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update current activity in uk

i have a associate in the filming certain craft in uk. Some of these shape shift, he is progressin slowly in his conntact mission. There are other locations also in the uk, i have not had the aurthorixation to place these yet---regards Brian---eagleye----links are being placed

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ireneaura---you Tube---intergalaticlightsource

Many would not know ireneaura, but she is associate of mine. She recides in the uk, and is a wonderful soul. She is also a channel with direct contact with Ashtar---and some of his channeled messages. She is a spirtiual warrior. A previous incarnation was in the bodyform of a positive Reptilian, before you would say differant, there are many differant races working within the Ashtar. I can say i would rather believe in the Command than other Galatic channels .--i will link some of those channeld messages

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Abductions uk The Ammach videos--uk

Hi forum, i am new to the forum, but not new to to spiritual, and ufo phenonoma. Both have deep connections with each other, and the join can be anywhere. When i was 17 i was abducted with a friend in the West Midlands uk. This period of time, when computers where practically in a infant stage, and probably only undertood mainly in the usa by milatery machine and scientific cummunity. It was nothing like a new age cult or anything more than fantasy thinking---and ufo at 17 was the last thing on my mind so it was not of any great interests. i remember that summers evening we made arrangements to play snooker in a works club house, this was across a large field set back, before the start of the factory. When we arrived approximatly 7-10pm, we where dissapointed to find we could not play because all the table where being under maintainace. They were to  have the green clothes replaced. So the guy said they would be finished in about a weeks time, so call back then. We left then to go  back to my friends Keiths house for a drink. His dad was not there because he had a new lady in his life.Keith had lost his mum through ilness about nine mounth before. He was not pleased with the situation, and his new mummy was not appreciated. As we made our way back to his house, He happend to look back at the clubhouse. We where about halfway between that and the gatehouse to the works. In the sky Keith noticed a object moving towards us quite low and in total sileance. It was certainly moving fast and i caught a quick glimps as i look upwards. It  had two tier  to it like a propotion on a proportion the top one smaller and its colour was like a tarnish copper in places and other being a silver alloy material, i could make our three pad like feet beneath its fat belly. It was at this stage fear crept in and we ran like made to the gate house. I only remember one thing  treading fresh air--and nothing about Keith. Later i can rember the same approaching Keith house and trading fresh air then his garden gate. He kepts saying about ufo, and how real they are,  we where in a state of confussion and shock. I could not get my head round it . i simply knew we had not got to the factory gate, i could not remember the large clock in it . i could not rember the postal office and grocery store or the d.i.y.store all before Keiths house. When we got in to his living area. Keith was repeating himself, i dont believe in ufo but i do know. i then looked at the clock near the fire place it said 8-45 pm. We where both staggered because to use we could not posibly be more than half a hour out of his home. We spoke at some lenght but very-very  confussed .We made a pact and deceided to tell know one, how could we?? nobody would believe it, It wasdifficult for us to. Things became easier after a few weeks bur we never went back to that clubhouse for a game of snooker. I will  talk about things after the event soon and my spiritual connections and with those with the ammach group uk. Thank you for listening to this short blog regards Brian--eagleye.

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