and his way of life inspires me to life a more healthy lifestyle. My best friend is also someone I look up to. She is psychic but she has not come to terms with her gifts yet although she is slowly coming out of her fear. I was trying to learn how to see auras and how to cultivate telekinesis. To my surprise, she got it right away. She is a powerful person and I sense that I have known her in another time/place.

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"I love the how this was all put together! "
Mar 28, 2012
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"Hello! I am curious about my astrology chart too haha. My bday is 10/07/1989 at 10:19am san francisco, ca. I've been researching this topic lately and I was wondering if there is anything anyone can add to my understanding. Thanks!! =]…"
Mar 19, 2012

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"Was a Discord server ever created? I found this post while looking for an Ashtar related server."
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"Yes, I found it to be very interesting that is why I brought it...Mine makes a lot of sense to me...I am sure yours makes a lot of sense to you too...Much Love to you dear Ara..."
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No Nuclear War will be AllowedDecember 3, 2020 by Steve BeckowSome people are worried that a nuclear war might start between the United States and China, Russia and the United States, or Israel and Iran.The Company of Heaven tells us that nothing of…
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"Cool Amparo,
power, love, creation, gratitude"
2 hours ago