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Several days ago I received this email from the granddauther of old and dear friend. In his letter he has asked that I share with all the Indian Nation in our country. "Yes" He is a Native American Indian, He is 86 years old and lives in the southwest of the United States. He still, to this day lives the old ways of his native culture. After reading his letter I came to the conclusion that his letter was meant for everyone and not just a few. 
Once you read his letter I am hoping you will agree with me and decide to pass it on to all the people you know. 
The first part of this post is the email I recieved from the granddaughter who spent her time and money to locate me and pass on her grandfathers request to me. 

At this time; I wish to Thank You in advance for taking the time to read this letter. My only hopes and prayers are you take the time pass it on by mail, email, posts, blogs, websites etc. 

Dear friend and brother to the Nations
I am contacting you on the behalf of grandfather Screaming Eagle who asked me to contact you and ask you for a great favor. He speaks of you all the time and knows you travel a lot around the country and visit the many reservations of our people.
I have spent several weeks trying to locate you and it was a friend who found you on the Internet and I can now only hope this email address is to the right person. If so;
My true friend and brother to my grandfather; Grandfather has written a letter that is attached to this email and is asking that you help him share it with all the Nations. He said if there was ever a man who could do this you can. You know grandfather he still lives in the old ways and does not think of people having to work more now then ever before. He is now 86 years old and still considers himself a young buck. He still lives in the same home you last visited him at. He has refused to move into town and come live with me. He does not care for the modern ways and wishes to live alone away from all the people. I was just a young girl when you came to visit last. I am grown up now and out of school and working at a local store here in town. I now live with a friend of the family because there is some bad news since your last visit. Several years back I lost both of my parents do to Alcohol poisoning witch you know is bad here amongst the Indian people. For now it is only grandfather and me. I have to stay living here in town with friends because I don't make that much money at my job. I can only go see grandfather a couple of times a week now because of gas prices and you know he lives over 20 miles out of town. I know grandfather is hoping you will do this for him and in your travels you will come for a visit soon.
I hope to hear back from you soon.
Your little friend
Little Tear 

To the many brothers of the many Nations across this land.

I am writing this letter with the help of my granddaughter for I never learned how to read or write and my eye sight is not that good anymore.
Several days back while I was out walking not far from my home in the desert, I came across a stranger who seemed to be lost and tired at the time and needed help. His shoes and cloths were heavily worn from the weather. You could tell he had journeyed far. So I invited him to come and rest in my home. He never spoke a word, only bowed his head as to say thank you. Once we were in my home I sat him down at the table and gave him a plate of food and once again he bowed his head in thanks. When he finished eating he got up from the table and handed me his plate and again bowed in saying thanks and headed for the door. I then asked him to stay and rest for a while; for I knew he was tired and could use the rest. I then offered him my bed and he only took a blanket and went and lay down near the fire for it gets cold at nights here in the desert. It only took a few minutes and he was then fast asleep. He slept for three days and nights and never woke up or even moved. I know this, for I never slept the whole time he was asleep. For I could feel his spirit as it moved about the room pacing the floor which kept me awake. When he had awakened he picked up the blanket and folded it and then handed it to me bowing as to say thanks. He then headed for the door when I stopped him again asking him to wait. I then went and prepared some food and water and put in a bag and handed it to him and he once again bowed in thanks and went out the door and on his way.
That night when I went to sleep and for the next two nights there after I had a vision of the stranger. Every night the vision was the same and when my granddaughter came the next day to visit me I told her of the vision of the stranger who was here. When she heard the story she told me I needed to write it down in words and send it to all the brothers of the many Nations across this land. She then went to her car and got a pencil and some paper and came and sat down beside me and told me she would write it down in my words as I speak of the vision as it was revealed to me.
In the beginning of my vision I could see the stranger as a young man who was once a great leader in a land I had never seen before, who had many followers who he treated all the same and only spoke to them with kinds words of great wisdom. As he traveled about the land the people always followed and grew in great numbers. Until one night while everyone was asleep and he was out for a walk is when the soldiers came who were dressed in armor and packed weapons made of metal and took him away and locked him in a room to await trial for treason against the government of the land he was in. During that time the soldiers capture a great number of his people and executed them. Also at this time they gave him a spokesman to speak for him whom was from their council, for whom they paid well.
On the day of his trial the spokesman they gave him said very little in his behalf and only spoke of his teaching claiming they were words against the government. The leaders of the council did not give him a chance to speak before they declared him guilty of treason and false teachings against the government. The council then ordered him to be whipped and then executed. They then took him to the village square before all the people so they could see their great leader fall. They started whipping him from all directions first bringing him to his knees and then he fell to the ground showing his face in great agony and pain, but not uttering a word, nor shedding a tear. He only bowed his head as they continued to whip him until he was nearly dead. They then pick him up and brought him to his knees and then placed a ring made of thorns upon his head as they mocked him as a false leader. They then drug him to his feet and gave him a large wooden cross to carry upon his back as they marched him out of the village where they executed his followers in the same way. When they reach a small hill near the center of it all, he then started to stumble and fall to his knees and the people came forward to help him but the soldiers ordered them to stop and pushed them back away from the stranger. When he neared the top of the hill he stumbled again and fell to ground in total exhaustion and could go no further, then one of the soldiers beside him bent down and removed the cross from him and said I will carry it for him. The soldiers around him only fronded upon him for helping the stranger by aiding the enemy. When they reach the top and placed the cross on the ground they stripped the stranger of all his cloths and bound him to the cross with ropes and they drove nail into his hands and feet, nailing him to the cross. Then they stood the cross up in a hole in the ground so all the people could see, shaming him before all his people. When they were through mocking him the leader of the soldiers ordered the soldier who helped him carry the cross to take his spear and stick him in the side to finish him off and told him if he did not do it he would receive the same punishment accusing him of being a doubter of the true government by aiding the enemy. The soldier then walked up to the stranger and stuck his spear deep into the side of the stranger who only bowed his head. When nearly everyone was gone, the stranger looked up into the sky now with tears in his eyes and said; forgive them father for they know not what they have done. The next morning when his people seen he had died they removed him from the cross and took him amongst his people to bury him near by. They placed him in a cave and sealed it with a large stone. The next morning when they went to the cave they found the large stone had been moved and his body was gone.

I now say this to all my true brothers of the many Nations across this land, if you meet this stranger I now speak of. Open your homes and let him in, give him food and water and a place to rest, for he means you no harm, he is only searching for his people.

When my granddaughter finished writing my vision down, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said; we must go find him grandfather and offer to help him on his journey, for I could give him a ride to where his is going. We then left my home and headed west following the tracks he left in the sand of the desert. We only walked about a mile from my home when his tracks which were deep in the sand had ended. We then knew he was well on his journey some where's across this land searching for his people.

Please share these words with your people: 

Screaming Eagle 

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