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8108732882?profile=originalBuddha was born of the virgin Mahamaya, who was considered the "Queen of Heaven." Dean Milman, in his "History of Christianity," stated that "Buddha, according to a tradition known in the West, was born of a virgin" (Vol. I, p. 99, note). Mary and Mahamaya all gave birth to their children among strangers. He was visited by wise men who recognized the divinity of the child. He was of royal descent and his birth was announced by a star.


Werner's Encyclopedia, in its article on Buddha speaks of "the marvelous stories which gathered round the belief in his voluntary incarnation, the miracles at his birth, the prophecies of the aged saint at his formal presentation to his father, and how nature altered her course to keep a shadow over his cradle, whilst the sages from afar came and worshiped him."


Both Jesus and Buddha were presented in the temple as infants for baptism. The hymns uttered at both annunciations resemble each other.

(4) Both in childhood discoursed before teachers.


Jesus and Buddha were considered to be divine beings. Buddha is regarded by the Hindus as the ninth incarnation of the deity Vishnu, following Krishna. But Buddha started a new religion which did not emphasize "gods," but rather how people can become "awakened" or "enlightened" to liberate themselves from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth."

(6) The mission of both Buddha and Jesus was proclaimed by a voice from heaven.

(7) Both fasted in the wilderness and were tempted. Supernatural beings ministered to each of them.


Both called their disciples with the command, "Follow me." Both sent out disciples to spread their teachings. Both performed miracles and wonders, healed the sick, fed five hundred men from a "small basket of cakes," and walked on the water.


Buddha was "about 30 years old" when he began his ministry. He fasted "seven times seven nights and days." He had a "band of disciples" who accompanied him. He traveled from place to place and "preached to large multitudes." Bishop Bigandet calls his first sermon the "Sermon on the Mount." At his Renunciation "he forsook father and mother, wife and child." His mission was "to establish the kingdom of righteousness." "Buddha," says Max Mueller, "promised salvation to all; and he commanded his disciples to preach his doctrine in all places and to all men." "Self-conquest and universal charity" are the fundamental principles of his religion. He enjoined humanity, and commanded his followers to conceal their charities. "Return good for evil"; "overcome anger with love"; "love your enemies," were some of his precepts.


Buddha formulated the following commandments. "Not to kill; not to steal; not to lie; not to commit adultery; not to use strong drink." This is a similar teaching attributed to Jesus: "Do not commit adultery, do not murder, do not steal, do not give false testimony, honor your father and mother." (Luke 18:20) Christ ignored the literal interpretation of Moses and emphasized a spiritualized interpretation of the whole law taken as a whole which is to practice unconditional love. This is similar to what Buddha did with the current teachings of those days.


Buddha preached on the "Holy Hill." Jesus delivered his sermon on the Mount. The phraseology of the sermons of Buddha and the sermon of Jesus is the same in many instances. Both Buddha and Jesus compared themselves to husbandmen sowing seed. The parable of the prodigal son is found in both Buddhist and Christian scriptures. So is the account of the man born blind. Both use the mustard seed as a simile for smallness. Buddha taught: "Perishable is the city built of sand." Jesus taught: "a foolish man builds his house upon the sand." Both speak of "the rain which falls on the just and on the unjust."


A converted courtesan, Mary Magdalene, followed Jesus. A converted courtesan, Ambapali, followed Buddha.


It is said that he crushed a serpent's head. This is also a Messianic prophecy described in Genesis in the Garden of Eden.


He abolished idolatry, was a "sower of the word," and preached "the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness."

(15) He taught chastity, temperance, tolerance, compassion, love, and the equality of all.

(16) The story of the ruler, Nicodemus, who came to Jesus by night, has its parallel in the story of the rich man who came to Buddha by night.


Both proclaimed kingdoms not of this world. The eternal life promised by Christ corresponds to the eternal peace, Nirvana, promised by Buddha.

(18) Both were transfigured on a mount.

(19) Both made triumphal entries, Christ into Jerusalem, and Buddha into Rajagriba.


Buddha was considered the "good shepherd, the "carpenter, the "infinite and everlasting." Buddha was called the "savior of the world, "light of the world," Supreme Being, and the eternal one.

(21) There is a legend of a traitor connected with each.

(22) Buddha is to return to Earth again to restore the world to order and happiness.

(23) He is the judge of the dead.


Buddha commanded his disciples to preach his gospel to all men. Christ commanded his disciples to do the same. In obedience to these commands the world was filled with missionaries, and largely as the result of this the adherents of these religious systems outnumber those of all others combined.


Shortly after Buddha died, two sects of Buddhism were formed. After 400 years there were twenty different sects of Buddhism. Today there are many more. Over the millennia, the teachings of both Jesus and Buddha has spawned many different sects. Each is an attempt to keep the teachings alive under new circumstances. In 1947 in Egypt, early Christian documents were discovered which were hidden for thousands of years at the time when orders from the Church called for all heretical documents to be destroyed. One of those documents was the Gospel of Thomas which is considered by scholars to be the earliest gospel ever written and the most reliable. The Gospel of Thomas resonates with a type of Christianity that remarkably resembles Buddhism. It describes Jesus teaching the disciples how to become liberated from reincarnation. The writings of early Christianity discovered in 1947, show that early Christianity contained much more diversity of viewpoint and practice than later Christians acknowledged or even imagined. Because these teachings were smothered, many Christians today are adamant that the only path to God is via the personality of Jesus and this was considered the orthodox formula.


Connected with the triumphs of these two religions there is a historical correlation worthy of mentioning. About three centuries after Buddha's death, Asoka the Great, emperor of India, converted to the Buddhist faith and made Buddhism the state religion of the empire of India at that time. This emperor did more than any other person to secure Buddhism's supremacy in the East. In the same way, about three centuries after the death of Jesus, Constantine the Great, emperor of Rome, became a convert to the Christian faith and made it the state religion of his empire. Because of this, Christianity reigned supreme in the West.


Remuset says: "Buddhism has been called the Christianity of the East." It would be more appropriate to call Christianity the Buddhism of the West. Buddha, and not Christ, was "The Light of Asia." At this torch Christians lighted their taper and called it "The Light of the World."


Catholic Bishop Bigandet, one of the leading Christian writers on Buddhism wrote: "In reading the particulars of the life of Buddha it is impossible not to feel reminded of many circumstances relating to our Savior's life as sketched by the evangelists. It may be said in favor of Buddhism that no philosophic-religious system has ever upheld to an equal degree the notions of a savior and deliverer, and the necessity of his mission for procuring the salvation of man."


Bishop Jean Paul Hilaire wrote: "He [Buddha] requires humility, disregard of worldly wealth, patience and resignation in adversity, love to enemies ... non-resistance to evil, confession of sins and conversion."


Paul Ambroise Bigandet, the Catholic Bishop of Ramatha, wrote: "There are many moral precepts equally commanded and enforced in common by both creeds. It will not be rash to assert that most of the moral truths prescribed in the gospel are to be met with in the Buddhistic scriptures."


The rituals and religious structure of Catholicism resembles to a remarkable degree after those of Northern Buddhism (Lamaism) which the Encyclopedia Britannica states: "Lamaisnu with its shaven priests, its bells and rosaries, its images and holy water, its popes and bishops, its abbots and monks of many grades, its processions and feast days, its confessional and purgatory, and its worship of the double Virgin, so strongly resembles Romanism that the first Catholic missionaries thought it must be an imitation by the devil of the religion of Christ." The central object in every Buddhist temple is an image of Buddha The central object in every Catholic church is an image of Christ. Holy relics and the veneration of saints are prominent in both.
If Jesus and Buddha were to meet, they would recognize one another as fellow prophets because they were teaching the same truths.
Both stayed in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and were tempted by evil, Jesus by Satan and Buddha by the demon Mara and his daughters.
Jesus's original teachings promoted peace and turning the other cheek, passive resistance rather than armed insurrection. Marcus Borg, a Christian and Jesus scholar, focuses on this basic aspect of Christianity by selecting a range of quotations from the Gospels and pairing them with parallel sayings by the Buddha. For example, whereas Jesus said, 'Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,' Buddha said, 'Let us live most happily, possessing nothing; let us feed on joy, like the radiant gods.' It is surprising, to a reader familiar only with the Bible, to find how similar the words of the two religious leaders actually are.
When we compare two ancient spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Christianity, what we see is a striking similarity between the narratives of the founding masters: in the case of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and in the case of Buddhism, the Buddha. I see a very important parallel: in the very lives of the [founders] the essence of their teachings is demonstrated. For example... The essence of the Buddha's teaching is embodied in the Four Noble Truths: the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of the cessation of suffering, and the truth of the path leading to this cessation. These Four Noble Truths are very explicitly and clearly exemplified in the life of... The Buddha himself. I feel [it] is the same with the life of Christ. If you look at the life of Jesus, you will see all the essential practices and teachings of Christianity exemplified. And in the lives of both Jesus Christ and the Buddha, it is only through hardship, dedication and commitment, and by standing firm on one's principles that one can grow spiritually and attain liberation. That seems to be a central and common message.
Apart from that, there are few similarities, apart from living a simple life.
Buddha searched for the way. Jesus said "I am the Way"
Buddha searched for the truth. Jesus said "I am the Truth".
Buddha searched for a reason for living. Jesus said "I am the Life. No one comes to the Father, except by way of me." JOhn 14:6

Both claim royal descent;
Celestial bodiest announced the birth of both;
Both were tempted by the devil;
Both experienced supernatural events after the devil left;
Both were said to know the thoughts of others;
Both helaed blind men and claimed that the affliction was due to a previous sin;
Both required desciples to renounce worldly possessions;
Both had a disciple who walked on water.
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8108731286?profile=original(Original dream recorded on July, 3rd 2011)

At first I am inside a building, like a vacation home or large cabin. There are modern amenities everywhere, lots of shiny metal electronics; televisions, sound systems, video games, kitchen appliances. These stand out to me. Everything is decorated in the same bright teal blue ikat pattern. I think it looks really cheap and distracting. I mention to someone that it looks like all of the decor came from the same department store.

Then I am on the phone with my husband, and we are having difficulty communicating. I get the feeling that our conversation is being interfered with. I hear a female voice ‘impersonating me’ on the line, saying things that are not true. I start to feel that something dubious is going on. Something is not ‘right’ or safe about this place. I feel protective over others, and I think to keep my younger sister and my son close to me.

I enter a crowd of people and start telling them what has been going on. Many people believe what I am telling them, having caught on to this fact themselves. People begin to rally together, and the truth spreads. People start getting worked up about this, and some are angry. I feel like I am ‘sneaking around’ to tell others, and I get the feeling that I am being watched. “They” are just outside the perimeter keeping an eye on us. It feels like we are gathered together like cattle in a large room. Things feel almost medieval, and manipulated.

Later I am sitting at dinner with my parents, and there are some people ‘in charge’ sitting several yards away against the wall, seated in what appear to be thrones. They are clearly ‘elite’ types; older than myself, of various ethnicities, and obviously rich. They creep me out. I am aware that they are watching and listening to me. Perhaps they can hear my conversation from across the room. I do not care. I am not afraid. I am telling my parents that we are being controlled, that they are interfering in our lives, about the phone conversation, etc. They try to hush me, obviously concerned. They seem afraid. But I am even more adamant now, because I want “them” to know that I KNOW the truth. Some of these people approach me, a blonde older woman adorned with jewels and a police officer. I rail at them, telling them I heard the voice on the phone impersonating me, I know what they are doing. I am then arrested.

Finally, I am moving through a large crowd of people. I see a pamphlet or flyer, with an image of crosses on them, and people’s names below them. I feel that we are being led to a crucifixion.

But I am not going quietely. As I pass through the crowd I am telling people to “Unite Within Our Hearts”. I say this repeatedly, and I tell others to pass it on. People start spreading the word to “Unite Within Our Hearts” and it begins to be chanted through the crowd. I get a flash of the scene from the Matrix, when Neo realizes that he cannot be harmed by Smith. I know that we cannot be harmed by these people. They cannot stop us. We are chanting as a crowd, and it is beautiful. Then the voices take on individual phrases, things that seem like mantras of personal empowerment. Their own individual stories of awakening. The energy is buzzing.

I tell people to LOVE these elite and those who seek to oppress us. That we can succeed and overcome them if we love them, and not to let them make us angry, fearful or upset. The clear message here is to LOVE. Behind me I see two of my young cousins, standing in something like a large rectangular white marble tomb, with high sides. It makes me think of the tomb in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. They seem excited, joyful. They are smiling, unafraid.

By. Rachael Ehrlund


Rachael Ehrlund is an artist and spiritual intuitive, devoted to helping others on their journey to self discovery. She is the reincarnated sister of Edgar Cayce, and is married to her soul mate, the reincarnation of Cayce's grandfather.
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8108732460?profile=original"Dear Saint-Germain, I am a minister who enjoys New Spirituality. But at times, I have difficulty teaching people the truth about their spiritual awareness. This makes me feel mean. Also, when I try to be kind to people, the next thing you know they're depending on me. I would like to know about my life lesson with this."
My good friend, I AM Saint-Germain. You speak of lessons for you in this, so one of the first things that I would like to do is address this question. In this lifetime, your Soul is encouraging you to explore, understand and experience your spiritual freedom. This is one of the most important areas of Soul purpose for you in this lifetime.

Yet, one of the greatest challenges that you will face in this area is your struggle between dependence and independence. Freedom is very important to you, and for this reason, the burden of commitment can keep you feeling stuck, or wanting to move on. You may find yourself being impatient with people who are more cautious than you, and discover that you're abandoning the spiritual values that matter most to you... Values that are expressed in the commitments to people, places, and projects that you undertake in life.

You may become impatient with people who don't understand the importance of their spiritual awareness, or who rely upon you to save them from their ignorance, because this is actually an issue that your Soul is having you address in this lifetime.

Spiritual Freedom and Self Reliance.

Earlier in this life, or perhaps in former lifetimes, you may have paid too much attention to social convention or the expectations of society. It may have been more important for you to “fit in” or be liked, than to stand up for your own truth or desires. In the process, you may have compromised parts of yourself in order to please and accommodate others.

Decisiveness and a willingness to act without hesitation, are qualities that your Soul is asking you to develop now. Another issue may be courage and confidence, because you don’t always feel self-assured when you’re confronted with the need to act.

In this lifetime, you naturally feel the need to let conventional roles give way to a more exciting, truthful, and passionate nature. This IS part of your Soul’s purpose for you. As you dare to follow through on what truly excites you and speaks to your curiosity, you leave behind the parts of you that would prefer to compromise what you want out of life, in order to please or not displease others.

You’re here to develop a greater sense of inner, spiritual freedom and self-reliance – which is a big part of your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime. And precisely because of this. You will have a natural tendency to seek sanctuary and seclusion away from others. To not want to engage in too much social intercourse or communication with others.

In fact, this need for spiritual freedom is strongly associated with your desire to maintain your independence and not become attached to others, or have them too attached to you. You may feel that you’re being “mean and heartless” in this, but at another level you are responding to a legitimate impulse from your Soul.

Living According to Higher Truths.

You have many past lifetime associations in which you sought to live according to Higher Truths, and now you feel a strong need to do the same. All matters of spirituality strike a deep chord of resonance within you.

However, one of the drawbacks for you, is that you can get into situations where your relationships become one of victim and savior. In particular, with your chosen focus as a minister, you will naturally receive the projections of congregation members who want a spiritual leader to guide or save them. In the same way, you may project an unconscious attitude toward them making them feel that they need this, and that you are obligated to provide it for them.

This is going to clash with one of the important Soul purpose tasks in your life, which is to celebrate your spiritual freedom and not get caught up in these kinds of “salvation and rescue” efforts. Attracting people like this to you will cause you to feel burdened and encumbered in life. Yet with your public role as a minister, you’re going to feel badly if you don’t make yourself available to people who may want you to guide or save them – whether they’re doing this consciously or unconsciously.

Changing Your Attitude.

The Soul-level solution to your dilemma has to do with a change of inner attitude, more than a change of outer occupation. Clearly, you can choose to resign your position and there is nothing either right or wrong with this. Just as there is nothing essentially right or wrong about staying on. But the real key here, seems to be your attitude about your ministry – no matter what role you choose to play.

I would suggest that it might be very useful for you to orient your ministry toward serving others, and not saving or rescuing them. A service-oriented focus would be less about inspiring or communicating higher truths, and more about helping people find practical ways to incorporate these truths into their lives. Enabling people to help themselves, is not the same thing as being a surrogate savior. Understandably, the latter would make you feel uncomfortable.

Here is something that might help you find a better solution to your situation:
When it comes to communicating the higher truths that you care about, the best way to teach these truths to others, is to make a committed effort to embody them yourself. Teach others by the example of your life.

This is how Jesus, Gandhi and many others have instructed you. They didn’t allow themselves to be used or depleted by others, even as they ministered to their needs. Instead, they were wonderful examples of demonstrating the freedom of the Soul to others, even while living with the joys and limitations of human life; and they came here to show others how to do the same.

And I’d like to suggest that this is the path that your Soul is offering you, too. Your role of ministry may be big or small. But the main thing for you to remember is that your inner attitude toward spiritual freedom is what matters most of all.

You are dearly loved my friend, I AM Saint-Germain.
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8108727663?profile=originalMy dear Ones,
This St. Germain speaking to you.

There are many voices now claiming that with the 28th of October there will be the beginning of a new world. They say so as it is claimed that the Mayan Calendar is ending at that date.

Dear ones, please understand, a calendar is a calendar. It is a concept and a structure laid upon the living matrix of creation. And you live in that illusion, as if this could ever capture the flow of life and fix it down in a way that you, dear ones, who are living in 3D reality, could be using it as a tool to explain and control your reality.

Of course, as you know, you can do this! It has been done many times. But also consider the results and if you really liked them in the course of your history.

As you “know” – which knowing is limited, because we, existing in more enlightened worlds told you so – time does not exist. And is even in your 3D world an illusion. Time is a construct to help the conceptual mind to navigate through the streams of life in a linear fashion.
But tell me, do you really think that a time line which is a 2dimensional narrow fraction in the totality of existence and multiple simultaneous happenings could ever be true and “predict” events?

No. These events are always results of manipulation, which you also could call, creation. What IS indeed happening is that you, the people of earth, are creating with your collective mind events, driving along a certain line of vision, idea, desire, hope or — FEAR!

There are no events that have been “worked” out by a kind of Divine “Provision”! There is Divine Intention, emanating as seeds in Divine Consciousness, in the Heart of God, which surmount human mind and brain. But actual events so far have occurred by your manipulator’s intentional efforts.

Who are your manipulators?
There are 2 different categories:
One of them wants you to live in fear.
And the other one hopes for a better world.

Now what you hear in the context with the Mayan Calendar concerning the events in October: they are also being created by your manipulators. We are talking here only about the second category and giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they are hoping for the beginning of a better and more enlightened world and the end of the old system of the suppressing forces. However all those “creations” are not originating from the heart, the true space of Divine Creation.

Have you sensed the blatancy of recent voices proclaiming a new world suddenly appearing on October 28?
Now think only for a moment! As we said above, Divine Decrees are made in the Illuminated Heart of God Vibrating as Wisdom, as Light and Love.

If a manipulator or creator of lesser illumination takes the Heart of God into his or her own desirous mind, the result of their creation is of lower truth and therefore of a quality that is limited in expansion of light. This limitation also coincides with a limitation in love, in happiness, in freedom.
Do you want to enter a new reality, limited in this way? Do you honestly want to join such a new world, being just another form of limitation of what has been lived for so long by your race on earth?

Be very careful which voices you are following, to not to help to confirm a world you ultimately would not really have chosen if you would have been more conscious about what you really want.

Your new world WILL emerge, but you need to be patient! God’s true Will is one with the Qualities of infinite expansion, of Gentleness, of Wisdom, of Heart-Qualities. This always comes along with the requirement of your Trust and your Faith, and it is not about quickly and suddenly rushing into a so called “new world”, just because you cannot wait for a truly Divine World to emerge and because you haven’t qualified yet for this truly New World as you haven’t not yet developed your own heart wisdom to create from.

Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to follow the creators of a new lower world. Understand, that it is all a Divine Process and requires – what you call – time, but which is in Reality the Emerging of your own Divine Heart in your being. Has It already truly emerged, dear One, in your own heart?
Know, it will be YOUR time, when it has, and it will not be on a collective 28th of October, it will be in YOUR time. As your new world is the mirror of what lives in your heart.

There are several groups of incarnated beings, who are actually living this wisdom already now. They may each as individuals use windows or portals of ascension in their own time, as they arise for them personally when their time has come. Actually, for some individuals this time is already here.
There is no collective portal. This would require a spiritually united collective group consciousness or unified group soul, which usually only exists in higher dimensions, such as the 6th and higher.

However for each individual on your earth there may arise a personal portal in their higher vision to enter the higher realms.
If you are one of them consider, whether you are actually part of a group soul here on earth. And you will find out, that you are not! So it will be your own individual event of ascension, when you are ready.

When New Earth will arrive at Her true destination she will only have taken with her those who are ready for that unity consciousness, who are ready to unite as one body, as one Divine Soul. Souls who are now ready to ascend individually earn this qualification after ascension to unite as one body with others as Gaias humanity, who is Living as that Love, that Self-Transcendence that allows them to merge with other souls and exist as group soul.

Heaven requires from you, my dear ones, growth beyond the current idea of separation, that most of you are still living. The new powerful energies of light pouring down on your earth however allow you all to enter this process of required qualification in a very short time.
This is the true advantage of this time.
It does not circumvent your conscious spiritual growth, it only is speeding it up in an unprecedented manner in this so highly Divinely blessed moment.

Each one of you will know for themselves when their time has come to ascend. There is no “mass” event! What a childish perception! The more of you are awaking, the more of you are able to ascend and there will be more and more “coincidences” of people ascending at the same time. But this is different from “mass” –ascension. I hope you understand the difference, dear ones!

I leave now, blessing each one of you, to facilitate the speeding up of your full awakening process, if you desire so. As you know there is always Great Divine help, and I am One Who’s heart is dedicated to the awakening – and ascension process of humanity.

Be at peace!
I AM Master St. Germain

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8108732093?profile=originalSteve's Numerological Proof.

How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the "No-Time" at the Stargate 11.11.11.

By Dr. Georgi Stankov

I cannot stop repeating that we have already entered the times of serendipity and miracles. Since yesterday, I was pondering on the idea of writing an article on how the linear 3d-time will be wrapped up at the stargate 11.11.11 and how the new simultaneity of the multidimensional "Now" will be introduced on earth, and this morning (October 11) I received a letter from Joeffrey, who made me aware of a numerological proof made by Steve and published on RMN.

Steve has offered a remarkable interpretation and further development of the Mayan calender beyond the known Calleman's interpretation. This information confirmed my intention to discuss this fundamental phenomenon from a physical point of view in more detail in a separate publication.

Currently, the Mayan calender as presented by Calleman is discussed as a fixed itinerary in the linear three-dimensional time. It is one-dimensional time presentation of the infinite complex energetic processes that take place simultaneously in the "Now" and shape the destiny of humanity in the End Times in a profound manner. That is why this calender cannot offer a deeper understanding of what is currently ongoing on this planet and disappoints many of its interpreters.

Steve has gone beyond this simplistic interpretation of Calleman by an ingenious stroke of intuition. This achievement also exemplifies, how intellectual breakthroughs will very soon flood humanity and will transform human society beyond recognition. I will first quote Steve's Proof for the accuracy of my predictions that Ascension of Gaia and many star seeds will happen at the stargate 11.11.11 and then I will interpret it from the point of view of the General Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law in a popular scientific manner. Steve's interpretation has been first published in a blog and on RMN:

Steve`s Numerological Proof for the Accuracy of the Ascension Scenario at the Stargate 11.11.11

"With regard to Calleman's interpretation of the Mayan calendar, I had a small revelation the other day that I posted over on Kauilapele's Blog that I think is worth passing along to RMN's readers.

In Calleman's research, the ninth and final wave completes this 16 billion year cycle on October 28th.

Each wave proceeds its 7 "days" and 6 "nights" 20 times faster than the wave before it.

The current wave has days/nights which are ~20 days in length.

The previous eighth wave had days/night of ~1 year, and the seventh wave had days/nights of ~20 years each. OK.

If the ninth wave ends on October 28th, a theoretical "10th wave" would start on October 29th.

Its days and nights proceed 20 times faster than those of the ninth wave.

That would be about 1 calendar-day per wave-day or wave-night.

7 wave-days and 6 wave-nights would be 13 calendar days, thus ending a theoretical 10th wave on November 10th.

A theoretical "11th Wave" would start (and complete) the following day - November 11th.

Yes, at the stargate 11/11/11.

Wave-days and wave-nights proceed 20 times faster than in the 10th wave.

1/20th of a calendar day is one hour and twelve minutes, which is as if the 10th-wave-days were actually just a "hair" shorter,

Easily becomes: one hour and eleven minutes. 1:11.

"11th Wave" -- 11/11/11. 1:11 wave-days/nights.

That's a whole lot of one's falling on the same day.

The numerological significance is kind of exciting, especially since much of the channeled material we see here also points to 11/11/11."

The Physical and Scientific Background of Steve's Numerological Proof

What Steve has perceived through pure intuition is the acceleration of the 3d-linear time in the current End Times to the point, where it will be substituted in the space-time singularity at the stargate 11.11.11 with the multidimensional simultaneity of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

I will now explain to my readers the physical background of this phenomenon, as there is currently a great confusion among all light workers on this issue. Most of the incredulity arises around the question, how human society and earth could change so radically as I am predicting for a long time - so to say, "in the blink of an eye" during the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

Most people are still stuck in their linear perception of time and cannot transcend this educated wrong belief and discern the true hallucinatory nature of the phenomenon "linear space-time". Most of the current confusion in the light workers' community stems from this mental inability to perceive the true nature of time. This is a leitmotif in all my writings and especially in my last book "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction". Let me therefore explain once again what TIME is really in physical terms, "Time", given as "t" in physics, is a physical dimension, which is defined as a relationship of two frequencies. Initially, human time, which I also define as "conventional time", was defined with respect to the rotation of the earth around its axis. The rotation of the earth is actually a frequency, because every rotation is the source of waves and every wave has a frequency. This is basic physics from the primary school.

The rotation of the earth around its axis is not very precise as it deviates minimally, depending on the position of the earth on its orbit around the sun, It was therefore decided some time ago to substitute this initial reference system of time with a well-defined frequency of a caesium atom that radiates photons. One also speaks of "caesium atomic clocks". This frequency, which you can get from Wikipedia or any textbook on physics, is now regarded to be the initial reference frequency, to which all human clocks are adjusted. However, even this frequency is not fixed, but displays some minor variations over a long period of time, which must be considered in the calibration of all human clocks.

From this we conclude that conventional time t, as we use it in everyday life, is a relationship of two frequencies f(o) and f(r). When we set f(o) = 1 unit, we obtain for t =1/f(r), "r" is for reference. From this we see that what we, humans, define as "conventional time" at present is actually reciprocal frequency f. As the original quantity, from which scientists currently derive the definition of conventional time t, is frequency f, we can eliminate this old quantity of time and use only frequency. In this case, we can call it "absolute time, f" or simply "time, f", while we can preserve the term "conventional time, t" for the current clock measurement of time.

I have proved unequivocally that space-time or the visible physical world, which we perceive with our senses, has only two dimensions / magnitudes / constituents: absolute time (f) and space (s), The two magnitudes are canonically-conjugated reciprocal values. Simply speaking: When f increases, s decreases and vice verse, because their product s x f = space x time = space-time is constant. In this case, the two magnitudes are reciprocal f = 1/s = 1/t. From this axiomatic equation, we can very easily conclude that space "s" is a synonym for conventional time "t", that is to say, conventional time t and space s are one and the same.

The very decision to divide this magnitude in two separate physical dimensions is the greatest blunder, which scientists and humanity have ever committed in the history of this mankind. This basic cognitive and semantic blunder is the primary source of all human confusion and the chief reason for the separation of the human race from the Source. Exactly this separation will be eliminated once and for all in the process of Ascension at the stargate 11.11.11.

In order to explain you better the basic human illusion of space s and time t, let me draw your attention to the fact that the most common magnitude in physics "velocity" is built as a quotient of two identical dimensions v = s/t, which is a redundancy and the greatest imbecility, human intellectual mind could have ever conceived. This explains why anybody who operates with velocities to explain the physical world is doomed to fail.

Let me state it at this place as clear as I can: There is no space s, and there is no conventional time t, but only frequencies. All-That-Is is the totality of all frequencies and any system or level (parts) of it is defined by its specific frequency range. The higher realms of the soul are different from the 3d-space-time on earth because they have much higher frequencies.

The basic knowledge that there is no velocity in All-That-Is explains the simultaneity and synchronicity of the higher dimensions, as well as their multidimensional nature - the ability of any expanded awareness to dwell in many parallel realities and planes of existence at the same time, by only attuning its intent to the specific frequency range of each particular plane of existence.

These frequencies cannot be currently measured by material instruments, which are limited by the electromagnetic spectrum. The frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum is much lower than that of the 5th and higher dimensions. As they cannot be measured by material instruments, their existence is rejected by the current empirical science, which is under the full control of the dark forces from the Orion Empire, who have established these fundamentally flawed scientific ideas through mind control.

If the whole scientific system of humanity is under the full mind control of the Greys and the Reptilians, as I have proved here beyond any doubt, why are so many light workers indignant when I say that they are also under such profound mind control? This should be cogent to everybody I hope that I have cleared this issue once and for all.

Now, let me proceed with my elaboration based on the above theoretical consideration. Linear time is a hallucination of the human senses because we measure it as "conventional time s". We count the seconds, minutes, and hours and we evoke thus the wrong impression that time is flowing, that there is a time current coming from the past flooding our presence and disappearing into the distinct future. This is known as the "arrow of time" or "irreversibility of time" and has been the topic of many flawed popular scientific books in the 80s and 90s, such as those from the Nobel Prize winner Prigogine. Forget all of them. They are pure confusion.

The same holds true for "space". Space does not exist. It is also a human hallucination, just as time. Consider the following case. The astronomers speak of "light-years", with which they measure the distance between remote stars and galaxies. For instance, an x-star system is, let say,1000 light-years away from the earth.

You see here, how the astronomers use subconsciously the time dimension to measure distance. This is possible only because they use the flawed magnitude of velocity - in this particular case, the finite speed of light c = 300 000 km. As most of the information, we human beings receive from our surroundings, is visual information and is propagated with the finite speed of light, our information about the world comes actually from the past, if we remain stuck in the linear time.

Due to the flawed concept of velocity, astronomers can now use the unit of "light-year" to measure distances between stars and galaxies (two-dimensional space). However, they are so dumbed down by the current Orion science, which they serve, that they do not even realize this basic inconsistency.

Discuss this issue with any astronomer, you may happen to know, and you will find out for yourself how dumbed down these scientists are by the dark forces from the Orion Empire. If all scientists are so dumbed down by the these dark entities as part of the camouflage on this planet, why should all New Ages gurus be spared from this mental manipulation, given the fact that most of them do not even have a decent scientific education or display a modest faculty for logical thinking.

Therefore, forget all indignant Steve Beckows - they are well placed in the company of avaricious Reptilians. Forget also Wilcock and Co, who have never bothered to reflect on the nature of space-time and produce a decent scientific concept in their whole life. If you follow such false prophets, it is your fault. You will be also dumbed down. This is the sad reality on this planet, and the only way out of it, is to realize this deplorable truth. Any kind of false indignation on the part of the ego is completely wrong at this place. Change your ego first and then start thinking in correct scientific terms.

How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the "No-Time" at the Stargate 11.11.11.

Human concept of history and historical evolution is based exclusively on the concept of linear time. All social, political and economic forecasts that shape the current debased society are based on the flawed concept of linear time, where the events seem to occur with the same predictable frequency. This is the greatest illusion of humanity. Time, being frequency, is malleable. It always changes, otherwise, there will be no Creation.

The LBP you experience these days is the continuous augmentation of the frequencies of your physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal bodies to the frequencies of the 5th dimension, so that you can ascend around the stargate 11.11.11. Ascension is in physical terms nothing else, but the phase transformation of your carbon-based bodies to crystalline bodies, just as water can be transformed to vapour upon heating. In both cases, you have to augment first the frequency of the aggregate. By the way, I have proven that temperature is a synonym for frequency or absolute time (volume II). This example proves that Ascension is, from a physical point of view, identical to evaporation. Both phenomena can be described by the Universal Law.

The building of your portals is based on the same physical principle. The energy fields around your physical vessel increase their frequencies continuously during the LBP, so that they ultimately merge with the frequencies of the 5th dimension. Your personal portals are thus nothing else, but prolongations of the 5th dimension into the 3d-space.time.

I did not however say that these two dimensions have been separated in the past. They have always interacted, otherwise there would not have been any life on earth in the first place. What we now experience, is that the linear 3d-space-time is wrapped up and transmuted in the blink of an eye into the multidimensional simultaneity of the higher frequency dimensions.

Let me explain to you how this is accomplished from a physical point of view. When the frequency of a physical system such as earth or your biological bodies begins to increase, the conventional time decreases, until it reaches zero because they are reciprocal magnitudes as I have proved above. At this "Time Singularity" or "No-Time", linear time is eliminated and the simultaneity of the "Now" is introduced. This is what will happen precisely at the stargate 11.11.11.

If you have studied human history, you must have learned that there are historical epochs, where the time flows slowly and few great events happen. But there are also historical times of social acceleration, such as in times of revolutions, where all events stipulate and happen simultaneously. We now experience a similar peak of acceleration of events - hence the experience of serendipity and other synchronicities, about which many of my readers are writing these days with a kind of a childish surprise.

This is the normal situation in the 5th dimension, where there is no time gap between imagination of ideas and their realisation. Only in the 3d-space-time on earth, is the time between the occurrence of an idea and its materialisation so immensely prolonged, as to create and preserve the hallucinatory perception of separation from the Whole.

This is also the only reason for the introduction of karma. Karma allows the preservation of the principle of reciprocal causality in human relations throughout numerous incarnations. As cause and effect cannot be experienced simultaneously in the 3d-reality, they are divided between different incarnations. If you kill somebody in one incarnation, it is unlikely that you will experience the same destiny as a victim in this incarnation, where your victim will be the perpetrator as your victim is already dead. You must wait for another future incarnation to pay for your karma and fulfil the principle of reciprocal causality.

Now, many of you ask: "How could it be possible that so much should change in such a short period of time, when we barely see any feasible changes for many years and we are tired of waiting?" This scepticism arises from your misinterpretation of linear time versus simultaneity.

If the current linear time is eliminated at the stargate 11.11.11, and all the events that are necessary to be introduced on earth to change humanity and Gaia profoundly, are put in place during the "No-Time of the Now", then they will happen indeed in the blink of an eye.

Of course, many of these changes could have, and should have, taken place in the previous linear time, but they did not, as the vast majority of humans is still in a deep slumber and are still being manipulated by the dark Orion Controllers in the same way, as they have done it in the last 10 000 years. Only in the last several days and weeks, due to the exponential surge of high frequency waves, coming from the central sun that flood earth and the human bodies, and minds, did the masses began to awake for the truth and to stir, and the changes will now begin to unfold with a mind-boggling speed.

This retardation in the anticipated evolution of the current human civilisation in the End Times made it necessary that now all changes will happen all of a sudden in the "No-Time" or the "Time Singularity" at the stargate 11.11.11. The shock after this event of cosmic proportions will be therefore much greater than if humanity would have commenced with the necessary changes much earlier in the linear time.

In this context, Steve's proof for the acceleration of the linear time of the Mayan until November 11, when this linearity will be ultimately wrapped up, is a paradigm for the amplification of the speed of all social events that are bound to occur in the next several days and weeks.

We have entered the period of time singularities, when clusters of events, which normally would have taken centuries to unfold in the slow linear time of the past, will now happen immediately and in total synchronicity in the "No-Time" of the stargate 11.11.11.

And please do not tell me that this scenario has not been discussed in numerous channelled messages. I have read hundreds of them in the last several months. These messages have unfortunately not reached until now the linear minds of most light workers, who are unable to develop the faculty for mental abstraction and to imagine the scope of the sweeping events that are bound to occur very soon on this planet.

Take Steve's proof on the compression of the Mayan calender as a paradigm and put all necessary events that should happen in order to create an enlightened society in the time-span of one day and you will have a fairly precise picture of what will happen at the stargate 11.11.11. This is how All-That-Is operates as a creative Whole.

I have already introduced the concept of Planck's time in my articles on Elenin and the magnetic pole shift, which, by the way, will also happen at the stargate 11.11.11 or in close association with it. The Planck' time t = 10 (-44 high) is one quarter of a quadrillion of a second. In this extremely short period of time, the whole Creation of All-That-Is is extinct and created again. This is what some channeled messages describe allegorically as the "in-breath" and "out-breath" of All-That-Is.

The Planck's time is conventional time t. If you take its reciprocal magnitude - the Planck' s frequency f(p) - you will have a value of 10 (high 44). This would say that in the Planck's time almost one quadrillion of events must take place to recreate the extinct Creation. At this point, my elaboration becomes rather metaphysical. I am fully aware of this fact. But there is no other way to explain you, why the No-Time /Time Singularity of the stargate 11.11.11 will be absolutely sufficient to introduce all the changes and events that will transform Gaia and mankind to a 4th dimensional planet and civilisation. I have personally not found a better explanation yet in the whole esoteric literature. Thanks Steve and his brilliant proof, you have now this explanation on my part.

I hope that my readers do not need more proofs than this one. I have been announcing the role of the stargate 11.11.11 for the transformation of humanity for the last several months, and have given up counting the many doubtful Thomases, who have asked me in their emails how have I come to this fixed date. I tell you now - by pure intuition, which is true direct knowledge, coming directly from my soul, just as Steve has developed his scientific proof for the validity of my forecast through pure intuitive inspiration of his soul.

This is how Tesla invented the alternating current aggregate and helped humanity implement electricity. This is how Edison made his inventions. This is how anyone of you can begin to make inventions or scientific discoveries, in the very near future, if you only firmly believe that this is possible.
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8108729864?profile=originalA delight it always is to be able to come forth through this dearly beloved open vessel. So many messages bearing love that are full of uplifting words and kindness are coming through more often. It pleases me and my brothers of the Divine to see such kind work at hand.

I am here to encourage such action to continue as these kind actions even in written words are allowing your creative and God-like light to shine forth unto all that reads what it is that coming through. YOU are all glorious CREATORS. Each and every one of has their own unique way of showing their God-like ways. Yet, many do not see this in themselves. Do not hide from your own beautiful God-like self. You have earned this from all the clearing you have done, and from all the inner-intellectual growth you have achieved. I see many precious children finally learning that they do not need to have a diploma to be incredibly wise. Your wisdom comes from all of you lessons that life has given you. Your wisdom also derives not only from your lessons regardless if they held negative or positive influences, your wisdom also came from learning to love yourself, wholly and unconditionally.

It is grand to be able to embrace your own light and send forth your own light to others that are in need of additional comfort. You are BEING your own CREATOR. You have your very own Living Presence of God living within your beautiful and pure heart. Feel your heart and know this is true. God is there dear ones, always has been. All the qualities that you have been accumulating over time, compassion, mercy, kindness, accepting of others, and unconditional love has been giving your spirit the aura of Grace and loveliness. You are finding your own personal power and learning not to misuse this asset. Humbleness is becoming part of who you are. I see this happening more often and it brings me great pleasure and joy. You are MASTERING more and more of what makes you so very special and aligning yourself more acutely on your Divine path.

I will remind you as you are mastering many wonderful qualities, remember to forgive yourself and to forgive others. You will know when to apply your decrees of forgiveness dear ones; you only need to listen to your heart. The need to forgive will not be a one-time opportunity and neither will be clearing yourself from negative energies that have managed to attach themselves to your own energy. When you do enable the healing benefits of forgiveness, you will feel yourself grow spiritually and move forward even more on the journey you have been awakened to.

Search and claim the harmony that is within reach dear ones, it is within you, ready for you to find. Yes there will work to get there, but the journey to your heart and to your soul is well worth the effort. You will find so much peace after you reach this harmony from balancing all that you have learned dear ones. Utilizing the Violet Flame while manoeuvring along your journey will most definitely be an asset. It is there for you when you are in need of its incredible healing and removal of negative energies abilities. Learn to include the violet Flame which I am keeper of more often. Use it as part of your meditations, prayers, manifestations, etc. When you are in need of a boost in spirit, allow the flame the gently sooth your spirit body, which will soon enough have your own physical body feeling restored.

As I prepare to close and remove myself from this one’s mind and give her body back, I would like to share with you a prayer that I have instructed her to share:

I AM the Light of the Heart

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.
I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And break down all barriers.
I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious,
World without end!

As you read these words, either to yourself or aloud, feel the energy from each verse. Embrace the good feelings that are included here as they are divinely blessed and created with unconditional love to be shared with all of God’s children. May peace, joy and harmony find their way to you always.

And so it is, Saint Germain
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8108735060?profile=originalMy dear ones. Friends from many galaxies are all awaiting the ascension. Can you entertain the idea of ascending before the end of this month? In the next weeks an open gateway will make this feasible. Not all will disappear at the exact same moment. Some will disappear during the month of November. We want all of those who ascend to be noticeably missing, and not only on one day. Some will be around into December. When the next ascension timing dates are finalized among those recording them, one or two months will elapse. Given this detail, don't assume that you are not on this ascension wave after learning of the first group that leaves. We will gauge the dates according to the human attitude that appears to gather during the growing number of disappearances. Make a detailed list of who should be contacted should you disappear.
Choice always contains mental desires. When mental decisions are made there is an ego making them. Egos do not cling to love objects because they help them master the continuation of human connection, but rather, because this clinging means another delay of ego's demise. When the Truth be known, death does not delete close associations, it only appears that way to your mind.

No death experience will be considered a disappearance. We will not have a managed death method going on, only complete disappearance of bodies and their closest dear ones under age eleven or twelve. Most over age twelve will choose for themselves. Many of these children have come in to help prepare those in the next wave.

Practicing daily movements or activities to qualify for ascension are not needed. Only the elimination of contractions, (made by closing the door to love), mean anything to those experiencing a deepening of awareness. Changes of this kind can still meet the ascension deadline.

Politics are not the actual decisions of those elected by the masses. Mr. Obama was a clear, determined being who cared greatly about the future of the world. Bring in the death threats to his dear ones and he gives away the dream. In the next days Mr. Obama will be a most determined and caring man. What has been his behavior until now (to be directed by decision makers of the most dramatic kind), will be overturned by an organized demand coming from those now demonstrating about the lack of help being given to all who are unable to afford their homes, and most important, to those unable to feed themselves and their children.

When Mr. Obama accepts that he can make a difference, he will. Now he's being disgraced by those wanting this needed turnaround. His most important task has yet to be done: not accepting the demands of his controllers. We are not delivering him to ascension—he's had no chance to delete his contractions. He will need to lead, if the people allow him to maintain his position. But he may not accept their demands due to his own inability to be able to cancel that control. Mr. Obama is not a deceiver, nor is he a controller. In the game of light and dark, he has been drawn into the antithesis of his own nature.

We want you to be his aids in delivering him to his next conquest of his own fear. Still able to be driven, he must overcome his matrix of materialization if he is to lead as he was elected to do. Fight the apathy in you in order to be one of those who aids him to let go of nonaligned decisions and be the man the country of the United States needs. We are aiding him from this consciousness as much as we can. Free will makes this most difficult. Are you able to be his assistants in defeating his negative ego? Please commit to ascend and contribute to the mass consciousness influence on him so he can become a determined and fearless leader. Contribute your ascension to the messages he receives. Are you willing to make him the man that can turn things around? He is not the dark disguised as the light. He is light overcome by the dark.

Send him caring and compassion. Give him the light he needs. Pray that he can free himself from this dark control game. Believe in the light in the depths of all beings. Once allowed to brighten, it can do miracles in a human container.

False messages against Mr. Obama are not from our dimension. Ascended Masters are his colleagues in essence.

Ascended Master Saint Germain http://lightworkers.org/channeling/143600/ascension-and-us-leadership
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8108734475?profile=originalMy dear ones. Contained in these messages is all the directions I can give for ascension. I cannot tell you the date. Nor can I tell you the wave you are to go on, or the way to organize your car sale or your banking. These things are in your determination based on the way we have described the ascension plan. No one who dies is told when, and we are asking that you assess your daily lives now to delete any cause of delay. Can you decide not to ascend until the next ascension date? Yes, but doing so will not make the date of that ascension wave any easier to determine.

Give up the dream. Acting like the dream is the reality is what makes you want to keep dreaming. Going into another level of consciousness is the way to bring the others in your dream into reality also. Cease dreaming to ascend. Choose to remain dreaming and lead others in the same way. Cancel your ascension and negate the impact that could conclude dreaming entirely. Wake up an army of conscious beings to the complete change of consciousness needed to ascend. Free yourself to free others.

Part of the delay in this first disappearing wave is the contracted attitudes of those needing to be on the first wave. Too many are not able to detach from their mental conclusions about delay being evidence of controllers conspiracy games. We do not control nor do we manipulate. Our cause is the fulfillment of your chosen destiny. Delay was because of your attachment to the mental conclusion that as the earth ascends so does its human population, no matter what their consciousness contains. This was the controller's delay tactic. Combine this with the bible characterizations of ascension, and dogma overrides the concept of being able to meet your own goals.

Cosmic consciousness is not always noticed in an aura of an enlightened being. Many of our ascension candidates are already able to ascend. Are you one of them? More than a million can act on their own acceptance today. Many more are on the fence—choosing ascension over the dream is challenging them. Waiting another year seems appealing, thus reducing the cause and effect creation we are attempting to create. Saying that, we are also needing great advancement in the collective consciousness during that year. Whether you choose another dream or this one, a dream is still the "not so accurate" way of living in a body.

Precious moments are being lost to those choosing negative attitudes about ascension. Choose death over ascension and mandate a death experience during the days after the second wave. When the healing of Mother Earth truly begins, all residents must be redirected to other galaxies or die. Since no other galaxies will accept our contract conditions for their most caring culture, this prevents the first option to materialize. So all who choose the dream over the next gateway's ascension will die. Can they come back to Earth to complete their cycle of death and rebirth? No. Choosing death over ascension completely ends this contract opportunity. The only option that will be made available to them after the second wave will be acceptance on an individual basis into another galaxy's community. Waiting for that could be an indefinite wait.

Solving this way of ending the human drama can freeze in time the dream and its negative conditions, effecting Mother Earth's ability to be healed and canceling her mandate to be completely healed.

Most of Earth's population of animals and other materialized beings are accepted and will be continuing their life and death cycles on other planets. More than half of the current human population does not qualify for ascension. They are not fully designated as man. Many have come from other places and times and will return. Only one tenth of this group are lightworkers. Most are drama creators of the most committed kind, those who have brought you your lessons. Consider them "other" by no means, they are your most beloved ones. When things are difficult you can grow the most. Acceptance of these difficulties without blame cancels your contractions. Holding them accountable is not blame, it is another lesson for you.

Absolute contraction free, dis-ease free bodies are not the ascension criteria. Open hearts and absolutely clear awareness of the light that lives in the body can delete these contractions instantly. Be more loving, including loving those needing it the most, and give yourself less negative attitudes about the human drama. This will allow you to ascend.

Presence is the key! Being totally present to every moment, without any denial or charge in the body, is being ready.

NOTE: Aruna will be traveling for a week and may or may not be able to channel during that time. Channeling depends on the nature of the environment, and where she is going has much dis-ease in the community.

Ascended Master Saint Germain http://lightworkers.org/channeling/143602/being-ascension-ready
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8108734252?profile=originalDear Saint Germain, my moods and thoughts are fluctuating all the time. I can be soaring with excitement in one moment, and “down in the dumps” the next. I'm a single mother, and this situation is affecting my self-esteem, my choices, my children, and my general happiness. I’m also having difficulty keeping practical routines around the home for very long. Can you help me?

My friend, you are a sensitive human being. And because of this, you are very permeable to the thoughts, moods, and emotions of others. This is a strong signature in your energetic field. Now, what does this mean to you? In general, it means that the moodiness that is affecting you, sometimes has its origin within you. But more often than not, it is induced by others around you.

Here’s an example of how this can work: Because you are perceptive to the energies of others, being around too many people, for too long, will probably feel tiring to you. Your emotions will be affected, too. You might suddenly feel angry or depressed, not because these are your legitimate feelings, but because someone around you is feeling this way.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then you would probably benefit from establishing personal boundaries and routines that help you maintain your energetic integrity as an individual. By doing this, you can eliminate much of the confusion and moodiness from your life.

Your Soul is encouraging you to establish boundaries and routines that will help you safeguard your individuality. You might call this a kind of energetic, self-defense.

Boundaries and Personal Integrity
Of course, nothing about you ultimately needs to be defended. You are a Child of God, and God also. Period. This Truth guarantees your safety and security for all eternity. But in the Earth realm, people have varying degrees of awareness of this fact. This mean that sometimes others may impose their wills, emotions, and thoughts upon you in order to feel safe in the world, rather than threatened. They will do this, because they have forgotten the Truth of their Divinity.

If you are a sensitive person, it’s quite likely that your spiritual awareness is well developed. As a consequence, you will tend to remain energetically open and trusting toward others. But if you are indiscriminate in doing this, you may find that individuals with less awareness than yours, begin to invade your energetic field with their thoughts, emotions, and fears. Unless you know this is happening, you will tend to identify their strong feelings, as your own. You will not know where you “stop,” and others “begin.”

So, just to reiterate… Your fluctuating moods and troubled thoughts are often due to your sensitivity. You are “spiritually open,” which means that maintaining the energetic boundaries of personhood may not come easily to you.

About Your Soul’s Purpose
At this time, your Soul is encouraging you to establish and enforce personal boundaries in your relationships. This can be with your children, your parents, your friends, and even your co-workers.

But to do this, you will need to step effectively into your role as a mother. This is where the confusion and mood swings may be greatest. This may feel difficult at first, but don’t get discouraged. It will get better.

There are other benefits to this, too. As you learn to communicate your boundaries to your children, and establish practical routines that make your life as a single mother easier, you’re going to find that something magical happens. Something unexpected, but welcomed by you.

You’re going to find that you can distinguish your own thoughts and emotions, from the disturbed feelings of those around you, and you will filter out anything that doesn’t belong to you. This will improve your life immensely. It’s going to help you feel more secure in raising your children, and to be fully present in your other relationships, too. It will help you recognize what is yours, and what is not; and increase your general happiness in the world, as you have desired.

You will also find yourself taking a stronger role in the home, as a parent and communicator. You will find that you can speak to your children as the loving parent that you are, but from a clearer position of authority. You will communicate your love and kindness to them, but in a bounded framework that allows you to be an effective mother, too.

This is where you are headed.

I know that you probably feel burdened by the responsbilities of single parenthood right now, and that you may feel compelled somehow to do it perfectly. But you can start to relax about this. Although your world may feel unfocused at times, you can correct this… and you will. There are practical things you can do to remedy this now.

Letting Routines Help You
You’ve said that it’s difficult for you to keep practical routines in place for very long around the home. Yet, routines and boundaries can work together effectively. Why is this so? Because your routines help define who you are, by showing yourself and others exactly what is important to you on a regular basis.

When people close to you, such as your children, are able to observe your daily routines, they are witnessing the boundaries that you have established about the priorities in your life. By making certain routines important, you are sending them a message that these are accurate reflections of who you are, what you do, and what you value. In other words, you are setting boundaries by your actions, not just by talking about it. People will often respect actions, more than words.

So please remember that your boundaries and routines can support each other very well, especially if you are a sensitive person. They give you the tools that you need to stay open and loving, without being trampled by those who have forgotten how to do this for themselves; or in the case of your children, by those who are too young to understand this, yet.

Thank you for your question, dear one.

I AM Saint-Germain.
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8108733484?profile=originalThe following is part of a Soul purpose reading.

“Dear Saint-Germain. My question is about life purpose and direction. Why am I here, and where am I heading? This is what I need to know. Although it seems to be about making money, I realize there’s something else. It’s really about my creativity. I would love to be a writer. Is there something I can do with this? Do you have any insights?”

I AM Saint-Germain, and I am here with you today to share a perspective on your life. Yes, you are opening to greater awareness about who you want to be, and what you can contribute to the world. But what is it that fulfills you now? What brings you greater contentment?

You sit and contemplate this, I know. Your sensitive mind dwells upon these questions and tries to determine what you can do with your life. Yet, self-doubt is taking a toll upon your heartfelt desire to act.

It's stopping you now, when it's really time to move on and do something. This stalemate is confusing you. It’s causing you to doubt the path that you’re on, and to question the guidance that comes from your feelings. Your mind is asking you, “How do you know if your heart is right? What proof do you have that it will serve you better than me?"

Well, the human mind will never be satisfied with the heart's intuition, because the human mind was born from doubt. It was born when you first began to explore your creative freedom as Children of God, long before men and women walked this planet. It was born in a moment of fear, when you forgot the joy of creating and fell into doubt, instead.

Trust Your Intuition, Trust Your Creativity.

You can be certain that when you're connected to your heart and listening to your intuition, you will be on the right path.

Listening to your intuition is a non-rational kind of heart-knowing, and for this reason, it can feel very expanded and uplifting. But being able to trust your intuition, doesn’t mean that your mind has no purpose or that it will mislead you. Far from it. Your mind is a useful complement to your heart because it helps you navigate the realities of this physical dimension. You wouldn’t last long here without it, so be grateful that you have one.

In this sense, I would like to remind you that you are a very grounded thinker and you should be glad for it. You have a very common sense that is good at organizing thoughts and things. You're very methodical and very good at managing your resources. These are great skills, and you are encouraged to share these with the world in ways that are uniquely yours.

You're here to blend your intuition with your ideas, and then bring something of value into the world. You're here to share your gifts with others through the intuitive flow of your writing and the critical understanding of your perceptive mind. You have the ability to enlighten and to explain, which is a blending of the heart and mind that is most needed in service to the world now.

Allow Yourself to Be Surprised.

Remember to trust your creative potential. Allow yourself to become a conduit of intention and invention that can change the world. You have these gifts. But you need to trust yourself now and begin to apply them.

Remember to trust your spontaneity, and open yourself to the ideas and ideals that have reached you from within. It's time to do something creative with them. Let go of your worry, and trust instead. It’s time to acknowledge that creating is something that you have done since before time began. It's your birthright and function as a Child of God.

Live and enjoy the passion that rises within you, and then move ahead with it. Do this, even when the spontaneity feels too unpredictable for you. Remember that this is creative, life force energy that flows through you – and it is asking you to give it substance, form and meaning. You can honor it, and yourself, by responding appropriately.

Allow yourself to be surprised, too. Learn to feel comfortable in places of new beginning – in places that have yet to be explored, until you dare to set foot there. This is the pioneer’s spirit and it is yours, too. You are the pioneer who is guided by ideals and principles, and who has the courage to break new ground. But you are also the pioneer who has a practical understanding of things, and who can apply these to build a better life.

How You Are Resonating with Your Creativity.

There is much in your energetic field that resonates with creative writing and communicating, and your Soul is encouraging you to explore this further, if you feel inspired to do so. You were born under planetary and cosmic influences coming from the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, as well as strong influences from the 3rd and 9th mundane houses. All of these will support you in writing, communicating and disseminating your thoughts and ideals out in the world.

It’s important for you to indulge your curiosities about becoming a writer now. These ARE the promptings of your Soul. When you do this, you will discover that in small ways and large, you can express your truths skillfully and awaken others to their own truths, too.

This is the message that I have for you today. I encourage you to stay on your path of sensitive expression. Move toward anything that feels empowering, expansive and soulful to you right now, whether this be writing or something else. Trust that the path is open, the way is clear, and that your feet are guided along the way – and it will be so.

Your angels, helpers, and spirit friends are always at your side. Thank you, dear friend.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.
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8108729663?profile=originalSaint Germain and All with the Violet Flame

I AM Saint-Germain. When you dare to blend with your Soul in this lifetime, you express the Truth About You. You acknowledge that You Are God, also, and that you are willing to live your life that way. Neither a statement of false pride, nor spiritual superiority – it is the simple, earnest recognition that you are the Source and author of your own life.

It is a declaration of your mastery, and a marvelous leap forward in your awareness.

When you take this step, you recognize that you are an individualized focus of Self consciousness within the greater life of the God Source – uniquely you, but God, also.

Resolving this paradox in your mind is a sign of mastery. You now understand that all of God’s power is vested within you. And because of this, you know that you can create realities, love them, and experience them fully – just as God does.

This IS mastery.

Acknowledging Your Mastery

But what happens when you recognize your mastery for the first time – when you finally see that everything you’ve ever experienced is your own creation? The joys and sorrows are yours alone. The highs and lows, you have brought upon yourself. No one else can be blamed.

Do you hurriedly rush to make things better? Do you retrace every line you’ve ever penciled or change every brushstroke you’ve ever laid down on the canvas of your life?

No. You don’t. These works are finished.

As a master, you accept them for what they are – expressions of the knowledge and expertise you had at the time they were created. You love them, and you move on.

You take up a fresh canvas, and you draw or paint again, but this time with a newfound awareness of the creator that you are.

Conscious Creation

For many people, accepting themselves as a master creator is unsettling.

After all, it is one thing to create unconsciously – generating one portrait of yourself after another without acknowledging that you are the artist. This way, it is easy to pretend that the flaws you see in these images are the result of someone else’s handiwork, and then blame them for it. But this is delusional thinking.

It is quite another thing to create consciously.

When you are a conscious creator, you know that you are the artist. You know that you pick the medium and choose the tools for expressing your Self. And you are aware that you alone determine whether your creations, and your creating, will inspire you or not.

Yes. Accepting that you are the master creator of your own reality can be quite unsettling, even when you willingly step into this awareness on your own.

Fear of Creating

Ironically, when you first step into awareness of your mastery, you are often afraid to create again.

The responsibility just seems too much to handle. You may still remember what it was like to create unconsciously, and to not have enjoyed what you created. This is what is inhibiting you now.

If you are an artist, you might begin to feel uncomfortable with your tools. Your brushes might seem less familiar, and the colors you used in the past might be distasteful to you now. The empty canvas, rather than inviting your expression, turns you away. It is blank and void – a place where nothing can be known and nothing discovered. And the more you dwell upon your dilemma, the more blocked you feel.

Does this sound familiar? Do you know this feeling?

What will you do? Perhaps you are not the master you imagined yourself to be.

If you continue down this path, then before you know it, you will convince yourself that you are unable to create.

“I’ve neither the tools, the medium, nor the talent for the task. So why bother? Perhaps the right thing to do is walk away. No one will notice, anyway.”

And so, you do.

This type of resignation is sad, and wholly unnecessary.

There is another way. And we are going to tell you the story of someone who found it.


You may be familiar with Michelangelo. He was well known in his time, and even more so now, for his exquisite sculpting of the human figure in marble. He was a master of his art and craft at a very early age, and he knew it.

In the early 1500s, Michelangelo was asked by the Pope to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome, a project that took him four years to complete. Not much older than 30 years, he was worried and apprehensive. He told the Pope from the beginning that he would prefer not to accept the commission.

Michelangelo knew he was a master sculptor, but he did not really consider himself a painter. Of course, he had trained as a painter in his youth, and still sketched almost daily, but his confidence with brush and pigment was not the same as it was with hammer and chisel.

Michelangelo was also concerned about the motives behind the request. He suspected that his rivals had encouraged the Pope’s invitation in order to see him fail. After all, the scale of the task was tremendous – and it was to be carried out using tools and a medium (color upon wet plaster) that were not his favorites.

Despite his misgivings and self doubt, Michelangelo accepted the commission. What resulted is one of the finest works in the history of Western art.

Of course, there were many obstacles to overcome along the way: Designing a scaffold from which to stand while painting high above the floor; developing a plaster that resists molds and fungus; establishing a color scheme that can be seen far below the ceiling; and most importantly, creating brushes and brushstrokes that convey the drama and pageantry of his Biblical themes.

This he did with consummate mastery.

You Are a Master of Self Awareness

Like Michelangelo, you have attained a high level of mastery. You are a master of Self awareness. Self awareness is knowing that You Are God, also. Self mastery means that you live your life that way.

Self mastery also means that you understand the nature of creation and recognize your partnership with God in this. You know that creations arise from the beliefs you hold in your conscious (or unconscious) mind; and that the God Source, the Greater You, re-assembles Itself around those desires to bring you what you have asked to experience.

You are free to experience the reality of your creations in any way you choose. But when you have mastered Self awareness, the thoughts in your mind are guided by the Love in your heart, so that you have a consistent experience of Divinity in all that you create.

The Master Before the Canvas

Like Michelangelo, there are times when you may feel challenged by the creative potential you possess – by the scope and magnitude of what you are capable as a conscious creator. Perhaps now, with your newfound awareness of mastery, you feel thrust into unfamiliar territory. Into realms of unknown or untried potential.

You find yourself standing before something vaster and grander than you have encountered before. But this is a natural occurrence. Major advances in awareness are often accompanied by new and unusual opportunities, so don’t be afraid.

Yes, you may feel like an artist without his or her familiar tools. But know that you have the possibility to create something completely different now – something that combines your knowledge, skills, and mastery in a new medium of creation.

What confuses you is the feeling of something unusual.

Until now, you have created your life with familiar tools – with recurring thought patterns and habits of misidentification. Your efforts have generated masterful results. Perhaps not ones you are happy with now, but masterful ones, nonetheless.

But all this is changing. Now that you remember Who You Really Are, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself time to readjust to this shift in your awareness, until you can find a place from which to create again with confidence.

Being Still, Going Within

So, what do you do with this opportunity to create again in an entirely new way?

Ask yourselves, what did Michelangelo do when he was handed a brush, instead of a chisel, and told to paint instead of fashion in stone?

Was he desperate? Did he panic?

Did he think, “Nothing is familiar, so there is nothing I can do. I must no longer be a master.”

Of course not.

Instead, he took inventory of his mastery. He realized that his ability resided in his knowledge, not in his tools, and that his creativity could be expressed in many ways – using multiple skills, not just one.

His mastery did not disappear with the absence of the marble he loved to carve. He could still envision form and symmetry as before. His grasp of perspective had not changed. And his appreciation of color and shading was intact. Nothing had changed.

He was a master creator.

He was able to adapt his knowledge to the change in his circumstances, embrace the more expansive medium that was offered him, and create again with renewed inspiration.

He was a master creator. And so are you.

Inspiration in the New World

When you have accepted your mastery, and realize that your creative ability transcends anything you may have experienced before, then you will no longer fear creating again.

Instead, you will hold a vision of your Divinity and make it your own, breathing deeply into it and calling it to life. You will fill your brush with color, trace a line, and begin a course a movement across the canvas that is uniquely yours.

You will stop comparing yourself with anything you have been before, or once desired to be. You will cross the threshold of Inner Knowing and observe that you are giving birth to new expressions of Who You Really Are.

You will feel relieved at the mental level because you know that you are guided by your intuition, and not your expectations. And you will feel relieved at the emotional level because you are free of self-judgment and criticism.

You will realize that you have entered a New World – a world of flow and ease, where freedom of expression is yours by birthright.

And when your creation stands before you, whole and complete, you will marvel at what you have done. You will look at the New You with the eyes of innocence – with the eyes of Love – almost not recognizing that it was you who gave it life and inspiration.

You may even ask, “Was it me who created this wonder?”

And the answer you will give yourself is, “Yes.”

For indeed, you are a master creator.

I AM Saint-Germain. And I thank Kuthumi for his presence this day.
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8108729484?profile=originalLETTER FROM FRANCIS BACON

By Saint Germain

Oct 1, 1946, dictated to Geraldinne Innocente

To the aspiring friends, greetings! I look with fondness upon your loving, gentle hearts aspiring to wisdom & the accomplishments of the spirit. I think backward upon the days when I too, bound in the heavy garments of unyielding flesh, pursued a like road toward the ever-beckoning achievement of mastery.

During my years of political life in England I learned that for the seer there is no peace in outer living. Again & again my attempts to pierce the mysteries were interfered with by the pull of human interference. The so-called tragedy of my political career gave me the opportunity for which I had longed, the freedom from duty to the filthy, sordid wheels of political intrigue.

I left England with my books & manuscripts for a small & uncharted island, Bermuda, that I had discovered in my earlier years while sailing. I had found a cave where uninterrupted I might pursue the course of my philosophical thinking. I brought with me provisions for my simple wants & arranged with an old & trustworthy servant that from time to time he would sail out to my sanctuary with necessary equipment for the sustaining of my body's life until my earthspan was completed.

I simple equipped a small cave, hidden well amidst a grove of low-growing evergreens, that no house nor hut might attract the attention of the teeming masses that might perchance escape their usual haunts & thru freak of nature's storms or an unhappy quirk of their own thinking find themselves in the vicinity of my self-chosen exile. Curiosity being one of the ugly propensities of the unawakened, I shuddered to even contemplate their delight at discovering my beautiful island & shattering its silent beauty by their noisome merriment.

& so as my faithful friend's boat sailed away in the twilight I turned serene & happy at heart to my lovely island at last to know peace & the uninterrupted serenity of Godly living. Ah me, I smile yet at my innocence! A man alone freed from the turmoil of outer living on the brink of heaven!

Slowly at first & then in most intensifying pressure I found that I was not alone. A million teeming thoughts of unhappy origin stretched across the bridge from my island to the homeland. A million agonizing, heartrending feelings raised ephemeral figures of the loved ones & the ones despised. A thousand body cries rose as wind & rain & weather changed the atmosphere of my habitation. Ah, then did I learn the truth that after I affirmed, "Man resists persons, places, conditions & things because he has not mastered himself!"

& there amidst the bluest skies, the softest silvery sand, & the most exquisite greenery of nature I faced the tempest. All the hell of Europe's brothel & my heartbreak & my ignominious suffering was within me. I could not read nor study. I paced the shores of my island in horror to find the creatures of my own making. Never was man nearer madness than your humble servant! I knew then truly why man & the whole world is kept busy in much outer doing rather than face the truth that lies within himself. & then when the shock of my discovery had somewhat abated, I began at the beginning in the firm knowledge that all, both good & evil, was within myself.

& with ever growing clamness & understanding I began to unravel the good from the evil & to become master of self, to know tranquility.

Thus, to you dear aspiring ones, I AM grateful that you shall be spared the full impact of facing the dweller on your threshold thru the merciful grace of the violet consuming flame. I determined after my own experience to perfect some alchemical process whereby the aspirant might have softened this terrible experience & awakening, & I urge you now in your forward progress to use that flame to hasten your entrance into the sphere of tranquility.

Lovely friends, blessed be your progress. I love you every one. May you from this simple letter learn that where ever you go here or above, you must always take yourself, & that nothing but yourself causes your pain. & nothing but your self will see your victory.

Gratefully & sincerely, your FRANCIS.
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"Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go and know who you are."

" . . . Throughout the ages, before there was the Opportunity for the fullness of My Message to be released into the physical, I was able to work behind the scenes with many lifestreams who were receptive to My Flame. They were galvanized by Freedom, and what Freedom meant to the lifestream. They did not have to know that there was a Violet Flame. They did not have to know that there was an I AM Presence, but they felt the Fire of My Heart.

"You know of the Violet Flame. You know of your God Presence, and you know My Flame. Move into action. Take up the Sword. Allow for your calls to go forth to the Violet Flame, to release the planet from all of the burdens, all of the overlays of the astral and the psychic plane. Allow for the Freedom to come to the elemental kingdom. The burden alone that the elementals have carried for the lifestreams upon the planet is great. You should feel a sense of responsibility to lift that burden with your calls.

"But call as you will, that call must connect with your God Presence. And if there is too much of the human ego for you to give yourself over to your God Presence, it will always be 'another day' and 'another day' and 'another day' after that, before you will finally feel the release of the Light in your world.

"One of the most important reasons for transmuting the human ego is the learning process that is required for you to step aside with all of the human creation, and allow for your God Presence to manifest where you are. You are not giving yourself over to another lifestream. You are not giving yourself over to another Ascended Master. You are not winning your Victory through a vicarious atonement. It is, beloved hearts, your own Real God Presence.

"Allow for all that is of the human to dissolve into a total surrender into your Holy Christ Self, and then into your God Presence. Approach the altar with the intent and desire of communion with your God Presence - in Harmony with the expectation of the Love that will be released, and you lay all of your burdens aside. Place them physically on the altar if you must go through the exercise. You could even have a little box, not unlike Pandora's box, that you place all the ills of your life. Put the lid on it so that it's 'over there' - then enter into the Flame.

"You have nothing to lose. If you choose to pick up your human ego outside the sanctuary door, it will still be there - because you can recreate it. It is in your memory body. Or you can put it into the Flame and see what is left. I think you will be most surprised. For if you have been a most sincere student on the Path for many lifetimes, you will discover that not all was transmuted, not all went into the Flame and was no more. For lo and behold, you will turn around and discover that many of those aspects of you - that you thought perhaps might have been the human ego and the human pride, might have been the human creation - were, in fact, not at all - but the expression of your own God Presence already manifesting into the physical. But because there is such a fear of the surrender and the letting go, many do not ever get to the point of feeling the fullness of that Release and the Oneness with their God Presence.

"This is the Opportunity for Happiness, beloved ones. And I, Saint Germain, wish each and every one the fullness of Joy in living. For it should not be a drudgery, a depression, or a state of illness. And even when there is the physical outpicturing of this or that - that may not measure up to what you think is Perfection - it matters not. For the Flame, beloved ones, that is on your heart, that connects you with your God Presence and buoys you up into the fullness of that Light is all that matters.

"For you cannot take it all with you. Why would you wish to? You can even, beloved hearts, take the physical body with you, if you choose. There have been Those who have. But should you elect to leave part of it behind, to go back to the dust, you have that prerogative. It is no longer necessary to take the physical body with you in the Ascension.

"Do not be afraid. Do not sense the loss of something that is not Real, but allow yourself to step forward into the Flame that you invoke at your own private altar as an exercise of preparation for all of the Flames of God Quality that you will experience on your way to the Ascension.

"I promise you that, should you choose to exercise all of your options of free will in the application that has been laid before you this very weekend, you will see - if not today, tomorrow, or perhaps the next - it will take as long as the intent of your heart and the desiring for God in your life - but you will experience all that has been laid before you.

"It is Cosmic Law. It is a Science. And one day the Earth's scientists will wake up to how it all works. There are some, even today, that are beginning to question more and more, and find that the ways of the world and the outer intellect become confounded and they cannot explain all into the terms of esoterics. 'It is a mystery' indeed. But you, as Ascended Master students, know the Mysteries. You know the Light, and you know who you are. Recognize it. Become it, and expand it to others.

"This is My Message. This is the Desire of My Heart: that each of you exhibit the fullness of the Opportunity that is afforded you to become the Christed One, to walk in the Light of the Christ. And then take My Message and run with It. Collect together, do not put It, My Message, on the shelf, but put It on the altar and let It expand, and let the Fires of the Heart of your own God Presence bring into the fullness of your own life the Power, the Wisdom, and the Love of God, and all good things will come into your life. There will be a greater Abundance of Light than you will be able to keep in your members. You will be required to give It back to God in a figure eight flow, or to release It to others and to God in Life. You will not be able to contain It. And guess what? The more you give the more you will receive, until one day you will go spinning out of control right into the Ascension and you will not even know that you are there. It matters not where you are on the Path. It matters what you are doing on the Path. For there are victories and accomplishments each and every day that are joys to experience.

"Lighten the heart. Place a smile on your face and in your eyes, and know that you will truly be expressing the Smile and Twinkle of the Eye of your own God Presence right where you are in the physical. For that is the expression that exists at that Level of God Reality.

"I AM Grateful for your attention, and I understand the dilemma that some are in. Think not I am unaware. But trust, each and every one of you, the heart. Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go, and know who you are. That is My requirement as the Knight Commander, and the Directive for this next cycle.

"Yes, beloved ones, We are entering into an Age when you will see Me far more than you have ever seen Me in the past. For I AM directly involved in the affairs of the expansion of the Light for this next two thousand year cycle, and I will be in attendance wherever there are those who say they are students of the Light and are earnest and pure with that intent. But mark well, it must be of pure intent. For I do not have time to dally with anything that is less than the God Reality that will take Us into the Golden Age. There is no game playing. For the Dispensations are on the table. The Opportunity has been afforded, and the cycles are now to move into action to let the Earth know that Saint Germain is ready for the Golden Age, and ready to bring up those Christed individuals into the fullness of their God Presence.

"As you move forward, day to day, week, month, and lifetime, do not neglect the Flame on your heart. Should you elect at any time to move away from the active work of the Ascended Masters, I charge well that you will remember My Words, that you are required to maintain the Flame where ere you go, for the connection with My Heart will not be severed. For you are, beloved ones, too precious and too dear to be allowed to slip away in the night and pretend that I, Saint Germain, did never exist in your life.

"Allow for the Violet Flame that I have released this night to move through your bodies, to transmute all of the tensions of the solar plexus, and allow for the integration of your heart with your own God Presence. And be of Joy and Happiness to know that you have a God Presence that looks after you, that adores you, that is who you are. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

St Germain: Join Wall St. Protestors-Take NESARA Flyers
Saturday, 08 October 2011

"Good evening. It is I, St Germain, and I am honored and overjoyed to be here in this company of Family once more! And yes you have heard the news, as it were, and you know how much is going on everywhere on this wonderful Planet Earth. And you know that I am here, indeed, with a particularly joyful mission and it is to inspire the members of the kingdom of humanity to move, to make great strides, as it were, upon their paths to Ascension.

"And yes, it is to inspire those who want to keep humanity on a lower path and in the boxes that they have contrived through their lies and deceits and their wars and all of the weapons that they have used. It is to inspire them to come forward into the light to stop fighting in the shadows. It is to inspire them to open their hearts to love and to stop hating. Believe it, Beloved Ones, when I tell you that for most of them, the ones they hate the most are themselves, and the parents who have brought them into the world to serve the dark.

"And so it is that there is a new wind blowing, and it is the wind of change, and it is empowered by these wondrous energies which are coming to the Planet. And it is enhanced and moved forward by the work of the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters and your angels and guides, and yes, even the members of the other kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and by Mother Gaia herself. This is indeed joyful!

"But we understand that at the moment when you look out upon the scene you see chaos, you see starvation, wars, people losing their homes everyday in record numbers, people without any kind of employment so as to earn the dollars they need to just maintain themselves and their families. That is a slice that is somewhat frozen on the timeline because it is your now moment. We see before, we see after, we see now, and we tell you that we have an opportunity to move the timelines forward in what you might call an upward manner.

"That is why we are so excited here, that is why Ashtar spoke with such great passion to you, and why I, St Germain, feel the fire, the flame of Freedom! Freedom from all that you might be perceiving in this moment that you want to see changed, it is done in your next moments. And as Ashtar told you, the NESARA Announcement** is the key.

"As you may already know, I myself, that is, the sprit I AM, helped to inspire the words, the concepts, the freedoms that NESARA gives to all, and it is not just for the United States of America, but it is for the United States of America and President Obama to lead the way. And even though President Obama has, like others, seemed to be following along the programs and agendas of the ones who wear the dark hats, be not mistaken, he is a Master of Light. He stands for Freedom and his expressions are of Love, but he has, of necessity, allowed these ones to come forward to show themselves so that everyone could understand their true agendas and the programs. That is why the Indigos have responded by moving onto Wall Street, because they know the heart of darkness is there. It exists in other places, too, that we are clearing.

"It is to bring to the attention of the world, not just what these ones have done -that is already out there - but to bring to the attention of the world the fact that now is the time for the people to rise up, to call forth the changes. Now, most of them do not know about NESARA, they do not know about it in their consciousness, and that is why we are asking you, Beloved Ones, to help them by Emailing,*** by joining this Facebook gathering,**** and yes, by marching with them or standing with them and showing them and telling them that the solution exists. It has been withheld from the people all these years - ITS TIME IS NOW!!!

"And so, Beloved Ones, what could be more appropriate for this gathering than that we go and stand together with these ones in the street of the Wall - they are there. And it is for us to go and be with them and shower them with our loving support, or encouragement, and yes, our thanks. And to invite others to come and to thank them for coming and being on the way, to open the doors wide on Wall Street, and everywhere, in this country and beyond. Yes, the neighbors in Canada are already joining, and it is for the world to join in. And it is to send the message loud and clear to Obama, 'Yes we are ready, yes, we welcome the changes that must be made, and by the way, we know about the answers, the solutions!'

"So here we are, Beloved Ones, in this grand gathering of Family. The violet flame is with us and surrounds us, and the golden white light of the Christ is here, and yes, the blue ray of Truth, and we are all here together. And it is for us to join our hands and our hearts. Welcome your beloved guides and angels, welcome the Masters and your starseed families and the magical kingdoms, not seen by everyone, but nevertheless a part of Planet Earth. The Divas and the spirits of the land, the Fairies and the Elementals, and yes, welcome the kingdoms of the Plants and the Animals and the Crystals, because they, too, are waiting for this grand event, this Announcement, this implementation, this moving forward. It will be like a rocket ship for everyone on the Ascension path!

"So let us gather around in our circle of Love, and let us hold out our hands, put your children, your grandchildren in the middle of the circle because this is the beginning for them and they know, and they know that Love empowers the changes, these wondrous ones. And let us travel up into higher dimensionality, the Christ Consciousness, 5th dimension. And let us bring all of us together, holding hands, joined in loving hearts.

"And now let us look down upon that place called Wall Street. We are directly above it and there is no cloud anywhere to obscure our view, and let us look at the bright faces there, and yes, some are weary but see the Lights, see the Indigo colors. And for those who are perhaps of the older generation see the violet in their auras, the Peace, the Love, and see all of the colors, the colors of action, the colors of creativity, the colors of healing, the colors of the Christ Consciousness.

"And now, let us reach to them and let us tell them, ‘We bring you great tidings, we bring you answers, solutions, and Peace on Earth. Let the violet light, the ray of transmutation, of transformation, enter into all hearts in this wondrous gathering and let it open the hearts to know - yes, yes you are doing it, change is happening! Yes, we stand here now with you, we lift you up to meet us in higher vibration, in loving Oneness. We stand with you in service, we add our voices to yours and We Are One Together, welcoming the changes that our connections are inspiring and creating even now.’

"Let that violet light flow everywhere, and now call forth the blue ray of Truth to accompany it so that these ones will have the guidance already that yes, NESARA really is the answer!!! And it is to stand tall and fast on Wall Street and on all the other Wall Streets across the country and beyond, and to raise voices together and know that it is working, that it is the call to Freedom and the call to Abundance for all, and yes, Justice, Compassionate Justice, and that this is getting it done!!!

"More and more will be called to come and join with these wondrous ones, and it is to be with them in our hearts, in our minds, and yes, in our highest vibrations so that together, they feel the lifting up, the empowering, that we bring to them, Beloved Ones, Family, together. And that they know that success is ordained because it is the Divine Birthright of all that this be done. It is time to change the timelines, and indeed they are changing. And it is time to bring forth the high vibrations from which this NESARA was created!!!

"And yes there is a being who stands in representation in the higher dimensionalities and we call her Lady NESARA. Now see her step forward into the middle of our circle, our circle that includes all of these wondrous ones in the streets who have joined with us and we with them. And let us just beam our Love beams at Lady NESARA and thank her for being with us. And here is Lady Liberty at her side and let us thank her, too, because NESARA needs the Freedom to be announced. We, Beloved Ones, are inspiring that Freedom by calling it forth into the reality that most people on the planet still see as being located in the third dimension - but it is rising!

"And there will be so much more information, and so many more will wake up and they, themselves will get upon the path to Ascension because there will be Freedom worldwide to say it’s time to wake up. That which you know in some part of your being but have not connected with yet, now is the time for the connection. It all comes with the Freedom, the Abundance and the Love that NESARA brings to the world.

"So let us be joyful together, let us dance with these ones, let us sing with them, and let us be totally in Joy, because we see the vision and we know that the world is coming into the high vibrations and the healing that Christ Consciousness creates, because now We Are Indeed One - One consciousness, One heart, One Love. Just feel the Love, just float in the Love - hugs all around! Hug these ones in the streets who have joined with us, hug each other, Beloved Ones, hug us - we hug you - and hug yourselves!!!

"Thank your wondrous beings, your hearts of Love, your knowing and your inspirations for being One With All and for being a shower of the way, a beamer of the Light of Love. Remember always that you came to this place, that you participated and that you were a part of this gathering and of our joining with the ones who are standing out in the cold, raising their voices to make the changes, and calling forth a better, brighter world!!!

"And now we have the roses of Kumara. Standing with me is my brother Sananda and his Beloved Marys - his Mother Mary and his Beloved Mary Magdeline. Come forward now and accept the roses of Kumara. They are most special, for they tell of your presence here in this gathering of Freedom, of Light and of Love. Let the roses come into your hearts and remain there always, so that you, Beloved Ones, will always shine forth the bright Lights of us together, One, in mission accomplished! And so it is. Namaste!"


"Well, that was huge! It is I, Sekhmet. I always like to get a word in. So I'm going to remind you to look for the emails, go to the websites,***** sign the petition,** get those flyers out,****** get those emails out!*** Action-action-action!!! We're with you - in all of it. And we're going to get it done, and we're going to have such Joy to the World! Ah, yes, well - I'm going to go dance with Froggy because I see what has been accomplished here already, and we'll have a lot more Joy to the World coming - stay tuned! Namaste!"

What Needs to be Deleted
9 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

What my words are telling you is that you can ascend. Make ascension your commitment and complete your deletion of negativity by not complaining or criticizing that which does not fit with your ego's desires. More and more details are being revealed daily about the lies you have been told by governments, corporate marketing specialists and drug companies. Are these details giving you any good feelings? Are you being grateful for these lies? No, you are getting negative. My messages are giving you the love of God in words that are meant to uplift you from this negativity.

How can anyone ascend their own negativity? By looking at all they observe as God's gift to their growth in awareness. Awareness can be expanded without negative attitudes put on what is being revealed. All is needed to grow in consciousness. There are no accidents at all. When you are given more awareness, the most developed thing you can do is be grateful for it. Attacking new awareness material deletes your consciousness quotient. What can you do to be a light in the midst of darkness? Be grateful. Shine that light on all negativity.

My dears, what is not considered acceptable on this blog is arrogance. When a comment contains a negative attack on anyone or any thing, or a comment degrades the messenger, it is not posted. Your ability to get comments posted can use this as a guideline. Another guideline is: do not include a link to a different site that does not add anything of value to this message delivery. Unrelated links that are for the purpose of marketing one's own beliefs are not accepted. These links cannot be removed by the blog moderator, so the entire comment must be deleted. The other criteria I use to moderate comments is whether the content can be understood. Some comments are not in English or or they are not written so they can be understood by English speaking readers. These too do not get published. Enough said.

Please ask questions. Please feel free to comment. But be aware that negative, arrogant attitudes don't go on this blog site. What do I call arrogance? Being against another's point of view and being dictatorial in attitude about your opinion. Making another appear disrespected is also arrogant. Not agreeing is fine, but disrespecting the one you disagree with is negative. Choosing words that are kind can allow for many points of view to be presented. Acting as a master does not include degrading another.

Every time you present yourself as a more knowledgeable commenter than either myself or other commenters, your attitude is degrading. Act like a divine being—loving and respectful of what others say—and you will be more credible.

False statements made as fact are not the way of a master either. Be careful to deliver an opinion as an opinion, not as a fact. Arrogance is making your opinions appear to be facts. There is no authority in this universe that claims total accuracy in its messages due to the nature of all things being a collective conclusion at that moment. No detail is conclusive, as nothing conceived by your mind is accurate. All is mentally conditioned to fit your attitudes and beliefs in this dream you are concluding is reality. Presenting anything as a concept means it is not claimed to be truth. This is much more accurate.

My words about ascension are to lead you in this direction. Are they accurate? We will soon see. When dates and times are mentioned they may not appear accurate, as time in our realm is non-existent.

My dear ones. Please get out of your mental attitudes and beliefs and read my messages with less attachment to details. Consider them your guide to possibility. Be a clear channel of your own Highest Awareness and develop humility. I Am That I Am is your true identity. All of you are Masters in God's creation. Your mind is what thinks otherwise.

As one wise man once said to another: My mind asks the questions and my heart answers them. Please keep asking and listening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Are You a Master? Say Yes!
9 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Waking up to the truth of your existence is only one detail to be aware of. All the clearing of contractions in the body has helped to make you a light vessel in human form. When the ascension call comes, all light vessels will be called. No attitude about your worthiness to be called applies. Those who have really become lightworkers are now going to deliver the light.

Following a teacher that tells you otherwise will bring disappointing moments when the day of this next wave comes. No one can ascend who has not completed his/her homework. Are those completing it now still eligible? Absolutely! Always continue to let go of negativity as it appears. Once empty, the heart will be wide open. Teaching about doing nothing to ascend has been controller guidance. Stay on that track and your dream of ascension will be totally negated. Free yourself of negative thinking about all details of the human experience to be a true leader of light. Positive attitudes neutralize dark comments when they are made by others.

Children of God are all on the same clock as far as ascension is concerned. None are "chosen," all choose their own future. No great division exists between teacher and chela. All are equal in God's eyes. No group of humans is considered a more important group than others. When the bible was composed in the mode of historical data being created as law, the destiny of the group called Israelites was not certain. They chose an authority of divine control to acquiesce to and claimed him as their God. Was he the chooser or the chosen? Neither, he was their only contact and they accepted the demands he made for their own co-creation. Are they chosen or did they choose? All are chosen and they chose.

My dear ones, we are all God's children—even the divine Masters of God's creation are not more dear to God than any of you. No favorites! Can you become more favored? No, but you are able to deliver more of the dance of light to the co-creative nature of manifestation than those who are less conscious.

Twelve tribes were given the tablets on Mount Sinai and only one claims them. All the others chose not to, but they are not going to be deleted from God's memory. When they are called to ascend they are equal to all the others being called. No delineation will be made on this side of the veil.

Practices to get to ascension are not the delivery mode their initiators intended them to be. Welcoming all on an angelic level will be the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are the aspects of divine light asked by God to assist. Answer their call by going out to meet them.

Apathy is not the same as being content "no matter what happens." Can you get delighted that life for all can be improved as a consequence of your completion? How great can a consequence be?
We are not delivering you to anything you haven't experienced before—only the dross of mental negativity does that. We are out of that context and come as great friends to our own counterparts. Take our hands and go through the door to angelic bliss.

Today's message answers comments that are not being published because they are mis-directed in their details.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

On With Ascension
9 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Change is imminent. Can you feel the mystery of all God's creations becoming more awesome in their magnitude? How could all of these complexities be imagined? We are only aware of the cause and effect attributes, but much more is not in our awareness. So that you become more aware, pay attention to nature. See how all of the elements are co-creating at the same moment. Each contributes the last bit of its caring to those who continue the cause. When one dies, the others go on, and they do not destroy themselves because of their loss. When new births come forth, all celebrate the arrival of the next generation's contributors.
Are we different from them? Only in the way the "All That Is" conceived us to be. I include Ascended Masters in this dialog as a way of leading you to more clarity about the dramas you are part of, as we are in most of them also. To let you think of yourself as separate from us would not be delivering an accurate account of this creation. We Ascended Masters are also creations of God's dream—not different from you, other than our level of awareness.

Many of you have been Masters before. Some will be Masters again when you wake-up. No one decides what is their own level of Mastery. My messages have given you many details about what it takes to become a Master. Not being an active meditator or channel does not disqualify you from ascension. Many of these messages list all the conditions that are needed for ascension. This is not new information. "No negativity" tops the list.

Even though my chelas are all Masters within, many of them are not ready to ascend due to negative beliefs and attitudes that are still needing to be deleted. Solve this now or later—your choice. Give your total life to God and become a master instantly.

I Am That I Am is your True Nature. Giving away the mental concepts of ego does away with all deceptive thinking. An awakening is this simple. A completed contract includes this new awareness, and no contract is complete without it.

Ascension is graduation from Earth school. It is not the mind's decision whether the exams have been passed or not. Graduation requires good grades and good test results. You designed your own curriculum, made up your own courses, and acted out the tests you needed to be graded on. The grade you got was by your own standard. Passing meant another test was needed to make certain the grade was accurate. Next lesson . . .

All of this is in the contract, and your True Nature cannot be fully available to live your life as a Master until you are able to go out of the classroom with a passing grade in all of your subjects.

Many demons are in your classes. They create obstacles for you to become challenged by. Gratitude to them is another test of Mastery.

Polish your great dream with a negative attitude and this deletes you from ascension. God and our beloved contributor to human mastery, Jeshua ben Joseph, are not the decision makers about ascension—only your own consciousness decides.

Can this message give you the incentive to be a master that can ascend? Why not? Are you too dense to accept this most critical challenge? No, you are not. Believing in ascension and deciding that you want it are the first qualifications. Next comes the completion of your contract. Work to negate negativity is not needed, only moving your decisions into choosing God over all of your dream's desires. Next is heart opening. Are you there? No "doing" is needed for this either, only living as though you are doing God's work in every moment. Angels do God's work.

Am I clear enough? Ascension is not an entitlement—it is graduation for those who are more aligned to their own True Nature than others. Pause and reflect on this.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
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Importance of sleep. E N J O Y !!!

8108728895?profile=originalA short article which I think is useful and worth sharing ^_^

A man can go two weeks without eating. But if he doesn't rest at all, he can only survive for one week. Sleeping provides us the time to rest our internal organs, eyes and brains. Poor sleep quality can cause internal damage to our internal organs and brains. Therefore, sleeping is very important to us. If you wish to have a long life and stay healthy, please take note of the advice below.

5 DON'TS when you are sleeping

DON'T SLEEP WITH WATCH. Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity.
Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have adverse effects on your health.

DON'T SLEEP WITH BRA. Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So go to bed without it.

DON'T SLEEP WITH PHONE. Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged.
Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks, but please put the phone as far as possible.
Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used.
These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first.

DON'T SLEEP WITH MAKE UP. People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run.
Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.

A N D F I N A L L Y........

DON'T SLEEP WITH OTHERS' WIVES. You may never wake up again.
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8108728452?profile=originalDon't overeat and don't encourage your family members and friends to overeat - unless you wish to shorten their healthy living and perhaps die younger!

An interesting article about eating too full....

In Today's Dr Lee Newsletter Issue:

"What's wrong with eating too full?"

"The more you eat, the sooner you die. The lesser you eat, the longer you live." This is what Dr Lee always says in his health talk. He also mentions, "Eating too full causes all sort of health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, etc."

Why eating too full is so harmful to your health? What can you do about it?

Mice experiment

To see how eating habit affects life span, a professor from University of Texas did an experiment on mice.

For the first group of 100 mice, he let them eat without any restriction, just like a buffet meal.

The second group was fed only 60% full. And the third group was given food without restriction too. But this time, he reduced protein content to half. After 2.5 years, guess how many mice were still alive out of 100?

* First group (eat without restriction) - only 13 mice was alive. Opsss...

* Second group (eat 60% full) - 97 mice was still alive. Only 3 mice died.

* Third group (eat without restriction with protein cut half) - 50 mice still alive.

What can we learn from these results?

Firstly, eating too full is really harmful to your body. Secondly, eat 60% full if you want to live longer and healthier. Thirdly, taking too much protein is harmful to your body too. We don't need so much protein after all.

Overworking body

Imagine having a small family car. Instead of using it for short travel between home and office, you use it for long distance travel between different cities every day. Instead of using it 1 hour a day, you use it for 10 hours a day. Instead of driving at 70 km/h, you always speed up to 170 km/h, hitting engine's red line.

Can you estimate your car life span? Do you expect having various problems with your car after a short time? Driving your car at high speed for a long time is like always eating too full. You force your body to always work at its red line.

Do you know digestion is the most demanding work for your body? Think about the organs involved such as your mouth, stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum and intestine. Think about the length of digestive tract from your mouth to intestine.
By eating too full, your body zaps up much of your energy for digestion. Otherwise, this energy may be used for other purpose such as enhancing your immune system.

Do you realize you become very tired easily after a big meal? That is the sign of your body working hard to digest all the food you take in.

If you eat an extra bowl of noodle, your pancreas has to produce extra insulin hormone to process the extra carbohydrates you take.

Your liver, stomach and intestine also have to produce extra enzymes to digest and process specific nutrients from that bowl of noodle.

Therefore the more you eat, the harder your body has to work to process it. Of course, we must eat to survive. But we don't have to eat that much!

If you drive your car slowly and handle it gently, you can use it for a long time. But if you always floor the accelerator and drive like a rally driver, you know the consequence on your car life span.

Side effect of eating

Your car engine burns fuel to move your car and bring you to anywhere you like to go. As a result, the engine produces exhaust smoke which is toxic. It must be dispersed out from your car.

Similarly, your body cell burns nutrient for energy to survive. In the process, it produces free radicals. Since free radical is toxic to your body, it has to be neutralized and expelled.

"Just metabolizing food especially fatty and carbohydrate-rich fare causes the body to produce free radicals, which attack cells and can promote the development of chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes and cancer," says Ronald L. Prior, Ph.D.

Of course, your body can control free radicals in small quantity. But the more you eat the more free radicals your body produces. Without adequate control, these free radicals easily attack your body cells and eventually cause all sort of diseases.
Good eating habit

After knowing the harmful effect of eating too full, what's your choice? Do you want to live longer, just like the second group mice in the experiment? Or do you want to risk ending your life earlier, just like the first group mice? If you wish to live longer, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Always eat until 70% full. Do not exceed 80% full. You may want to stop eating when you feel slightly full.

2. Avoid having buffet style meal which makes it harder to control how much you eat. Instead, prepare the food you want to eat in a plate. After finishing it, don't add anymore food.

3. Leaving the dining table earlier may prevent you from picking some extra food to eat.

4. It is always a good idea to prepare lesser food in the first place. Some people are afraid of having not enough food for everyone. Actually, lesser food is beneficial for everyone..
In a restaurant, order in small amount first. You can always add in some extra order if necessary. But if you can get by with the original smaller order, that's great.

Remember this: You have higher chance of overeating if you serve more food on the table.

You have better chance of not overeating if you serve less food.

5. Avoid stuffing your fridge with ice cream, chocolate or other dessert. You cannot eat what you do not have.

6. When someone prepares a big plate of food for you, look at it first. Ask yourself, "Do I want to stuff it all into my stomach?"

If your answer is no, just put aside some food to another empty plate first. After finishing your food, look back at the extra food on that new plate. Say to yourself, "Phew! Luckily I didn't stuff that portion into my stomach."

7. When you get too hungry before your meal time, just take some fruit instead of heavy meal.

The tendency to overeat is very high for people these days who want value for their money at buffet tables.
Do you know most monks only eat twice a day ?

They wake up at 4am, meditate and say their prayer. Later they have their simple breakfast at 7am. Before 12pm, they have their lunch. That's all for them. They eat no more after that. No tea break. No dinner. No supper. They still look strong and energetic.

Of course, we don't have to eat like them. But it reminds us we can eat less and stay healthy. So remember to eat only 70% full if you want to stay healthy.

Lead a Healthy life... it's your first asset to enjoy all other assets!
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8108727663?profile=originalFor Those Not on the First Wave
5 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Many of the questions that are being asked now have already been answered in these messages. I am not going to repeat the details that have already been given. My dear ones, answers to those questions will come to those asking them in other ways. Make your questions to me relevant to all readers and ask about what is being discussed in these messages, not esoteric questions that have no relationship to my topics. My ability to answer all of your questions is very limited, due to the amount of time required to do so. This blog is not my channel's entire life work. Please do not expect more than she voluntarily gives.

Believing in the content of my words does nothing to determine your level of mastery. Masters do not need my advice. I deliver these messages for those not yet able to get their guidance directly—to provide more awareness for future outcomes. My request is that you believe nothing about the messages that come to you in ANY form, and dig into that knowledge base inside yourself. When you decide that this source is your only guide, able to give you ALL the answers you need, you will be the Master that you have incarnated to become.

Ascension is for Masters. It is not an automatic result of a decision made by those desiring it. Mastery is completing all your negative attitudes and living as an angel in material form. Work on all areas of dis-harmony is required! Giving love to all, without hesitation, is the angelic way.

Can you ascend? Only those ready will be asked to ascend in this next wave. All the rest CAN next time around, IF they become Masters before the call. Channeling a Master does not make you a Master. Walking the Master's walk is a requirement to ascend. Don't think that being anything less than an angel qualifies you for ascension.

Now, my next answer to a question is about the concept I recently introduced regarding ascension being able to deliver more light than the entire spiritual hierarchy combined can do now. When the advanced ascend, the light of their auras will infuse the entire planet energetically, unlike any other time in human history. Those candidates ascending at the moment it happens will give a major "dream come true" feeling to all around them. It will bring their energy up to the level they once dreamed of—activating their own inner light. More shakti will be delivered by those ascending than anyone has previously experienced. This will be felt by all near them, who will be activated. It will be a "chain of events" condition, where one light activates another. You won't ascend as a direct consequence, but you will become more aware and more caring. And, the demand for caring will also be increased. Searching for missing loved ones can demand caring and clear advice from these new leaders of light. After this ascension wave, new dreamers will come to the care of those who can assist them in their next steps. Will this be my chela's new work? See for yourself the need and your ability to fill it.

Pretending that an ascension will make all of Earth into a New world is not an accurate assessment. No, chaos will come anyway, and so will all the other things my Master Messages have described. Be ready to live these teachings during the next year, and get ready to be on the next wave. There will not be another ascension wave following that one. Believing or hoping you are able to ascend is not the way to do it. Being very clear about the level of love in your heart is how you will know the answer. Please do what is necessary to qualify NOW.

People, don't give up your current life because you believe you are ascending. Keep doing your very best to live the best life you can. Many of you are not able to ascend now and cannot demand more than you are ready to receive. When the day of ascension arrives, those ascending will be taken into the light, but all those who have not qualified will not. Sending them off with great excitement is more important than being disappointed in your own demonstration of readiness. Cheer them on and rise to the occasion. Chelas will be qualifying (or not) by their actions in all circumstances. Be a guide to those you will be able to assist. Be the light that you came to be. This is not a choice of the mind, but a demonstration led by the heart.

Solving your own dilemmas is not the issue. Being light no matter what the circumstances are is the challenge you must qualify from. Life is not only for growth, it is also for giving others the attitudes reflected in that growth.

Believe in ascension. Believe in the Great White Brotherhood. And most of all, give these beliefs to God when you are called to ascend. All beliefs are dreams.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Fine Tuning Your Discernment
5 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Continuing to discuss all of the things being questioned is not in your best interest. Please, give away all of your concerns about mother ships, comets, being rescued, defeating the dark cabals, etc. And totally dive into the depths of your own awareness. You can be an awakened being in this instant—no "doing" involved. Just give up all of those mental doubts about the ascension and its consequences. Give your current life 100% of your love and creativity until ascension occurs. It doesn't matter whether this next wave is the one you will be on. Those who are on this wave will be the true heroes for those who are coming later. But ascension is to be a graduation gift, not a commentary on the earth changes that will continue to occur.

Cheap, distorted confusion is being delivered to those channels unable to discern the dark from the light. Happy, delightful messages can also be dark. How? Because they defer any action towards becoming awake. Most of the darkest messages are delivered in this way. Only being aware of the light means there is denial of what is not light, and what you are denying needs to be recognized and released for you to be free. Denial of your own darkness only keeps you "in the dark. "

What you think does not manifest as your reality if there's a contradictory attitude held in the unconscious. Bringing these negative deceptions to light is the way to enlightenment, not affirming their opposite while denying their existence.

Love is not about avoiding negatives, it is about transforming your reactions to them. Beloved and admired dark masters are abundant in your universe. How do you tell the dark from the light? By their actions. Are they the masters of light they claim to be? Can you tell? Here's what to look for:
Are they . . .
1. Acting as an authority.
2. Belittling others.
3. Claiming to be an enlightened being.
4. Maintaining control over anyone.
5. Managing an organization that is exclusive.
6. Afraid of anything.
7. Changing an answer to elude a question.
8. Framing a question instead of giving an answer.

A chalice for light acknowledges that God works through him/her and makes it clear that God is much more than any individual. When you claim I AM THAT I AM you are dispensing with a personal identity, not making a practice of claiming spiritual attributes.

Practices that demand strict adherence to "get" a material designation or acknowledgment from an edified human being are dark. When a practice is used to control it is not a true activation of light. For example: Many are being "initiated" into lineages of energy transmission. All call for the accurate delivery of their methods to be qualified. Most true "healers" are never made into healers in this way, they become healers in the most natural way. Adhering to any "special" method does not invite the most correct or the most effective transmission. It only limits. When a true Master transmits, he does nothing special!

Shall I talk about the groups making these demands? No need—those who are being directed by them will recognize what they need to know and distance themselves by their own decision. Negative attitudes towards any group is not the intention of these words.

Please accept the teachings these groups and their leaders give you about discernment. This is more about YOU than them. I don't care if they are dark—you need them to grow into the awareness of ONE. Please do not attack any group as being dark. Only determine whether you are being controlled or used to control in any way, and if so, walk away.

Controllers need agreement to their control. Agree to be controlled by nothing. Give your own guidance full authority.

Will I comment on other deliverers of information about ascension? Only to say there are many different opinions on this side also, so be true to your own inner director, and be in the group you are being led to. Channeling is not always the answer. Your own inner guidance MUST be the truth for you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

No Quest for Light Calls for Control
5 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Why are you so concerned about the days to come? Are these deliveries making you angry? Are they activating feelings of former disappointments? My dear ones, all of you are being led to ascension. When it comes, the light that now shines only in the heart of hearts can be available to all through the changes that occur in you. Your mastery is not yet total, but it can be the dream's answer to the next advancement in awareness. Be light now by deleting your doubt. Give love to all, even those of us who have previously disturbed an attitude you have about accuracy. We do our best.

Not any of our conduits can give you the "absolute truth," or they would be doing nothing and saying nothing. No content of any channeling is "absolute truth." It is all a demonstration of the mental content needed to lead the dream onward. Stay in belief of any dictation, or news from any source, and dream on.

I am telling you nothing outside the dream. Whatever does or doesn't occur means nothing beyond the dream. Being of "no mind" takes the dream into account without any attachment to content. Awakened awareness does not care about any of the things detailed in the mind of man. Only divine awareness exists.

Now, chelas, when my call comes for ascension, the dream of your mind will end. As you move into light, the next days will get no concern. Once you are dissolved into light, your contact on this level of awareness will give instructions about the qualities of nature you will be contained in during the anchoring of light phase. No dross can be grown in this energy, only love of all. Your ascension will deliver more light to others than the entire spiritual hierarchy together can now convey.

Why are your calls for assistance in changing your circumstances not answered? Because we are not able to dictate our choices to those unable to hear. Only those who are clear channels or at masters level can be convinced of our desire to lead your world towards a more aware condition. We cannot come into your dream and convince anyone in the dark to do something that is not his own choice. We cannot interfere in the details of any controller developments because no controller will accept the guidance we deliver. Controlling anyone is not part of our dance of light.

Brothers and sisters, are you wanting one group of controllers to be replaced by another? You are answering my call to ascension with negative attitudes. Give them away. They don't get the answers the mind desires. Neither does moaning or complaining. I've mentioned before that all of the dream is your creation—we only assist in keeping the dream moving along as you designed it.

After ascension you will understand my words completely. Now, give me your dense attitudes to dissolve and make the light your only intention. Believe in the ascension. Give it no dense attitudes. Welcome help when it comes. Be still and release all that is not light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
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8108728089?profile=originalInstructions for When the Call Comes
24 July 2011 ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
When the day of ascension arrives, the entire group needing contact will receive it at the same moment. Some will be in deep sleep. Others will be doing their daily activities. Channeling this message will be inactive – it will be amplified to awaken the God within and the mental body at the same moment. Awareness of it will not be a new challenge to go through, it will be apparent. Next is to accept the call.

Acceptance means agreeing to ascend. Nodding without clear agreement is not adequate. A "YES" must be announced by any means applicable. "I Am That I Am" can be the words used, or anything that declares agreement with divine will.

Chapter II of ascension will be in the next attitude after agreement. Being in bed means getting dressed quickly to leave the building you are in. No need to travel, just go out of man made containers: cars, houses, trains, etc. Go to an area of choice where a man can be dissolved without notice. In the doorway of a building is not good enough. Feet on the ground is an option but any uncovered area that is not near a doorway is better. You will make that choice to the day and time the call comes. Wait to be consumed by a dose of energy that courses through the body.

Children are to be taken to the area with their mother and allowed to be apart from her during the actual ascension. Other parents can be at the area if they are also ascending. Calling all candidates is exactly that. Those not prepared are not being called. They are not to be dragged along by the ascension candidates.

Free the mind of any concerns about hearing the call, going out of an enclosed area or getting dissolved. Make no announcement. Just go to the area you are drawn to when the call is heard. Announcing the ascension date and time is not going to occur.

Are these instructions clear? Get out of the area that is covering the body and await the energy surge. Anchoring an answer to God's call with your agreement, and delivery of the body is all that is needed. Breathe, give no attention to the mind, and align with the coursing energy.

Busy now? Of course you are - it is the ego's way of declaring its desire to prevent your ascension. Ignoring the ego's comments must be done. I am giving instructions now because ascension will occur in the next months and I want everyone to have them. If you are not giving these messages to others, please distribute this one.

My channel just asked what to do if the body is on an airplane when the call comes. Await an opportunity to do what is needed. Should it be a very long flight, go to the lavatory to be ascending. Nothing will occur to the airplane as a consequence, only the notice of one or more missing passengers.

No call from God demands acceptance. No discipline measure will be correcting those who choose to not be on this wave. The next wave will come about one year later. This is a most difficult decision to make, as a large number ascending will help make the coming year less painful for those who will be on the next wave. Choosing not to ascend on the first wave will actually decrease quality of life for all that remain. Please consider the importance of ascension to all cosmic creatures, not only those who will be left on Earth. Each and every ascension brings new life to humanity and the collective consciousness now, when it can truly make a difference.

Growth and development time has been answered by an ascension call. Next is to change the negative dynamic of the collective consciousness so the New Earth can be created. Chosen to ascend are all who chose it. No distinction will be made as to the country or continent, as all will get the call together. New light on the land can make the difference that all of you have been asking for.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

More About Ascension Qualifications
24 July 2011 ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
All humans are not chelas of the Ascended Ones. Many are not ascension candidates. Those who are not our chelas will not be leaving man's domain as Ascended Masters. Not that they are any less divine or able, their ability to ascend is not adequate. What makes one able to ascend? A contract to do so is only the beginning. The ability to ascend also requires:

1. Caring about all that is.
2. No disturbance in any situation.
3. Peace in the body no matter what physical condition appears.
4. No drain on others.
5. Allowing heart to lead.
6. Making a difference.
7. Change in consciousness from control to adapt.
8. Raising consciousness with love.
9. Agreeing to ascend consciously.
10. Preparing by living all of the above.

Now that this list has been delivered, give these most important gifts to humanity a loving delivery. Are you able to ascend? Answer this now, and adapt to the areas needing more attention. Freedom of the continuous cycle of birth and death comes now, not in future lifetimes. No future lifetimes will be necessary when these most caring and conscious qualities are delivered.

Many of you doubt your ability to ascend. None of those who are able to ascend will doubt their qualifications. So if doubt is in your mind, "no doubt" is another qualification. Heart over head is the most active "doing" needed. Choose to ascend and the body/mind can activate the needed lessons to dream the ascension into action. Meditate daily and tell the creator that God awareness is your only desire. Breaking through the mind's control requires this.

Fraternizing with other collective conscious beings does nothing to assist in ascension. Partying with alcohol and drugs makes the man dense and co-habitable – meaning that another dense entity can attach to an aura of this condition. Please don't gather with non-advanced beings who drug themselves to accept life. Change this one thing and make a major difference in your ascensions ability. Drugs are not an avenue to more awareness. They control the mind during the experience and anchor another answer to man's ability to be divine in his caring and accepting. More drugs become needed to open the veil and no difference in attitude or behavior is sustained without drugs, only a different view of man's dream. Not reality to be sure, only a different dream.

No drug user is going to ascend. My clarity about this is now delivered. No drug users are able to qualify. So, if this is an addition to your awareness, give it up now. What about drugs used in alchemical ways like peyote and ayahuasca? Neither of these are addicting so neither are in this category of drugs that my message is directing its meaning to. My dear ones, I am including hashish, cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, ecstasy and methamphetamines. Marijuana is not a drug of this characterization. More drugs than named are also considered control drugs, so don't say "this one was not on the list" and deny my meaning here. Control drugs include anything that cannot be dispensed with instantly. I am not talking about medical assistance drugs, only those used as mind altering deliverers.

Choose to be in the body, totally present and completely content in all aspects of being human. False opinions about drugs abound. No chela will be able to ascend who controls his mind with drugs. Give this decision to the heart and these drugs will no longer be used.

New conditions are coming that will demand clear thinking and drugs will create mental escape, not clear minds. Battle this demon now if this is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Anchoring Light and Life after Ascension
24 July 2011 ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Are my chelas able to give me their total delight about ascension? No, many are controlled by their ego and cannot access the total happiness of their Master within. All Masters are completely happy – regardless of how their body exists in the physical world. No demons are considered major obstacles to life as a loving being. No needs are an obstacle to their acceptance of love and giving love to all they meet. No major disaster keeps them negative about anything they experience as a consequence. And no entity that dismays them, defeats their complete commitment to being a loving being in all circumstances.
My dear ones, Mental attitudes are energy activators. How they are configured develops the dream and alternate realities in the way they are focused. When I mention the word "dream", I am referring to how the mind conceives its analytical overview of what it actively notices. In mind's mental concepts no alternative options are included, making any one observation a mistaken opinion. In alternate realities that one opinion may not even appear, making it a "dream" of a single mind, not the bigger awareness that is available to Masters.

Anchoring light offers the chela an opportunity to delete these opinions. Canceling mental attitudes energizes action from the heart. Naive attitudes are not good light attractors; deep, open auras attract the most light.

Auras can provide significant contact between an open divine Master and others. If the auric field is large, light can make contact with many. An Awakened one's aura can cover a large area of mass conscious density in just one light anchoring meditation. Please consider negating your unconscious attitudes so you can anchor as much light as possible, NOW.

And my next comments are for those interested in whether man will continue copulation in the ascended condition. No new children will be conceived once man's existence in flesh is discontinued, so no attraction for copulation will occur in a light body. Light bodies are not androgynous, men appear as men and women appear as women. However, men and women are not going to be acting in normal human ways, because they are no longer dense forms that deliver more dense forms; there will be no more dense forms containing Masters who are unable to deliver their full potential.

Children of the New Earth will be awake on delivery, coming out of matter that is not dense at the time of conception. Conception will not include drama or copulation, only mental agreement to conceive. Couples will be near in caring and detached in character attachment. Souls will not get married. Nothing of this dream will be continued.

Finding this not appealing? Remember that human desires are not going to remain. Nor are ordinary mental attitudes going to drive human actions. Collective consciousness currently determines man's actions, but this will not be the case after ascension. Bodies will no longer be the most contact oriented demonstrations of aliveness – Open auras will.

Since density cannot move on to ascension, bodies will dissolve, not deteriorate. Are these additional comments freeing you, or are they instead activating an ego's attitude about the future? Be aware of how the body/mind acts regarding this disclosure. It may be angry about the ending of its dream. It may decide ascension is not desirable. It may distrust the Master delivering the message. Any of thee attitudes are EGO. Completing ascension demands an end to EGO dominance. Clear these mental attitudes, and ask the Master in the heart of awareness that comes with Awakening, to lead you to this opportunity to complete your contract with density.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Next Day Alternatives
26 July 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
What I am about to say will be a contradiction to all the dogma that has been given about humans living in a different galaxy. No other galaxy is going to accept man and his growth lessons in human form. No other planet will be an attractive alternative to humans who are not ascending. Yes, I previously said this would be the case, but no other planet will agree to this possibility. So now the only alternative to ascension will be death and rebirth in another (different) form for those needing to continue the death and birth cycle. Only another incarnation in this new form on another galaxy will advance consciousness for those not completing an onward detail on Gaia.

Please do not get negative because all other messages talk about another planet accepting man as he is now. My colleagues are not coordinated in their messages about this yet, as my words come to you at the moment my guidance on this matter is revealed. They will now be informed of this change as you are.

Getting agreement to inhabit other planets is about the same as pleasing the leaders of other continents. Mankind is not getting a very warm welcome due to the negative attitudes that will be left (without any love diffusers around) after the two waves of ascension are complete. Chaos may ensue. Given this lack of balance in the mass consciousness of those being considered, all other planets man could exist on are refusing to accept him. Which leaves the Galactic Federation with no landing matrix once they call forth their mandated contacts and their families. No landing areas negates this entire plan. Are we able to control this decision? No. So we are left with no alternative but to inform all who believed in the affirmative (about an airlift to another galaxy), that new contradictory messages are to now be given about this. Soon it will be considered common knowledge that all the other planets do not want negativity to come to them. Aptitude for ascension is now more critical than we originally thought.

Can the dark cabals maintain their demands during the next days? Yes, and its up to every one of you to counter them with love, no matter what occurs. Being in a caring, compassionate mode destroys their dark intentions.

After the first wave of ascension comes the dark days, when night goes on and on with no daylight for a few weeks. It will be very disturbing to those unaware that this is going to happen. Be the aware one in your neighborhood and encourage business as usual. No daylight is due to a contraction of Mother Earth, and an asteroid is moving into the atmosphere of man's domain. Asteroids cannot be controlled, and this one could make an impact on man's continents. Be aware that many of you can disappear before this occurs and you do not need to go through this drama.

My words may sound cold, because the death cycle means that many are doomed. But my consciousness considers this a great opportunity to clear the Earth without the other disasters needing to occur to do it. Asteroids don't cause death in managed ways, only instant death without any lingering, guilt or negative choices needed. Asteroids come to the rescue of those needing an easy way to get out of this human drama quickly. Those ascending are not going to go through human death so they will need no assistance from an asteroid.

Inviting comets or asteroids to complete the disappearance of man's continents is not the agenda of the dark cabal. They desire ongoing life to have something to manage, but only with a minor quantity of nameless agents to be their consummate answer to human degradation. Asteroid contact will decrease many of our remaining unascended souls - do you want to be one of them? Are the days to come attractive? Are they as dramatic as ascension? Absolutely, so why not energize those who need to ascend before this occurs?

Be the agents for change you are now being guided to be. You are the light for the next change.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Most Important Message
26 July 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
My dear ones. Consider this to be the most important message to date. My contact may not continue after the ascension, so those not ascending need this information.

When ascension occurs there may be no immediate notice. As calls about "missing persons" begin to consume the local authorities for such reports, curiosity about all of these disappearances will arouse the attention of the media. As media delivers its consumate lies to the group not ascending, there will be those who are aware of the cause, and the next opportunity. We need those who are most aware to come out to the media with an outspoken message to declare. It is important that these messages not be deleted if we are going to get the next wave on track.

We need to bring more attention to details than just announcing that there will be another call. All of the leaders of light will be ascending on this first wave, so no attention to the need to be clear of negativity or the need to get quiet to channel will continue being heard by those who do not ascend. How important are these messages? Delivered with continuity, they can bring many more to ascension. So those needing to complete another level of growth before the next wave are asked to come forward, so their awareness can be the cause of many other Masters emerging to ascend.

Choosing to wait to ascend may give the mind a new attitude about not being around to witness what comes of the nations losing the most conscious among them, but will not deliver the needed cause of wave #2. (Actually, this will be the 3rd wave of ascension – many did ascend in consciousness in 2009 who did not disappear. They deliver a light flow that is now moving others to ascend on the next wave.) Many need to disappear so that they cause sufficient curiosity for another wave to be announced.

Clear channeling will be needed to deliver correct messages to the news media in contrast with all the other announcements that will be made about man's next developments. Bringing channeled answers to the media can provide a consistent message to all of the continents. Two continents will need more channels: Asia and Africa. Neither of these areas have adequate clear channels to make a consistent message accepted by others. Any channels who can do this are asked to assist as many as they can in learning how to channel clearly.

More deliverers are also needed as leaders, not only as messengers. Can those who do channel consider opening their attitude to include directing a movement of awareness in their country? The next days additions to the controllers actions may move all who are not declaring their awareness to do so. We are asking that they do.

Will man deny ascension? If there are not enough to demonstrate how it can occur. Our needing a large group is important for you to be clear about. Canceling the ascension is no longer going to happen. Now we need to be certain the impact is not deniable. Changing the date or time is also not going to occur. Only the energy to ascend is needed now, and we can deliver that at the appropriate moment.

False advice has been given to many channels to divert the ascension. No diversion will occur. Those accepting those delivered messages as Truth may miss out on an opportunity their inner advisor can still deliver them to. It is imperative that anyone questioning my content get guidance from their own inner channeling of I Am That I Am. When an active call comes, they can still be on this ascension wave.

Never before has an ascension like this occurred. Belief in its actualization is not needed. Only an open attitude and agreement. Prayers are being answered. More happiness, caring and contributing will come as a consequence. Peace on Earth will need more continents delivering less negativity against others, but no matter how this begins, it will need attention, not a miracle. Ascension is not a dream. Completing your contract to ascend is an avenue to awareness that is about much more than what an ascension brings. Another adventure awaits.

Chelas, give me the contract completion that your own inner director can guide you to. Don't depend on anyone else to decide your destiny. You are a New Earth creator, as the next wave is not the only contract detail that is causing this ascension to occur. This group asked to co-create the New Earth, and an ascension is needed for this to occur.

Bless you all, and give ascension an attitude of "why not?".

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Children Animals and Ascension
26 July 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Choosing ascension during the night when the call comes may be difficult, but the most conscious entities will not hesitate. Only these will ascend. Are my meanings clear? Only those answering the call with agreement will ascend. No delirium will prevent this, and no call will not be heard. Only an agreement, and action on that agreement, are activating ascension. Macro details have been compiled for this moment. Not on your dimension, in ours. We are asking for your assistance to heal and deliver all who can accept this call. It needs complete agreement.

Children do not need to go on in this life to learn anything. Today's children did not incarnate to be anything less than totally awake in their answer to daily conditions. They may appear dense in an atmosphere of density, but they have no karma left to clear and can ascend at any moment.

Pets do not need to do anything to ascend. Carrying them out of the building (or any demonstration of your intention) does not need to happen. Accepting an alternative condition for them is needed. If they choose to ascend at the moment notification occurs they will, wherever they happen to be. Nothing needs to be done by you to control this. Completely accept that all candidates for ascension, animals included, will ascend if agreement comes on the call.

After the ascension, animals will be given another chance to incarnate or another consciousness to attain as a new species. Many animals will join the human ascension because of the contact we have given them as animals. Most animals never come to ascension because attachment and control by others does not afford them the opportunity to love without dependance. But having awakened companions, or nearly awakened companions, has lightened them and allowed them to adapt to higher frequencies.

Animals clear of attitudes that are acting as non-aligned disturbances can go through the ascension portal. Horses are included in this. Not all animals attached to humans will ascend - only those who are adjusted, caring and all clear of negative attitudes. Clear them with whatever assistance you can provide. Nature can assist. Give an animal nurturing activities in nature and achieve an attitude change to the lessening of drama in their psyche.

Some animals will definitely not ascend. It is their karma to be abandoned during ascension and adopted by other owners who will give them their lessons. Please don't attempt to determine the ascension readiness of your pets. Not knowing is an acceptable condition for this creative dream that is now unfolding. Parents do not need to worry about the destiny of their children or their animals. All have contracts that include the ascension change.

"Presence" in all circumstances MUST be attained to fully be prepared to ascend. Acceptance of the added details given today must also be given. No attachment to anything near and dear can be dominating the chela who ascends. Pure delight in the ascension can only be delivered when complete light is ascending.

"Going up" is not actually the description of what will occur. No arising of the physical body will occur. Ascension is the arising of the lightbody that cannot be seen. Once the conversion to light by dissolving human density occurs, a lifting of nothing visible will happen. Names and minds will be considered leaving, and only an angelic contributor or an Ascended Master will appear as a light image on the dimension of man's anointment. No dense Angels will be dreamt of again by these light deliverers.

Only those who can drop their human desires, attitudes and contractions are able to become Angels or Ascended Masters. Animals can do this with less Angelic assistance than most humans. More than one human distraction can cause a man to deny the call. Animals will go directly to their destiny, as no distractions will deter them.

Are the dogs, cats and other creatures able to ascend? Act like they are and they will be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Be a Gift to Those Who Need Light
31 July 2011 ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
When the days are hot and mentally draining there is no need to be guided to do anything. It is not necessary to always be given material about another goal to follow. One day to do nothing is more caring to the man or woman than doing a number of tasks that are called for by the Masters. My chelas do not need many more answers. All has been written that any candidate for ascension needs to know.

Are the days getting more life draining or are they getting more enjoyable? All the days that continue the mood of drain are an opportunity to anchor light. Be quiet and let the light that the Masters are able to deliver be a contribution that you make to the planet. All areas need this. None is completely light or completely doused by those who can channel. Channeling an ample amount of light can do a lot of giving to those able to accept it. When our conduits are open, there is an amazing amount of grace available to clear out dark attitudes and open more to accepting their own awareness as "the way". Masters do this without "doing" anything. All they do is clear their mind and continue to accept the light that is coming to them.

Marijuana is not a deterrent to ascension. Neither is any natural substance that is not made into chemical compounds like heroin or cocaine. Nature created marijuana as a material to be consoled with when in great distress. Marijuana was not delivered as a drug or a mental attitude adjuster, only a light dampener of distress. Anyone using natural cannabis is not giving out an anti-consciousness, dense, contracted manifestation. No other caution need be given other than to get clear of all of its effects before driving or attempting to communicate from an organized mind. Mind altering conditions are not negative – drugs that cause health disturbances are.

Can the drug of choice be happiness? My preference is to have laughter and games meet the need of doing something to get "high". "High" is a condition of mind. No drug, or altered state is needed when a natural condition of happiness is the one and only way to live. Awakening the divine nature that lights the world delivers this needed attitude as well.

Protecting one's children from the negative attitudes of their own mind needs attention. Children can be damaged by a negative contact during their early years. In these coming days, the needs of children will be an important consideration. Please help them delete any negativity they are carrying in their mind. No, I don't mean calling attention to the dismantling of their light – only do an attitude adjustment by delivering a different way for them to perceive the object of their distress. Give them the understanding that the cause of their distress is an opportunity to learn. Are children able to grasp this? Of course. It only needs to be brought to their attention. Give the children a chance to clear attitudes that don't give them an answer that leads them to their own light.

Are you able to do this for them? Good, also do it when negative attitudes arise in your mind. Practice changing negatives into positives as they arise. Cancel negative attitudes with a very simple alteration of their nature. My way is: "All of my negative attitudes are a lie I've taken out of context." In this dialog: the negative thought is the lie, and the context is the Divine's gift to man's growth. Humble acceptance of one's own misunderstanding works well.

Have a good time making the negative domain a clear way of transformation for all concerned. Be the guide to an apex of light in anyone you can contribute a dose of attitude adjustment. When the heart can dissolve mind's negativity, another drop of God's nectar is contained in the darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Some Questions are Not Answered Because . . .
29 August 2011
( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Are these questions about ascension an expression of your mind's fear? Yes, they are. No awakened master asks for details of a pending event because no answers can be given.

At the moment of ascension, all who are not ascending are to be left by those who are. It is their karma to be left. All who do not ascend are able to be on the next wave if they get ready. When the first wave leaves, those remaining can no longer claim they have no knowledge of an ability to ascend, and they may decide to go for this themselves. We are hoping this will happen. All who do get the call are able to cancel their choice to leave at any moment. No force is going to make an unwilling man ascend.

Canceling may mean that another chance exists, but it may not. All depends on the other conditions that are going to occur during the following year. We are not going to present to you again all of the opportunities that are pending, as we don't have details about any that have not yet happened in your dimension. Your choices can alter anything that we assume. How you choose becomes the foundation of what comes next. Patience and allowing each learning (as it appears) must be chosen now.

Why despair during the next months when you can be delivering more love on the way to ascension. This will provide others the opportunity to give their ascension more consideration. Closing the door on one ascension does not mean there will automatically be another. The future is not yet "here." Give your attention to NOW. Give as much as you can. Play when you can. Help others with no demands made on them.

Change to the continents are to continue. My Master Messages give many details about what can occur. "When" is still not possible to disclose. Those meant to go through these changes need only one bit of advice: Act like an angel and give an angel's help when you can. Angels decree their divine consciousness. When needing assistance, they make this statement: I AM THAT I AM.

Should an angel come to meet you, tell it: I AM THAT I AM. This makes the angel aware that you are able to ascend at the moment of death. Be calm during any catastrophe and aid others in getting calm. Breathe deep when caught in fear. Change no material conditions now, only bring love to where you are.

Practices you can do to get prepared for what's next:
1. Meditation
2. Act as though your heart is your only advisor
3. Creative thinking coming through the heart to the mind means "DO IT!"
4. Cheer on those who don't agree with your opinions. Accept them as they are.
5. Answer all attacks with only caring about the entire group involved, including the attacker.
6. Welcome whatever happens as God's divine will.
7. Ask again when you don't get an answer that makes sense.
8. Practice humming, chanting or singing OM as a mantra.
9. Be courageous.
10. Accept whatever comes as the next awareness opportunity.

Facts about ascension are not available. We are all guessing about how and when. No matter how or when, come when called. Give up your doubts and your concerns.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Your Contracts are for Advancing Your Consciousness
29 August 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Are you wondering about the content of your contract? All is easily available. Call an astrologer to get a printout of the chart for the date, time and location of your body's birth. Amazingly accurate, all the learning opportunities are there. Making a conscious, detailed plan and then matching it with all the alignments the planets make during an entire lifetime! Can you conceive of this having been done in such detail?

Cancellation? Only death or enlightenment. All the constellations are constantly moving during man's incarnation and this cannot be altered. Your active dream will be created along with this movement. Is your life effected by this? Absolutely, and unless you are contributing only grace to the manifestation, the dramas that unfold will include all the karma clearing possibilities that you designed. Only what is in the contract will become manifest in your dream. Your free will cannot override this. Free will is what determines your response to what unfolds. If you don't get the lesson the first time around it will appear again in another form. And when you do get it you will be tested.

Graduation from the life contract is not about completing all the dramas that were included in the original design. It is about changing your relationship to them. When you made up that contract you gave yourself many opportunities to learn to love. Once you are an angel in human form you will see that unloving circumstances can still move a body into cause and effect dialog. In the moment, it may appear a disturbance, but this disruption is only to notify others there is an attitude they are generating that is still needing their attention. In actuality, the angel is not disturbed by anything, God has mirrored an appearance of disturbance for the one needing that lesson. The delivery of certain appearances that are needed is love being brought to "others." The angel is just the deliverer, not the cause of any new karma for any one concerned.

I am discussing this because this is the opportunity most who awaken continue to be, as others need this mirror to add the lesson to their experience. Once awake, a body can be this angelic delivery container because it is no longer acting out any personal feelings. Patterns of behavior that lead to cause and effect manifestations disappear once the light of an awakening floods in.

As for the ascension. I have made many attempts to describe what can appear in the day or night as a call to ascend. When it comes the body's light quotient will be increased and others will not be able to continue to dialog with that container. However, only the container will move out of sight; awareness will remain until it is no longer identified as a person of this, or another dimension.

After the first ascension drama those not on this wave have one more chance. In about one year's time another call will come, and those able to hear it and accept can ascend. No other ascensions will come as a demonstration of mastery in this dimension. One wave has already ascended in consciousness, but these bodies have not yet disappeared as they were needed for assisting those continuing toward this next wave. No more will their bodies be depended upon to deliver messages, or be heard from in 3rd dimension, once the next wave occurs.

Are you able to get your guidance direct from the heart? Are you able to deliver caring in every circumstance? Are you attached to anyone that will not be ascending (many children will be ascending with their parents). Only the adult children (13 and older) can choose for themselves.

Will Starseeds accept the ascension call? Absolutely, they are not here to get any more lessons themselves, only to anchor the awareness of love. When the next ascension occurs those not ascending will not get called Wake up NOW! Answer the call when it comes with "I AM THAT I AM." Clear the mind and delight in the anointing of ascension. Never before has this occurred as a group call. We are very close to this anointment. Get over your dismay at human dis-ease and ascend. Ample opportunity for delivery of assistance to those remaining after ascension will exist. Bring your love of life to another level.

Regarding the comet Elenin. The changes it makes to the atmosphere are enough to cause damage to the continents. No direct contact will occur. Niburu is not the asteroid mentioned in my other message. An asteroid will appear when Elenin is closer.

Blessings to all,

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Changes and What Will Not Change
29 August 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
For one year now my messages have given you an accurate teaching about man's ability to change, and an ascension contract that most of you adopted before coming into a body. What needs to be clarified now is not the things that your mind wants to know, but rather how the life contract composition fits in the big picture. Comets and their effects are not important enough to be the news from our realm, only waylaying their destruction is. My dear ones, telling you that the destiny of man will be completely altered by this comet is not the news I bring. It will disturb. It will necessitate more darkness as the sun will disappear and come back again. But no dramatic scenario will be actualized by our desire to alter things.

Ascension is on track. It is coming soon. As I said before, no dates or times will be announced. My words about the second wave are still accurate. No cancellation of either ascension plan is considered an option. Those who are able to ascend will do so by magnifying their light on the call of Angels.

There is an asteroid behind Elenin that may also come close to Earth. If so, this could cancel our prediction for a second wave. As we now see this asteroid's potential impact, it will not actually collide with the continents, but the energy it brings could destroy a lot of today's creations in a second. If this happens, no one will care because of the nuclear crisis this would create.

Ascension is still scheduled for "the next months." The comet's energy will not alter this. After ascension an asteroid will be the next destructive manifestation in the cosmos. What I have continually said is: choose to ascend now before things on Earth get much worse. An asteroid can destroy everything. It doesn't appear to be moving at a calculated degree of contact to the land, but that can change. One thing at a time: awakening and ascension are not connected to the movements of either of these material objects.

Is NASA accurate about Elenin? As accurate as can be managed to know now. Elenin will not come much closer to Earth than NASA predicts, but its trace of contact is enough to be very destructive to the Earth. This is why I asked for more assistance to lead it away. No, it will not be between the Earth and the moon and yes, it will be brightest during the week of mid-October.

Will we cancel anything because of Elenin? No, no change from our end. Are the ascension calls coming before the closest contact with the comet? Maybe, maybe not - this is God's decision and no one knows. We will all be guided at the moment God decides.

Facts cannot be given because the actual data can still be altered. I am not concerned about Elenin. I want many to ascend and our "take" on this is that no damage that is caused by Elenin will have any effect on ascension. The ascension will be a moment that has more impact on consciousness than either the comet or the asteroid.

As we observe the comet and the asteroid we allow them to lead to a certain degree of contact before we attempt to change their course. We do anticipate using the light of our chelas to help us do this when the time comes. Whether they have ascended or not doesn't matter. Not having a dense body will not change the amount of light available from your heart.

All is as it needs to be. Free yourself from mental concerns about future events. None of this matters to the dance of ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Comet Elenin and our World
4 September 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
The children of God are all being called upon to find the love that has been activated within them, not only ascension candidates. All of humanity has been powerfully contacted in their etheric awareness about how their mental decisions are needing to be more caring. This can mean less damage will occur when comet Elenin moves between the sun and the earth. Both pieces of the orbiting comet are now coming towards an anti-gravity cavity, and when they enter the vicinity of this cavity their presence will begin to lower the density of man's continents as the comet pieces continue to make their way around the galaxy.

Careful change now can delete the cranial disturbances that the effects of this event may cause. It is not possible to eliminate the comet's contact, as mandates of this kind do not change the course of a comet, they can only lessen the effects by influencing the proximity of the path in some degree.

What do humans need to change? Words and attitudes that are not caring, and actions against any of God's creations. Why? To adjust the frequency of mass consciousness to match what will occur when Elenin goes into the influence of the anti-gravity cavity. When this occurs the elimination of dense contact will change in the way all of God's children are connected in kind. As this comet continues its orbit, any contained dense charge within the atmosphere of cohesion of mass consciousness will be deleted by the increased comet dross. What you can anticipate is death and destruction. But please realize the odds against a man being able to transform his negative contribution to mass consciousness on a moment's notice. What can be done NOW cannot be done after the comet enters the anti-gravity area.

Caring about the effects of the comet is not the reason for this mention of it. My comet revelations will add incentive to creating a higher consciousness for those who choose to act upon this message. The gift of the comet is to bring the entire planet to more awareness. Why? Changing mass consciousness can delete many disasters. Comets are dangerous and can destroy many. Can you do the one thing that can cancel these effects? Meditate, get quiet. Be aware, not afraid. Close any concepts about dismissing the comet with your mental ability. Pretending there are no effects can cause more unwanted challenges than canceling your negative thinking. Please don't give my words any disturbed attitudes, realize only more choices that come from the heart. Continuation of the current negative attitudes calls to man's world major alterations to the planet's configuration, with other effects to follow.

Change is on the way. Never before has a comet connection been so tenuous. An asteroid comes behind it. Are you able to defer to its way around your universe? You can. First deal with the Elenin disturbances in a conscious manner. Welcome all of these disturbances and let go of any mental upset you have about any topic. Feel awkward, dismayed or confused, but not afraid. Fear is not going to favor the candidate's delivery to ascension. Being positive and caring are my messages for today.

Are you able to differentiate between caring and admitting fear, and allowing fear to dominate the face of your body?

Tell us your fears, and give them an avenue to be released. Act like they are okay, but not needed. Face the fear and give it to our mastery.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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