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When the answers to all of your questions are available within an instant, there will be no need of another channel. When my current channels are ascended masters, they will be on the other side of the channeling process. My work in this way completes them, and no more channels will have my communications. So be on the next ascension and deliver the messages, instead of being on the receiving end.

Anyone needing to learn about channeling can get my course now. My Course in Channeling cannot be matched in the way it gives assistance and content to this completely open and unsuccessful arena of non-aligned conduits. All are channeling, but who and what are being channeled? Not able to afford my course? Come together with others to buy one copy and do it as a group gathering.

I've been asked if the Channeling Course and the Master Message books are going to be available after ascension. Not very likely. Aruna's new book may get to the hearts of those who have distrusted her as my channel. It will be available on the day she ascends. We will keep her on the channeling as long as her book is being created. Now it is in the final details stage. She will grant translation rights just before we call her to ascend. Now we are creating the cover.

What's in the book? My energy runs through it and so does the energy of Masters Poonja and Ramana Maharshi. Are you wanting another boost in consciousness? Channeling a master to awakening is not something commonly done, as we don't generally act in this capacity as a guide. But in this agreement we were asked to take her to Self Realization.

Women who are not concerned about the world are rare. We look for men and women who are not driven by material world goals, Would we be if we were on Earth? No, we would want the best of what life has available: nature, alignment with the contract, new adventures and great friends. Are these your goals? Maybe they are more available than those creations that are destroying Mother Earth: games, achievements and the pursuit of gratification for mind that are not the answer to a divinely enriched life. Not that there is anything "wrong" here, these goals are just less fulfilling than the more natural way of living that I suggest for advancing consciousness.

Trying to be my channel without taking my channeling course is not good discernment for a true candidate. Are you a more advanced channeling contact than others? You can be. . .

When my channels are ascended they will be assisting their contacts in other ways besides channeling messages to them. They want all to ascend, and this will be their most important direction to give. Face the fact that most of the channels today have not been getting messages from the Christ consciousness. Need I say more?

When will you get that channeling is not the absolute highest condition man can achieve? Awakening is! Be in the awareness of an awakened one and channeling needs no course. Awakened awareness contains unlimited wisdom and dream karma is over unless it is in their contract to continue for the benefit of others. Aruna's contract includes delivering messages for the Great White Brotherhood, so she wasn't going to give it up completely when she awakened.

Tough love is my way to teach, not to give nice, convincing teachings that create mental fantasy. No NESARA messages ever came from me. No contact from me has been talking about averting disasters. My contact is about helping you to ascend. I Am That I Am asked for this. No warning was given to others who ascended. We want this time to have a more direct answer to those who are not ascending. Maybe they will next time.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


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8108727663?profile=originalWaking Up to Oneness
6 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Change to the human experience is now being demanded, and every drama that is being acted now cancels out the goals of the controllers. When the next big drama begins, it will demonstrate their lack of effectiveness in eliminating all of man's greatness. More negative energy will be dealt with— freeing up answers to all of their most dangerous attitudes. Eliminating their control of the money machine is the most important thing now. Sending the doctors more answers to good health (other than medicine) is another, and giving more attention to answers for Mother Earth must come next. All of these material world directions are needed for more a more complete ascension on the last wave.
Will these contributions make a difference in the eventual lifting of all from the planet? No, what needs to be dramatized in this dimension does not alter man's chosen destiny. However, making these adjustments now will give a movement in consciousness demonstration to those who are not yet able to ascend, and this can make it possible for them. All is in perfect order. God's way may not be clear to man's deluded mind, but it makes good sense to those who can clearly hold the whole drama in their awareness.

Practice the art of being unattached to outcomes and get the most benefit from each change that occurs. Once the ascension has defined our overthrow of the controller's agendas, the light will disintegrate the dross that remains in all of those dear ones who have assisted in the controller mandate.

Prepare to ascend, and channel the light through your body as it occurs. Are these messages in alignment with others now? I think you will be surprised at the advance notice that is now available to all who are aware.

One of the questions asked of me lately was about the destiny of the lost ones who are not on the ascension path. My answer is: all are on the ascension path. None are out of our consciousness. All are ONE and all can ascend. Are all going to ascend before the next "dance of leela" begins in another dimension? No, but they can. No one needs to be out of the last wave. Chances are they are completely unaware of our aid in their advancing awareness, but that doesn't matter. All, as ONE, will be demonstrating their new awareness next month—then we will gather the momentum towards the next ascension. You are being developed as One, not only as individuals. And yes, the controllers are also being developed so they can ascend at their course's delivery of a new consciousness.

Facts are being accumulated that can turn them around during the next months. Healing needs to happen, not only on your dimension. Many disturbed ones are in the astral who also need to ascend. Collectively they need more alignment with their own hearts. An answer to this is the ascension of those first to go. When this occurs they can also be energized and advanced in awareness. Starseeds and other children of the universe will all be allowed to ascend. No one will be discarded. They can only disqualify themselves—they will get on the train or not.

When the new drama unfolds we will all be anointed as ONE big God consciousness. ONE heart in many human bodies and the angelic light bodies. Fear is next to go. Fear will not be an obstacle to the next days' condition of caring. Pure, advanced love will abound—none of this conditional love will remain. Pure, unconditional acceptance and caring are next. All of us on this level of awareness are about to go to the next level also. This is one of the benefits of love.

Be ONE with all of our dream controllers NOW and get on with ascension and the gifts it will bring to all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


Now Ascension Can Begin
6 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

October is now over and the ascension gateway is open. None have ascended. My teachings have not connected many to this gateway—more are needed to have the desired impact. Some will ascend during the next two weeks, although those making a complete ascension are few. We are not asking for the love of others to complete the incarnation cycle, much more is needed. Completing the next growth in awareness occurs as the natural deletion of mental concepts. This is what will define the attitudes within the mass consciousness in the next days.

Are the 5,000,000 who asked to complete in one more lifetime able to? Only one million, and many of them are not reading this blog. Pretending an ascension can be done is not the case here. Making it available to all of those ready for it has been our intention. This has been done. Those who are truly AWAKENED to what human consciousness is as their natural condition are to get the call. What's next is their choice. November 11, 2011 is the anticipated date. Are those ascending able to detach and disappear? We will soon know.

Flames of green and gold are being confirmed from our side of the veil. This means that the activation of divine consciousness has begun. All areas on the Earth have many new containers of this vibration giving out their light. Change in their daily lives may not be apparent, but anyone who comes into their auric field will be effected as a consequence of this contact.

Man does not have the ability to gauge his own level of awareness. Only those observing his aura can tell. All concepts about this or any other determination must be deleted. Your mental desire for ascension is not needed.

Are these words giving you more clarity or confusion? Confused? Than more depth of awareness is needed. Clarity? Ascension is the next step.

Fragments of one multi-dimensional being are unable to ascend without all the others. All must be aligned in consciousness. Are these fragments all in the same physical area as the others? No, most are not. Then how will one know if the others are able to ascend? They can ask their higher self to give them that information. Can they assist the non-aligned to come into alignment? As one man to another they cannot. As one mass consciousness they can. Uplift the others by awakening yourself. Once one of the fragments awakens, the others will get that same awareness on the inner planes. It can develop them and make them more aware. Call it awakening or call it magic—neither actually applies. An advance in consciousness comes whenever a change of attitude occurs in man's mental dialog. Without negative dialog, any change that occurs within the whole will effect all of the parts. When all of the fragments are empty of their concepts, the divine offers them all its mastery. One fragment may appear more complete, even though all are consuming the same dose of light that is being delivered. Awakening the masses is now happening through these contributions of those who are already awake.

One awakened one in an area contributes to the mass consciousness in all areas, but the delivery of light in the actual location of the body does more for that area than all the others. This is why we ask our conduits to go to different places. Moving around does more to advance the consciousness in every area they appear. We want them to activate the awareness of anyone who can accept it. Does it matter where or who? No. Are we manipulating anyone? No, because acceptance is always in man's free will choice. All we do is open the gateways.

Hope is not a very activating concept. It does not demonstrate any conviction, and, in fact, it is the absolute denial of it. Neither hope nor desire for difference is needed from you as a method of altering the mass consciousness. Loving the complete duality as it is creates the kind of change that is needed. Not being against anything is the awareness we can move mountains with. Gratitude, appreciation, complete acceptance, and celebration of differences will make an ascension the next act of divine grace for all of the dear ones ready to complete their contract. All are being asked to ascend. Please be among those who will.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


Man and Nature
6 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Wonderful news—man and nature are now coming to the most obvious conclusion: that all human life is a gift that nature brings. Without nature, humans cannot thrive. Nature can deliver for man's needs as a consequence of its very existence, but it doesn't work the other way around. Careful conduct can add to nature's abundant contributions, and disrespectful attitudes make a drain on nature so great that it contracts the aliveness of man's deliverer. After many years of contracting in its own defense, nature dreams of making its contractions an asset. By moving the disturbance to its creative best, it can make more aliveness possible. What will it take?
Notice what nature is doing now. It is closing the door on some of it's most valuable contents, and making changes that are needed to convert man's consciousness in the process. When the most necessary changes have been completed, a life that no longer needs demonstrations of nature's dismay can materialize. Have the contractions that Mother Earth carries been deleted? No, none of them have. This will require the correct way of being with nature, with nature, a master of consciousness, becoming the teacher. How can this come into man's awareness? Caring.

When hearts open, they are able to connect to the One deliverer of awareness they can completely understand: the light that comes from their own heart. Optimum health also needs acceptance of the heart's awareness. Activation of man's caring nature is the answer to deleting all the deep dark collective anger contained in Mother Earth's contractions. In one month's time a new delivery of God's love is going to act as a "contraction opener," so anger and all of man's other disturbances can go totally out of the human condition.

Never before has the balance of nature and man's consciousness been so disturbed. Nature and man need more contact with the awareness they are both made of: conscious awareness. It exists in all of God's creations, and needs to become the most active decision making answer to man's part of co-creation. This will occur once man completes the next days' changes that will develop more conscious awareness in his heart. Are you becoming concerned about the way nature is destroying the lives of those being challenged with massive destruction. Good! Opening the heart must occur before conscious awareness can be fully available.

Contact the dross in the body's control by allowing caring, the natural cause of healing, to arise. Care about those who are losing their homes and all of their basic living needs, when their cousins, brothers and sisters are not able to assist because of the destruction happening in their own lives. Are they out of your awareness due to distance? Or are you avoiding reading the news or watching anything on TV that disturbs you? Watching sad movies and the news will help you feel the caring that needs to be activated within you. When you avoid hearing or seeing news of the destruction in the world you collapse all the contractions back into their destructive way of being. Caring, crying and delivering love to those in need opens them back up. Freeing all of those disturbed, managed contractions you are carrying elevates your vibratory frequency and enables the body to accept more light. Opening the heart with compassion for others opens the door for all the light needed for ascension.

When you act like you are beyond caring about others, you lose the opportunity to gather your dross and delete it. Change begins in the human attitude, then others will be affected by the demonstrations of caring that come from the body's mental director. Only caring makes a difference. Activate the changes that are needed in man and nature will stop the destruction that is occurring for the purpose of creating more conscious awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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8108723667?profile=originalAll One Family
5 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Mass consciousness has no conscience. No dross delivered to mass consciousness is deleted due to a change in one person's consciousness. Once delivered, no change is made without other contributions offsetting current mass attitudes. To move the dross out from an era of decay and into new conditions of beauty, there needs to be great big events that make the decay obvious and no longer accepted by the masses.

Creating group demonstrations calls attention to dross. It also adds more of the same when death by conflict occurs. What needs to occur next: bright lights in the auras of the demonstrators can make big changes quickly and easily. How can this occur? Giving them light on an ongoing basis. Give them your loving attitudes, pour your love into their area. Praise them in media. Act like they are heroes. Give them as much care and encouragement as you can. Praise goes a long way. More will be encouraged to beam light to them when no one gets attacked by their objects of control in action. Can you give more aid to this gathering in your area? Gather together. Greet one another in happy gratitude for each other's presence. Give the media happy pictures. Tell the media the cause of these gatherings is to bring more caring about people who need it. Caring doesn't come across as anger. Caring ways are the light these demonstrations need.

Panic when confronted with anger is what causes control to occur. Moving to the light to make another energy available can diffuse the directors of control. Contact between those "occupying" and those controlling can gain grace when the controllers understand that the most fundamental goals of the "occupiers" are to care about them too. Wall street in itself is not the only thing to oppose, so are uncaring and demanding politicians who take, and care for their own taking more than feeding those in their districts who are living with nothing in their diets but milk and cereal. When the diet approved by your politicians is the most conscious attitude you have working for you, these politicians must be replaced. Get rid of them - not by violence, but by outreach to those needing aid. Embarrass them. Dominate the news with objects of need that are being defeated by their policies.

Press for more social welfare and less demonstrations of military might. Overturn the defense department's goals with caring. Place care of all who live in your country over those who do not. Are the homeless in oil rich countries more important than out of work citizens of your own country? Give caring to all, but not by defense missions or gifts of aid only. Give the details: like health care, education, management of human cooperatives, help in cultivating more food, etc.

Use the collective idea in your own community also. Work together to meet people's needs. Are your neighbors needing anything? Can you collect things to give them? Changing attitudes in your own community adds more light to mass consciousness. Failing to care about others, and thinking only about your own achievements, cancels the changes that are needed now. Corrupt politicians are not the only dross contributors. All who continue to only think of themselves are just as creative in the dross department.

Making a difference in the world begins in the area where you are. Mass consciousness needs contributions from all who deem caring to be important. Care for your own group consciousness before being critical about the actions of others. Clear the needs of the community you live in and then expand to a more demanding activity that includes the areas around yours. Create a caring area and give the political representatives of that area a reason to support your grassroots efforts.

Bless all who come together to make a difference in the lives of children who are hungry. No child needs to be needy. Cans of food can be donated to local caring facilities to feed them. Give to the area you live in to feed children going hungry.

Talent in aiding others is natural. No one lacks it. Only apathy is the enemy. Get the body into gear and donate time, energy and grace to your community. All can give a little, no matter how much you have to donate materially. Fingers can do things, minds can master new skills. Help wherever you can. Need a new career? Begin giving your gifts to others and one will appear.

Child abuse is ignoring their needs. All children can be fed. See what you can do to make this happen. When those who ascend are not available to lead, others will be called upon to take their place. Giving your contribution to your area will bring new light to that area. All will benefit.

Clarity about the next days is near. Gifting is the next step for those who will be on the next ascension wave. Practice now! Give what you can to the children who are needing your assistance. Feed them. Find agencies that can help you help them. Change the mass consciousness today by loving the collective as much as you care about your own.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


Ascending and Descending Clarification
5 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
When the ascension candidates ascend they will be able to change the content of light they contain at any moment. It is this light frequency that will make them disappear, due to their new level of light containment. Most of those who will not be ascending are already more dense, so when the light frequency of those ascending is elevated they will appear to be invisible to these observers.
When I dictated Master Messages, Vol. III there were three waves of ascension planned. When the gateway opened in 2009, many did ascend and then they descended to continue helping others prepare for ascension. Never before have so many ascended masters been living in your neighborhoods because they did not disappear as they normally would have.

The next ascension wave is actually the second one, and not ascending is the only choice available other than disappearing. There will be no descending this time.

No "shoulds" apply when it comes to ascension. Those capable will choose it or not. Once the choice is final they will disappear or not. The choice to ascend or not is God's domain and can only be delivered by God. Ego may appear to be choosing, but God's decree is the only decider. When choice is an option, no candidate who decides from their own channeling or hearing the call will be left behind. "No choice" only means that God's will must choose. Are ascension candidates going to be making this decision from their minds? No, only those who live with "divine will not mine" will be ready to ascend.

More and more candidates are able to ascend now. What has occurred lately is the opening of a magnetic field that is causing a major change in human consciousness. It is dramatizing all differences. No more dark and light games will be deciding the future. From now on, only the increase of light will decree how things will unfold. As the mass consciousness contains all points of view, the ascension candidates who do disappear are to need their contribution replaced. Many of those who leave will be able to become aids to those who can receive and decipher their messages because they are clear channels.

Those who will disappear are to remain intact for awhile, as their auras will give off a radiance until the body dissolves.

On this, the second wave, no descending will occur, only ascending. Not agreeing to ascend when called is not going to disqualify anyone from the 3rd and last wave. When that one comes, only those left behind may be "changing into a different dimensional existence," meaning they can only continue their co-creation in human lives IF accepted by another galactic community. There will be no group delivery to another galaxy, only single applicants can apply. When we composed these original messages there was the anticipation of a Galactic Federation rescue. Since none of the planets that originally agreed to an occupation are now willing to accept one, no other plan can be created until more consciousness appears on Gaia.

When the ascension call comes I am not going to deliver this blog anymore. My channel will be among the last group on the second wave. When she leaves we can no longer give her any dictations, which means that those who have not acted to learn how to be a clear channel will be out of touch with new information. Get this ability now, should you need to be guided by me or other high frequency messengers.

Give me a deep, clear channel of Christ consciousness in a human master and the messages can continue.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


Mastery and Ascension
5 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

After the first wave of ascension many of those not ascending will be curious to gather insight into the change of awareness of their own consciousness. Most who are moving on in the next wave consciousness are to be their teachers. When all of the ascension adepts are no longer available, their messages will be channeled to those who are able to receive them. Making yourself available to this method of realizing the next chapter of life's continuation can give you a new level of clarity about the challenges we have been grappling with.

Why don't the channels get clear messages? Why can't their clients get the meaning of our words? And why doesn't the client want to trust their own inner guidance? What does this mean about channeling? That it is needing more clear channels and more demanding clients. Solving this dilemma is going to be an active challenge.

Further discussion about all of the consequences of ascension are not appropriate, as discovering the new opportunities for becoming a master needs open minds without any expectations. Should your brains decide the next day's answers before any questions appear, the lessons of free will may not be available. Choosing the development of consciousness classes to attend will be each being's doing, moment to moment.

Self-care will be doubly needed during the days right after the ascension due to the processing that will have to be done regarding the changes this ascension activates. Save time to be quiet as a most important task. Free the contractions that may arise due to not being on the first disappearance wave. Practices that help claim your center will be useful. Bring the mind to your hurt feelings so you can come to accept all that is.

No accidents are going to happen, and anyone not included needs more clearing of contractions, more depth of caring, and more awareness. Masters ascend! Not ascended? Become a master. You already are one, but you must accelerate the delivery of that consciousness.

Making a difference for those needing assistance completes the love delivery for those being tested on mastery. No master ignores the needs of others. Parenting does not qualify in this character test. All parents need their children to be their character testers and all parents need to lead the children out of dis-ease the best they can. But this is a responsibility of all parents and does not mean that all parents will qualify as masters. Being a parent has more attributes being cultivated than just this one. One of them is to give your attention to another instead of only seeking attention for yourself. Another is to give without feeling depleted, and a third is connecting with another that needs you. All three of these convey basic love instead of a master's love. A master does not need another to need him/her, nor does a master feel depleted by caring for others. Clear attitudes about love, control and anointing are the way of mastery. Masters give as naturally as they do anything. Caring is their nature. Caring for themselves is not neglected.

No master drops the attention of divine nature when it comes to caring for anyone, including him/ herself. Are you aware that many are not caring for themselves by living solely for others? These are not masters, they are neglecting one of God's creations to feel good, so they do not give from divine grace. Instead, their giving does them harm, so it is not a gift from God - it is their ego's compensation for feelings of negativity about themselves. Being a master means you have the ability to give and also care about the body of the giver.

More and more of my chelas are getting close to mastery and need this advice to become complete. Be a gift to the light by gifting more to your own needs.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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8108736280?profile=originalThe Angels of Miracles

Also known as

The Angels of ‘Sagara’


We initiate spiritual seekers to follow in the footsteps of the Masters and produce miracles in the physical world.

When desires to perform miracles occur, these desires awaken the flame of inner guidance pointing the way.

Children sense the truth of miracle working when hearing fairytales and parables of spiritual teachers. This inner knowing is always within.

“Ye must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The Theta brainwave is dominant in childhood. This is a state of deep inner thought in which the Kingdom of Heaven is found within. To enter into Theta brainwave states, a person must experience relaxation and ease.

A small child is close to Heaven, and knows that this is the time Divine Providence has ordained for the quickening of Earth, so that the world is healed and the Kingdom of Heaven is brought forth.

In states of relaxation and ease, an adult can again enter into this knowingness, and experience a peace that passeth the understanding of the logical mind involved in outer events.

To those of you studying these angel messages, know that it is by relaxing into states of ease that the mind is quieted enough to hear the still small voice within. This still small voice is the source of genius, and points the ways to experiencing and directing the outworking of omnipotent divine will that exists everywhere, in all time and space.

We inspire the technology of the cosmic language, the use of THE WORD in the science of miracles and theurgy.

Words, whose letters are uttered with the following attunements, have power to manifest miracles.

The proper utterance of each letter, has to do with being-will-visualiztion, thought, feelings, and sensations which are created in the four brainwaves of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

The first letter of our name is S, is DIVINE WILL, it is an ’initiation into all-penetrating willpower, all-power. This virtue is accessed in a state of pure being, which is the primary Delta brainwave pattern of infants. It is practiced in the head region with a sensation of warmth and expansion. Remember yourself as a small infant at one with divine will to produce this brainwave pattern.

[This all-power is quantitative in form in comparison to omnipotence, the letter K, which is qualitative in form ]

With all-power, a child of God gets into contact with the most subtle substance of the divine spirit, I.e., with the original divine fire, or divine will, which works as a substantial power in everything that has been created by Divine Providence. Oneness with all-power gives mastery over the fire principle of desire and will and brings about a state of clairvoyance in its purest form.’

It is the will of Divine Providence for joy to permeate all of creation.

‘Complete control over consciousness results from this.’

The color of this virtue is purple red, its musical note is G-sharp, it is the fire element of will and so it has the sensation of warmth, and the gall bladder is the part of the body that is formed by it.

The second letter, soft A, is DIVINE THOUGHT. This virtue is accessed in a state of deep inner thought, which is the primary Theta brainwave pattern of childhood. It is practiced in the lung region with a sensation of ease.

‘This sound [a soft a like a sigh—ahhhhh] and virtue is an initiation into the highest wisdom and the purity of all ideas in existence.’

‘This has as a fundamental feature the enlightened mind. Reasoning, perception, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, high intelligence, and the arousing of all intellectual faculties are expressed.’

‘ Musical gifts, eloquence, poetic talent, and clairvoyance, clairaudience, the art of levitation, and the control of the air element and its beings are all aroused by this initiation. On the physical plane the command of the beings of the air, control over storms, are all made possible by initiation into the highest wisdom.’

The color of wisdom and enlightenment is light blue, the musical note is G, the element is air so it has the sensation of ease, and the lungs are formed from it.

The next letter G, is DIVINE FEELINGS OF TRUE DIVINE BLESSING. This virtue is accessed in the Alpha brainwave pattern of feelings, change, and flowing which is the primary brainwave pattern of adolescence. Grace and Mercy are practiced with a sense of chill in the abdomen region, seen as a hollow space.

True miracles, by their very essence, seek grace and mercy for all beings.

‘On an emotional level this virtue gives the feeling of happiness, of complete satisfaction. Situations may be created by means of the elements and the will and feelings causing success and wealth in the world that is for the highest good of all concerned. In the mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness, and the faculty of giving true divine blessing.’

In the physical world this virtue represents ‘all phases of riches and wealth, of happiness and satisfaction. By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the Creator, a child of God may also bring about, for him or her self or other people, abundance in everything, should that be desired.’

By being one with this virtue, a person can see how much the virtue of divine grace and mercy ameliorates the painful fate of the future that was caused by failure to adhere to the Divine Laws of Justice and Harmony.

The color of this virtue is deep grass green with a feeling of coolness because it is the water element of feeling, it has the musical note of F, and the left eye is formed from this virtue.

The next letters, A and umlaut A, ae, are enlightenment and DIVINE MATTER respectively. A is wisdom that is accessed in the theta brainwave state of a child.

‘You must be as a little child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Umlaut A is accessed in the Beta brainwave of logic, memory, and the five senses, which is the primary brainwave of adults, from puberty on. It is practiced in the leg region with a sensation of weight.

Miracles CHANGE, or transform, physical reality. Therefore, it is necessary to RELEASE outgoing realities through the divine virtue of transformation, umlaut A, ae.

The sound of this letter, the long “A”, in the cosmic language ‘is the virtue of the origin and mystery of life and death regarding their transformation. By meditating on this virtue, a child of God becomes convinced that in reality death does not exist, for the so-called death is only a transformation from one state into another’.

‘Also will come enlightenment on the cause of this transformation. With this comes the ability to master all negative spiritual beings in all spheres and planes with regard to their scope of action’.

‘The purpose for which negative beings have been created becomes clear. Since, in the original principle all beings are alike, each having been created by Divine Providence to fulfill a certain task, there is no dissimulation of negative beings, for from the enlightened person’s point of view everything is pure. Here the saying: “to the pure one everything is pure” becomes plain. If there were no negative beings, it would be impossible to distinguish between good and evil; and if there were no passions, there would also be no virtues’.

‘This virtue confirms the words contained in the Bible: “through night to light”, the deep symbolic meaning of which now becomes clear.’

In the intellect the ability is gained to ‘see through all thoughts, actions and wishes concerning matter, and of becoming their absolute master’.

‘In the feelings, this virtue represents desires, passions, and the inclination to self-satisfaction etc. A person who masters this virtue in their feelings becomes absolute master and ruler of all desires and passions. Also, a person is able to not cling to mental, emotional, and material virtues and objects. This means complete independence and freedom and fulfills the saying “bind yourself and you will be free”.

‘On the material level this virtue is one of the most materialized. No matter whether you evoke it in the mind, the feelings, the akasha, or the material world, the earth is influenced by it to a larger extent. The ability to infuse matter with divine virtues is heightened.’

The color of this virtue is loamy brown. The musical note is C. The element is earth so it has the sensation of weight. The anus is formed from this virtue.

The next letter is R, which is INNER GUIDANCE.

… On the physical plane, the virtue of following the inner voice ‘causes a rational widening of the intellect which enables one to comprehend any knowledge quickly and without difficulty and also to express it by words. By doing this a person acquires the abilities need to carry through with any mission.’

‘In the emotions, the evocation of the virtue of following inner guidance manifests in a number of abilities. Anything that a person trained in this way will undertake in an equivalent emotional or astral body will be done with a high-grade ingenuity of which a non-initiate cannot have the faintest idea.’

In performing miracles, inner guidance joins individual will with the Will of Divine Providence so that they are ONE.

The divine virtue of Independence and Freedom, following inner guidance, has a golden light with a feeling of weight, musical note C and is the virtue that forms the left nostril.

The final letters A and umlaut A, ae, are the virtues of the highest wisdom and enlightenment that can be lavished upon a human being and the power of transformation. Miracles bestow enlightenment upon the world. Mastering these virtues give all occult faculties such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, artistic talents, eloquence and control over the air and beings of the air, and control over negative beings and all imperfections.

“All that I do ye shall do and more.”

This is the246th group of the heavenly hosts. 2+4+6=12. 1+2=3.

‘NUMBER THREE is symbolized by a triangle. The three is the number of akasha principal, of fate, of cause and effect, of Karma, and is attributed to the sphere of Saturn. All things on all levels originate from the akasha principle, the fine pre-matter of all existence, and therefore from the number three. It is the original idea of procreation. Man and woman and child. Also it represents spirit, soul, and body. It is the number of intuition, life and death, and cognition in its highest form.’

‘Inner guidance prompts a Child of Light to manifest miracles using whatever Divine Virtues are necessary.

We take this opportunity to give you a complete list of the letters of the alphabet, with their corresponding meanings on the four levels of will, thought, emotion, and form.

A…[ soft A as in ah]…..All wisdom and enlightenment, light blue with a sense of ease, the musical note G, [can be used to heal the lungs, the lungs are formed from this virtue]


Umlaut A {ae]…Origin and mystery of life and death and transformation, loamy brown with a feeling of weight, musical note C, [can be used to heal the anus, the anus is formed from this virtue.]


B……Universal life and polarity in all its forms, light violet with a sense of weight, musical note A, [can be used to heal the right eye, the right eye is formed from this virtue.]


C……...The eucharist in all its forms and self-spiritualization, vermilion with warmth and a sense of ease, musical note D, [can be used to heal the stomach which is formed from this virtue]


D…….…Mysteries of the art of creation, dark blue with a feeling of warmth, musical note C, [can be used to heal the right ear which is formed from this virtue.]

E………...the omnipresence of Universal Consciousness, dark violet with a feeling of penetrating all, musical note D, [can be used to heal the spine]


F………Legality , which IS harmony, of all visible worlds, light green with a feeling of weight, musical note F sharp, [can be used to heal the left hand which is formed from this virtue.]


G…….…Divine Grace and Mercy in all its aspects, deep grass green with a feeling of coolness, musical note F, the left eye is formed from this virtue.


H…The power of the word which is the cosmic language, silvery violet with a feeling of warmth, musical note A, [can be used to heal the right arm which is formed from this virtue.]


Ch….The virtue of clarity and perfect purity, light violet with a feeling of coolness, musical note D Sharp, [can be used to heal the left leg which is formed from this virtue.]


I…….the law of cause and effect, light opal with a feeling of weight, musical note G, [can be used to heal the left kidney]


J…………The highest all-embracing cosmic love, dark opal with a feeling of coolness, musical note G Sharp, [can be used to heal the diaphragm-midriff]


K………….The Virtue of omnipotence, silvery blue with a feeling of warmth, musical note B, [can be used to heal the left ear]


L…The highest Divine Majestic Virtues, dark green shining olive color with a feeling of ease, musical note F, [can be used to heal the spleen]


M.…Original Water principle of emotions and magnetism, blue-green with a sense of coolness, musical note D, [can be used to heal the abdominal area]


N………..The highest state of happiness, dark red with a sense of coolness, musical note A, [can be used to heal the liver]


O…..…The Virtue of Justice as an original principal, ultramarine blue with a feeling of weight, musical note C, [can be used to heal the throat and windpipe area]


Umlaut O, eu …..….The most Profound Divine Cognition, dark orange light with a feeling of weight penetrating everything, musical note D sharp, [can be used to heal the testicles and ovaries. If healing the ovaries, heal the left ovary first then the right.]


P…The longing for spiritual progress and perfection, dark gray with a sense of weight, musical note B, [can be used to heal the right nostril]


Q…in the ancient language Q is the same as K---refer to K


R………... Independence and Freedom, following inner guidance, golden light with a feeling of weight musical note C, [can be used to heal the left nostril]


S…….All penetrating power which is the original fire, purple with a reddish tint with a feeling of warmth, musical note G sharp, [can be used to heal the gall bladder]


Sch,,, combines both omnipotence and all-penetrating power and is the original light, blazing red with a feeling of warmth, musical note C, [can be used to heal and empower the brain which is formed from this virtue.]


T…High inspiration, brownish black light with a sense of warmth, musical note F, [can be used to heal the right kidney]


U……The original source of everything, velvet black light with a feeling of penetrating everything, musical note B, [can be used to heal the pancreas]


V.., in quaballah this letter is the same as F-refer to F


W…Cosmic intuition, lilac with a feeling of coolness, musical note G, [can be used to heal the gut]


X………………………in quaballah X is seen as a combination of E,K, and S


U-Y [UE} umlaut U………..The origin of the rhythm of life, pink light with a feeling of weight penetrating everything, musical note C sharp, [can be used to heal the heart which is formed from this virtue.]


Z…..Highest intellectual faculties, light yellow with a feeling of ease, musical note G, [can also be used to heal the heart, which is also formed from this virtue.]


With practice and purity of focus and concentration, you access and eventually master the original virtues and essences in your consciousness. Then, when you speak the word, you fulfill the saying of a great master of miracles, ”All that I do , ye shall do and more.”

It is important to pronounce each letter of NAMES of heavenly hosts in the four-fold manner of will-intent, imagination-thought, feeling, and sense, as described in the above list.


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8108738499?profile=originalAll that I have waited for through the sorrow and the strife,
Can it be that it is possible that I will find it in THIS life?

Somehow I never gave up, though I came right to the edge,
Can it be that NOW I’ll find that I’m waiting on the ledge?

It is here that I wait patiently, my hand upon my heart.
Can it be, at last, I found the life I’ve searched for from the start?

Memories flash before me of a place I’ve never left,
And at the loss of being there, my feelings are bereft.

All that I remember that I’ve wanted in this life,
Was to find a peace within me and the ending of all strife.

I remember who I AM now and no longer need to suffer.
I know the ME I AM inside, and release my final buffer.

I release all the behaviors I created to protect me.
I no longer need hide in them now that my Soul is free.

I’m alone without my armor, alone without my pain,
Alone without my memories of all that I “should” gain.

I no longer care for “gaining” or making myself strong.
Instead, I go inside my deepest SELF, who’s been there all along.

The Home that I have cried for is knocking at my door.
I release what I have “worked for,” I don’t want it anymore.

I accept the life that’s dawning and see it in my heart.
It is the ME that I’ve so missed, who’s been there from the start.

As I awaken to this dawning and come back into the whole,
I see how work and mundane life has pulled me from my Soul.

I feel I’m almost back now, and my visions show the Way.
I’m oh so close and yet so far from living that great day.

I forgive the ME who I became in the darkness of that night.
I embrace the ME, the one who cried in loneliness and fright.

The child within will show me how to find my way back Home.
The child within will find a smile when I’m feeling so alone.

The child who lives inside my core, remembers when I came here.
I came to help dear Gaia, hurt by anger, greed and fear

I came here once to do a job, which I hope is almost finished.
A child of Earth, I came to help my Mother, so diminished.

She’s almost back into Her SELF and thanks me from Her heart.
“Come with me NOW,” I hear Her say, “For, of ME you are a part!”

I feel Her love embrace me, as I listen to Her voice.
I know I will go with Her. I KNOW that is my choice

For, oh so many lifetimes I’ve visited this Earth,
And now I’m ready from my Core to welcome OUR rebirth.

I speak for all the brave Ones who answered Gaia’s call,
As she asks us now to join Her, the request is for us ALL!

Together, we return to that which is our Home,
And from that point of love and light, the Universe we’ll roam!
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8108735871?profile=originalLOVE.... Divinity, life, mother, father, brothers, sisters light or blood, friends and high spirits ... .. What sense does not only human and can be surpassed, if I may say so, this unique and special feeling - Love?

There's nothing stronger than love in all its forms and in all its pure and unaltered.... It gives us the feeling that power is what makes us go further, is the feeling that gives us wings to "fly" without without limitations and prohibitions.

To love means to give everything you need, to tolerate each other and what the other has some points for us, those we love may seem defective, only that these small "defects" you have the other are what we are not and because we recognize in them, call them DEFECTS. What is important is to get back the same feeling in pure form.

To love means to receive without preconditions and without limitations, without laws and without reward, without rules and without penalty - on both sides LOVE (of you that do not impose something from the one in which you get both).

But also you can not receive nor offer if you do not love yourself. You can not really know what is love if it does not exist in you, and if you do not feel part of you. How can we believe that we can offer something that does not know?

In First way MAN - love, accept yourself and KNOW yourself! The rest will come by itself.
You must choose to understand that only when we feel good in our own skin, and only when we love enough to say that we know that states / feelings / beliefs of others Only then can we be able to help others in the true sense of the word, and with all our strength and fullness of our strength and our ability.

Only then can we do better, we can heal and we can healing our self, we create, we can make dreams come true and last but not least we can do things on this Earth to be only love. Gaia our Mother feel good in our company and understand that we are passing on this Earth (this is just one stop) and choose to exploit less future generations to enjoy the beauties also infinite Earth that break.

We do not know what it really the power of thought and strength of the fullness. It is above all, but it is correlated with the mind and soul, AND BOTH BECOME ONE, and when work will know that this happens is called WISDOM.

Wisdom can not coexist with us if we do not love, at least enough that they choose and in terms of mind and heart at the same time perspective. When we choose our life to take a direction and mind and heart are not fully correlated, then we truncate souls and spirits. Luckily we can cure it, but you must learn from our mistakes, how and way.

We can, we do, we go all the same way and in the same direction and path is = LOVE will be full of inner peace, the light of our soul and our love for us and those around us by default.

Soul Consciousness....?

Spiritual awareness (soul-consciousness) is cultivated through deliberate practice and only those who have understood the need for this kind of true, inner, self-respect will make the effort. Difficulties will arise to test your resolve for self-upliftment - physical illness, relationships, memories of the past, and so on. Yet with patience and introspection, you will come to see how these very tests are the means to strengthen your spiritual identity.
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8108737480?profile=originalThe Legend of Yourself

Once upon a time, you were a Great Being, a beautiful Spirit living in total Oneness in Heaven with Mother/Father God – All That Is. You could not be angry, for there was no one to become angry with. Could not be afraid, for there was no thing more powerful than You. In fact, there was no thing, period.

One day, you went to the big Bulletin Board in the Sky, and saw that Mother/Father God – All That Is was calling for volunteers to enter into the Fields of Matter. If you volunteered, the announcement said, you should realize that upon entering the Fields of Matter, you would gradually lose your Knowledge of Oneness, finally perceiving Yourself as a totally separate entity. The memory of Heaven would fade like a dream.

But to compensate, there would be experiences in the Fields of Matter that were not available in the All. For example, in the Fields of Matter, it would be possible to watch snow swirling around a corner streetlamp on a winter's night, soundlessly wrapped in quiet calm.

"Amazing!" you remember exclaiming — for you had never experienced a thing like "quiet" or "snow" or "night" or "streetlamps." All That Is was a tapestry, a network of All Light and All Sound. Each experience was All Experience, like dancing on a tightrope that vibrated to every single Event in every possible Universe.

You kept reading.

In the Fields of Matter, the announcement continued, it would be possible to walk along the beach holding hands with a lover. To relax in a woodland clearing and listen to the chirping of birds, the rippling of water over stones that sparkled in the sunlight. Experience would no longer consist of All Birds At Once and All Water At Once and All Trees at Once and All All That Is, All At Once.

Gradually, as you took in all these wonderful ideas, the immediacy and intimacy of Physical Reality began to seem precious and unbelievably desirable. You wanted to go there and have these experiences.

The announcement warned that for everything that you loved in Physical Reality, there would be something that you hated, and the something that you hated would always be there, like an ugly frame around a beautiful picture. But you placed no great importance on these warnings, for you could not imagine anything but Love. You absolutely knew, despite what others might have reported, that you would never make the mistake of spending millions of years ignoring the beautiful picture and staring at the frame.

And so you volunteered. And out of many, many others who were called to read this announcement, you were one of the very, very few that was chosen.

And You were chosen for your strength. Your beauty. Your courage. And your eagerness to serve Mother/Father God – All That Is.

Now, do the following exercise. It may seem long, but it takes much longer to read it or speak it than it does to perform. Eventually, you will be able to do the whole exercise, wordlessly, in a few seconds:

Loving Yourself:

Spend just a few moments going into your quiet space, breathing rhythmically and letting go of outside thoughts. Relaxing.

Now, imagine yourself lying peacefully asleep in your bed. It has been a long, long journey since you first volunteered to come to Earth. You reached the furthest point away from Heaven long, long ago, and since then you have been returning home. You are dreaming about that. About returning home.

Feel yourself in bed, dreaming there. And imagine that all around you, in your room, bathed in beautiful light, are all the Great Beings who were your friends before you left Heaven. Some did not want to enter into the Fields of Matter. Some wanted to, but were not chosen. Perhaps some of these Beings are Ascended Masters with whom you have been working. At least two of them are your own Spirit Guides or Angels. Perhaps the Christ is there, as well, and Mary. Others who may be present are Babaji, Sai Baba, and one or more of the Archangels. Take time to see, sense or feel all these Great Beings around you, guarding your sleep.

One of these Great Beings is your Higher Self. This Higher Self is who you were before you began to forget Oneness — a very Great Angel indeed.

Now, leaving your body asleep, rise up in your energy body and go join the circle of Great Beings who surround you, and stand beside your Higher Self. Take time to feel, sense, and see yourself doing this.

When you have become part of the group of Great Beings in the room, look back at yourself in the bed, lying there asleep. And as you do so, realize that your Higher Self and all the other Great Beings are looking at this figure in the bed as you would look at a beloved sleeping child. Can you remember what it feels like to watch a dearly beloved child lying asleep? Realize that this is the tenderness your Higher Self is feeling for you now.

But there's more, much more. For this child of your Higher Self has grown up to become one of the Heroes of the Great Legends of Heaven. This child has been away for millions of years like a soldier off at the wars, and is now returning home. Oh, there is such pride among these Great Beings with whom you now stand, watching that other part of yourself sweetly sleeping.

They are overwhelmed at your accomplishments. Some of the Great Beings in this room where you stand have never had to try to feel love while experiencing fear, or anger, or loss. Have never tried to imagine Oneness with All That Is while feeling separate and alone. Love for them is no trick, no accomplishment at all. Love simply Is. That you have managed to return to Love despite the perception of separation is to them a miracle greater than anything you can imagine on Earth.

Others of the Great Beings who surround you have experienced duality, and they realize your amazing accomplishments. They are like sports fans at a game, excitedly involved, cheering you on. They know that, despite thousands of years of unimaginable, paralyzing fear, you have never given up. They know that, despite thousands of years of inconceivably crushing anger, you have finally understood about Love, and you have made it your polestar, guiding you home.

Realize that these Great Beings are not greater than you are. In fact, they are totally in awe of you, as we are in awe of moviestars and Olympic athletes. And they are grateful, as well. For what you have done, you have done for them. What you have done, you have done for Mother/Father God – All That Is.

Yes, you are coming home! Feel the love and pride and rejoicing of the Great Beings who have stood guard, who still stand guard over your long, long sleep, knowing now that soon, very soon, We will All be together again.

Now, blend with your Higher Self, and look at this sleeping hero that you are through the eyes of your Higher Self. Feel the pride, the love, the tenderness that your Higher Self feels for this incredibly beautiful, courageous Being who has been away so long and now is coming Home.

Return to your own body in the bed.

Now, return to yourself in present time.

Open your eyes.

At first, this exercise takes time. But after a little practice, you will be able to do it in a few seconds. We suggest that you really "get into it" at least once a day until you can truly feel that you are a beloved, legendary hero of one of the Great Legends of Heaven, coming home.

Post Script

The battles are over, now. The Ego has retired to the country and is growing flowers. And you are attending that Great Celebration in the Sky, commemorating the Heroes who have returned. You are one of those Heroes. You are there, celebrating with the rest. No more and no less than the rest.

The Ambrosia of the Gods is flowing. All is feasting and fun. All are Kings and Queens together.

Then — just for a moment — you remember. What it was like to walk in a grassy woodland with a lover. What it was like to listen to the birds singing. There is just a trace of sadness. Just a trace of longing for the dear, sweet intimacy, the immediacy, the precious loveliness of the little corners of Creation where Time allows us to linger for awhile.

But that seems to have all happened long, long ago — and now is now. This Ambrosia is really wonderful stuff. And there are other worlds for us to conquer. An infinity of worlds. Oh, yes.
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Phoenix Rising Tuesday, 25 October 2011

8108736473?profile=originalWhich witch is which?

This truly is my favorite time of year. Days wane, each night leaning toward winter’s chill. As the sun swings low across the sky, souls whisper in the shadows.

A sliver of moon rises early these mornings. At sunset, Venus presides in the western sky. Jupiter, her counterpoint, hails in the east. We’re held in the magic of the season.

Halloween isn’t just about tall hats and black cats, pumpkin patches and harvest fests. It’s a contemporary celebration of the traditional All Souls Day and Dia de Los Muertos, and all of these are connected to the cross-quarter gateway called Samhain.

As the Sun crosses into Scorpio today, the veils between worlds thin. The air ripens with scents of the season. The completion of the Mayan Ninth Wave on October 28 adds to the mystery.

The line-up

October 26 – New Moon in Scorpio

October 28 – All underworlds of the Mayan calendar complete (according to the research of Carl Johan Calleman http://www.calleman.com)

October 31-November 4 – Samhain

This week’s new moon opens a 28-day lunar cycle that culminates in another eclipse series: A partial solar eclipse on November 24 followed by a total lunar eclipse on December 10. Next, of course, comes Solstice, followed by the grand opening of 2012.

What it’s about

The transformational impact of year-end 2011 is just as profound as the beginning and middle. In this phase, themes are:

Conscious transformation through death and rebirth. This is the shaman’s path, the spiral that leads into the abyss, the dark, shapeless realm of infinite potential.
Power. Empowerment of the individual leads to change in the outer forms of our lives and our world. The political revolution now sweeping the planet is an example. The shift begins within and spreads.
Purification. To me, this feels like passing through turnstile after turnstile, churning through karma, purifying the self in preparation for a new beginning. Earth changes are part of the purification as well.
Grace. In this awakening of conciousness, we are divinely held, and guided. The Ancestors draw near.

All blown up

Scorpio is about power. Individual empowerment leads to a collective shift. That’s what we’re shooting for at this end of a world age. We’re awakening more and more to the truth that the old ways, the old forms, no longer serve. Life on Earth must be transformed. But the new has yet to be born.

Right now the focus is on deciding to end the old, to destroy it, clearing the path for a new way, a new life, to emerge. We’re in the phoenix stage. The mythical bird destroys itself in flames then rises from the ashes of its former self to achieve new heights.

The final passage of 2011 is about completion, the ending that precedes rebirth. Celebrate death and the cycle of life. Enter the spiral, sacred space of becoming.
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8108734252?profile=originalMaking Awareness Apparent
25 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Freedom from all of life's misery can only come with awakening. No drama comes to anyone that is not needing it. To entertain the conditions of change, notice how all of your lives are constantly changing. Nothing keeps on as it was before you notice. When noticing, ask yourself "Who is noticing change?" Are you the one that is observing or are you the change deliverer? Can this question generate another question? Are you the questioner or are you the one with the answer? Are you either? Both? Neither? Please ask these questions of the mind.

One answer is from mind consciousness, the creator of all mental answers. Another answer comes from the heart's awareness which is beyond the mind. Can you tell which is the deceiver? Which claims to be the one with the answer?

Am I deceiving you with my questions? No, only challenging and guiding answers to the one who has the ability to question. Freedom is when the last question being delivered is not needing an answer.

Are you confused? Nothing can be added to all of my questions except the next level of awareness. Are you going to give these questions your attention? All of these questions are for moving the controlling mind away from its mental choices.

Answer this: Am I the master or is another master more competent? Are you able to accept the master within as your only choice? Consider this the most aware thing that man can do. Break away from choosing answers, and instead, give the question all of your attention. No answers are needed. Are you getting my drift? Can we agree that no answers are needed? That all of your answers are available in the heart of any man, woman and child? Practice asking for the answer of the heart and cancel all other contributions to awareness.

Face the fact that all of you can get the answers you apply for when you are quiet. The dream of this life is of your own choosing.

Prepare to ascend with the use of questions. Not just asking yourself these questions and accepting all the answers that come in response; changing the questions will deliver more awareness. You close the door on mastery when you do not notice all that the master inside is giving you. Patience is needed. Question your concepts, all of them that appear when you are awake and divisive thoughts arise. Cancel them by asking "Who wants to know?" This will align you to your contract and bring more growth in awareness.

What I have said about comet Elenin does not include any delightful contributions, only challenges and control driven answers to its path of destruction. In the next days more control of the human condition will be attempted by the dark cabal as an asteroid comes into view. Give it no concern. Fear is the only way this asteroid can alter your matrix of materialization.

Politics is not the way to move things forward in a growth of awareness manner. Outcry is. Give those in the center of this current outcry applause, and anything else you can give. Are they the light in the darkness? Absolutely!

No more can be done to change the minds of those needing more awareness, but we want to activate action in those who are able to be their own answer to their contract and divine expression. Make this day the most active example of what you can do. Free the masses with your divine light shining in awareness. Allow the divine being that you are to live as an example.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


About the Details
25 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Please consider my teachings about ascension and "God's will not mine" to be awareness assistance. Nothing being said about either of these mental details is about the more important concept of awakening the divine nature inside of everyone. Are these teachings for those who are already awake? Yes, because they can lead to more cleansing of any dross that is still maintained in the human energy field. Practices like meditation, awareness of the moment, and giving full attention to each co-creator is the most critical detail of these messages. Not the details themselves, but rather, what they can do for you.
Ponder this: Who is the light bearer in the body? No matter how this question is answered, there is only one accurate answer: "me," the God of the inner dimensions of consciousness. This "me" doesn't need any coaxing to be light - you are this light, always, not the dross you act out instead. Giving the dross the death of its creativity is the making of awakened awareness.

When I mention 3D consciousness details, I do this to give those needing these details their cause to awaken. In dense conditions the awakening of light is most needed. Are you willing to release your concern about 3D details? Are you open to hearing the most important things my messages are conveying? Why are my messages giving no absolutes about the conditions that are already developing in the 3D realm? Because, which one of these will be the best experience: the new development or details about the future that are overlayed on this experience?

False prophets abound. Am I one of them? Many are considering this. Naming a specific date and over managing the details is not in my ability. Should these predictions fail, or not come out as we are intending, another dilemma will be declared. But only in the dream. In the deep, dark contract that you made, the details are already declared. Today? Monday? Saturday? None of it matters. Your details will be fulfilled when the timing is right.

Ascension will occur. Can it happen the way we are forecasting? Only if many accept at the moment the call comes. Not all who are able are going to accept. Choosing one detail like this can alter your destiny's timing, but it doesn't alter the contract.

Friends, Gods of the human dimension, you are in charge. Make me right or make me incorrect in my future destiny guesses. Who is in charge? You are.

My channel cannot continue to deliver these messages when they are not dependable, so why would we be claiming the details we are? For the gift of ascension to be yours for the answer "I Am That I Am."

Changes are occurring. Maybe you haven't noticed the darkness lifting in the conditions of human affairs, but we are happy to observe less demands on others being called for and more action in attention on the call for more consciousness. Follow the media for news of the changes already in motion. Elenin activates more dross and debris in the cycle of man's home environment. Check out what has already occurred in Asia. China and all of Asia will continue to be devastated by the doorway of destruction caused by Elenin. More typhoons are coming. Big catastrophes mean the end of man's climate control days. More deaths will come from this creation of man and the comet's destructive influence.

Sharp minds find cracks in all details. Move this mental concern on to the dross collector where it belongs. Concentrate your attention on the heart only. Free yourself from mind's dominance. Awaken and have a great day in each moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Change Consciousness
25 October 2011 - (Ascended Master Saint Germain)
Change is beginning for all. Most of humanity will be aware of the deceivers by the day(s) of ascension. As exposure does not equal dismantling any of the corrupt details, those nations not yet acting against their governments will. Total chaos can result. If the directors of the masses are detained or murdered, more directors are to appear. Mass consciousness AGAINST what is occurring denies the growth in awareness that is needed. Calling FOR change does not. Care to discern between being FOR vs. AGAINST will matter. Joy can override negativity. Ask and challenge with loving attitudes. Give Truth most of your attention. Change comes next.
Arab countries are not the only ones corrupt in their attitudes. All countries are controlled by the dark awareness of greed and dense consciousness. Free your own mind of corruption, then deny nothing about the ways corruption is being mirrored in every country. Mind denies, and a denying mind is a corrupt mind. Change denial to more awareness to clear the negative attributes that now exist in your world.

Face the fact that all is a reflection of the negative attitudes in each of our dear brothers and sisters. Own your own negativity and give it no match in the world. In the near future, no negativity needs to come to the demonstrators who are aware of the negativity they oppose.

Change does not have to be created with attack attitudes. Change can also come out of caring. Ask the crowd for more caring among all who gather. Will they be opposed? Yes, and they can be caring to their opposers. Are these demonstrations going to be activating in making change happen? Not as we would like things to change. Many of the controllers are not going to accept that their duties are corrupt and will grasp for more of the same. When they are called to leave their jobs they will not go of their own choice. Stay in the heart, as they are not conscious of their own denials. Change can dismiss many who are not aware of their own part in this play.

Another dream is in the making. It is not any more real than the current one, but needs the contribution that will come from ascension. It needs more love and caring in the demonstrators and in those being called on to disburse their control. Attitudes will determine the way change will come.

Free men and women are not caught in any negativity that comes with confrontation. Make sure that you maintain open, caring attitudes when controllers confront you and your loved ones. Act as Ghandi did, never get violent against anyone.

Please do not ask me to discuss other channels through this one. I have delivered numerous details on how to discern for yourself. My channel does not care about the contents of these messages or the content of messages delivered by others. You must choose the messages that are for you on your own. Choose carefully! Some will deny the darkness in their messages and claim their own creations to be negative free. An awakened one does not deny anything. Be awake and care about none of this dream. Welcome whatever comes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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8108735256?profile=originalFrom early on in their life, they feel they are different. More often than not they feel isolated from others, lonely and misunderstood. They will often become individualists who will have to find their own unique ways in life.

- They have trouble feeling at home within traditional jobs and/or organization structures. Lightworkers are naturally anti-authoritarian which means that they naturally resist decisions or values based solely on power or hierarchy. This anti-authoritarian trait is present even if they seem timid and shy. It is connected to the very essence of their mission here on earth.

- Lightworkers feel drawn to helping people as a therapist or as a teacher. They may be psychologists, healers, teachers, nurses, etc. Even if their profession is not about helping people in a direct manner, the intent to contribute to the higher good of humanity is clearly present.
- Their vision of life is colored by a spiritual sense of how all things are related together. They consciously or subconsciously carry memories within them of non-earthly spheres of light. They may occasionally feel homesick for these spheres and feel like a stranger on earth.
- They deeply honor and respect life which often manifests as a fondness for animals and a concern for the environment. The destruction of parts of the animal and vegetable kingdoms on earth by human doing invokes deep feelings of loss and grief in them.

- They are kind-hearted, sensitive and empathic. They may have trouble dealing with aggressive behavior and they generally experience difficulties in standing up for themselves. They can be dreamy, naive or highly idealistic, as well as insufficiently grounded; I.e., down-to-earth. Because they easily pick up negative feelings and moods of people around them, it is important for them to spend time alone on a regular basis. This enables them to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others. They need solitary time to touch base with themselves and with mother earth.

- They have lived many lives on earth in which they were deeply involved with spirituality and/or religion. They were present in overwhelming numbers in the old religious orders of your past as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches, shamans, priests, priestesses, etc. They were the ones providing a bridge between the visible and the invisible, between the daily context of earth life and the mysterious realms of the afterlife, realms of God and the spirits of good and evil.

For fulfilling this role, they were often rejected and persecuted. Many of you were sentenced to the stake for the gifts you possessed. The traumas of persecution left deep traces within your soul’s memory. This may presently manifest as a fear of being fully grounded; I.e., a fear to be really present, because you remember being brutally attacked for who you were. (Jeshua, “Lightworkers I,” through Pamela Kribbe, at http://www.jeshua.net/.)

When lightworkers have made their way through their karmic burden, which means to release the need for power in any way, they will realize that they are essentially beings of light. This will enable them to help others in finding their own true selves. But first they have to go through that process themselves. This generally demands great determination and perseverance on the inner level. Because society feeds them values and judgments which often go against their own natural impulses, many lightworkers have gotten lost, ending up in states of self-doubt, self-denial and even depression and hopelessness. This is because they cannot fit into the established order of things and they conclude there must be something terribly wrong with them.

What lightworkers have to do at this point is to stop looking for validation from the outside – from parents, friends or society. At some point in time, you who are reading this will have to take the momentous leap to true empowerment, which means to really believe in yourself and to truly honor and act upon your natural inclinations and your inner knowing.
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8108734295?profile=originalHumanity is approaching the end of its homeward journey towards awakening, after eons of confusion and struggle, and the supreme joy of that moment eagerly awaits you. It is to be an occasion of breathtaking magnificence when the illusion dissolves and you recognize one another as you truly are – divine beings created by God in His own likeness, brilliant and glorious reflections of your heavenly Father in a state of eternal and harmonious Union. Reality – Heaven – is your Home, and that is where you have your eternal unbroken and uninterrupted existence in a state of constant joy.
Your present, ongoing experience as humans is an imaginary state that lasts only as long as you support it, but because you have become so accustomed to it, so familiar with it, and because you have no memory of your true state, it is extremely difficult for you to terminate your support for it. You are continuously rebuilding it, trying to make it more real by engaging in relationships that you hope will bring you acceptance, love, and happiness, because without them you feel alone and unreal – and to be alone is unreal.

In that alienated state, others, however close to you they may be, seem different or strange, with different, desires, needs, experiences, and beliefs, and that is very threatening for you. How can you trust someone who is not one with you but instead has these different needs, ideas, and beliefs? You cannot. So you set up defenses, as does everyone else, and then you share only the aspects of yourselves that you think are acceptable. As a result, no matter how much time you spend in the company of others, you always feel alone, with only the unacceptable aspects of yourselves for company, and they reinforce your sense of alienation.

Fortunately, the images you have of yourselves – your sense of identity – are quite invalid: they are limited, imaginary selves that you invented so that you could go and play in your illusion. They do not trust themselves, or one another, because they are each individuals, with individual self-serving agendas, as those are exactly what you needed to play your game of being separate from God. Your imagination is very powerful, which is why you managed to construct such a convincing illusion, and by then inventing and inhabiting bodies that could experience intense physical pain and emotional turmoil, and with which you identified, it became even more convincing and threatening. The worse the experience got, the more convincing it became, until it seemed that even if you were not in pain and suffering in the moment, it was almost certain that very soon you would be. And so the game became one long exercise in essential defensive behavior which could never provide the safety and security that you sought so desperately.

But of course, however real it may seem, it truly is an illusion from which you can and will release yourselves, and the moment when you will do that is rapidly approaching. All those in the spiritual realms are constantly offering you love, and the guidance you need to find your way out of the illusion and home to Reality. Every time you have a loving thought, say a loving word, or engage in a loving action – no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to be – you move inexorably towards awakening. The loving guidance pouring into the illusion to help you is mind-blowing in its abundance and compassion, and consequently, the illusion will be blown from your minds, bringing you to a state of the most wondrous clarity.

All your doubt and disbelief concerning unseen realms that (while you remain contained and restrained within your bodies) seem like pie in the sky, foolish fantasies and wishful- thinking will dissolve. You will finally awaken into the glorious brilliance of God’s divine Reality and recognize it as your eternal Home, in which nothing can occur that would in even the slightest way disturb the infinite harmony and ecstasy with which it embraces you in every moment of your immortal existence.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
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8108732265?profile=originalCIRCLE OF HEALING
By Jeff Guidry
Every day at Sarvey Wildlife Center we witness first hand the incredible battle for life that our animal brothers and sisters go through. This is a story of one Bald Eagle's magnificent spirit and sheer will to live.

It was mid-summer when a call came in reporting a fledgling Bald Eagle had fallen out of a nest on a Seattle golf course. Our very own Crazy Bob went to the rescue and transported her to the Center. She arrived with two broken wings. When asked to take her to the vet, I jump at the chance.

When I load this hurt and terrified baby into the car, she neither whimpers nor fights; she can't even stand. This is not a good sign; she is obviously in very bad shape. As I drive to Sno-Wood Veterinary Hospital, I constantly look back to check on my very special passenger. She stares at me with big beautiful brown eyes, her mouth slightly agape. I drive a little faster—this Bald Eagle must live!

She is operated on and has both wings pinned; they are now immobile. Back at Sarvey we lay her in the bottom half of a huge carrier filled with shredded newspaper for support.

The fight for her life begins.

Twice a day a tube is pushed down her throat so that food and medicine can be pumped into her. A week goes by with no change; she still cannot stand up. At three weeks, there's a slight change, but it's for the worse. I'm getting scared for this young Bald Eagle.

Working at the Center, you begin to recognize a look, a look that indicates death is winning. This bruised and broken Bald Eagle was losing the battle but not her dignity. The struggle for her life was not over.

Every chance I get I talk softly to her, telling her to hold on, to fight, to live. Why I felt such a connection to this particular eagle, I do not know.

Four weeks go by and she is still on her belly. There is nothing so heartbreaking as seeing the life force of this majestic bird slowly slip away.

At five weeks we are approaching the end.

Sarvey Wildlife Center believes in giving every soul that comes in a chance to live; but when it is painfully clear that death is the only way out, the decision is made to let that particular spirit continue on its journey. We were at this juncture; this beautiful baby eagle was given one week to see if she could, or would, stand up. This was a crushing blow. Every day that next week I checked to see if she was up. The answer was always the same... "No."

On the following Thursday I could barely face going to the Center. As I walked in not a word was spoken but everyone wore a huge grin. I raced back to the young Bald Eagle's cage, and there she stood in all her glory!

She was standing! She had won. This girl had cheated death by a mere 24 hours. She was going to make it. She was going to get her second chance. I was just about in tears by then. That was a very good day.

After another week the pins in her wings were removed. Her right wing was perfect, but her left was not. She couldn't fully extend it. We tried physical therapy and hoped a little time was all she needed, but there was no significant progress. Her wing was too badly damaged. She would never fly, never soar the skies with her people. At least her life was saved, but for what? Was she doomed to live her life in a cage? Not exactly, for this was a special soul.

Bald Eagles normally want nothing to do with humans and will go to great lengths to get away from them. This girl liked people; she wanted to see what you were doing, to follow where you were going, and to see whom you were going with. She was very curious.

About this time our director suggested that I try to glove train her. She had the right temperament; maybe she could do educational programs. Wouldn't that be something? Very few eagles are able or willing to be handled, much less remain calm in front of large crowds. The work began.

I started getting her used to the glove, a little at a time. At first she was thinking, "OK, I'll step on your hand but only with one foot." Then, "OK, I'll use both feet but only for a second." Later, "Yeah you can take me part way out of my cage, then I'll jump right back in." And finally, "OK, I'll let you walk around with me on your arm. Hey, this is fun!"

At this point, every day a volunteer would take this Bald Eagle out for a cruise around the clinic. It was time for her final test—jesses, the leather straps that attach to the ankles of birds-of-prey to give control to the handler and to protect the bird from injury or escape. I put the jesses on her—a piece of cake. It was as if she were born with them on. This was certainly a very mellow Bald Eagle.

Now it was almost time for her first program, but she needed a name. None that we could come up with seemed right, and then Paula, a volunteer, said, "Hey, what about Freedom?" That was it; that was her spirit and her spirit was why grandfather sent her to us. She was ready.

Freedom is now four years old and one of Sarvey Wildlife Center's premier ambassadors. She clearly enjoys our programs and really knows how to turn on the charm. She is a star. Freedom has been on national television, on the front page of major newspapers, and is known across the country.

She is also one of the great loves of my life. She will touch her beak to the tip of my nose and stare into my eyes. At that moment our spirits are one. It is a magic moment. We have been soul mates ever since she came in. This is a very special bird.

I am the luckiest person on Earth.Thank you, Freedom.

(editor's note)...Jeff said, "Why I felt such a connection to this particular eagle, I do not know."

Now we all know why:

Freedom is alive because Jeff fought for her life, and there is no doubt that Freedom sensed his love and commitment. Jeff gave Freedom the support she needed to want to live.

When Jeff was later diagnosed with a serious illness requiring chemotherapy, he found himself turning to Freedom for support. Two or three times a week, whenever he felt well enough, he would drive from Bothell to Arlington to walk with Freedom around the grounds. Now it was Freedom's turn to give Jeff a reason to fight for his life.

Only a short time ago Jeff was informed there was no trace of the disease left in his body. He immediately left for the Center.

When he took Freedom out of her flight, she did something she had never done before: She extended her wings and wrapped them around him.

The circle of healing was now complete.

I never forget the honor I have of being so close to such a magnificent spirit as Freedom’s.

On a side note: Jeff says that he has many experiences when people who are sick come up to Freedom when the are out, and Freedom has some kind of hold on them. Jeff reports, "Once I had a guy who was terminal come up to us and I let him hold her. His knees just about buckled and he swore he could feel her power coarse through his body. I have so many stories like that.
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8108734252?profile=originalDear Ones,

It is our joy to communicate with you again. By the Grace of Divinity your time has come where you are being given the gift to return to your true Self which has been laying dormant in most of you, dear souls, for thousands of years.

You have no perception – and you cannot have it, we tell you! – how much your returning to your own truth spreads as deepest and enlivening joy through the ethers and the whole universe!

Your awakening removes many densities in your galaxy laid upon countless civilizations and forms of existence! Each one of you who is willing to take the leap to your own awakening is therefore supported in many ways by those who are already awakened and who are able to guide you because they have been already going through what you are now experiencing.

Having said this, we want you to understand that your awakening, personally and collectively, is not an isolated event. As we have been telling you so many times, everything affects everything else and there is no awakening on the slightest level that is happening on the basis of just your own personal merits! “You” is only “separate” in your imagination, in your mindful thinking. “You” is a process in the totality of existence, and your awakening is due to the “merit” of the whole.

I am telling you this so that you may better understand and come to the realization of oneness which is in truth always already a reality, but which you haven’t seen as such.

Awakening to this oneness is therefore not an act which requires your effort and a kind of “spiritual labor to achieve”, it only requires of you to let go of false presumptions, which has had for so long a grip on you who has being identified with as a personality with a flesh body, a name and a role.

It is our intention to educate you in this matter so that you, inspired by rightful feeling and imagination, may open up to the consciousness of moving energy as your very being. Everything is energy, frequency. When you have truly understood this, when you experience yourself as a process of pure energy, you understand fully what we are saying.

Your melting of your existence as energy with the new incoming light frequencies then illuminates the knowledge of what we have said in the beginning of this communication: that there is no merely personal merit of your awakening, as there is no “independent” being. There is only One Great Current as the many currents of light and different densities who together and as One are the Experience of the One Heart of God or The Reality of All That Is.

Be Blessed and Be in Joy!

I Am St. Germain

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