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I love angels, animals and trees and hope to get myself out of the matrix sooner. I believe that I am the infinite, there is only love and already know all the knowledge there this, just have to remember it.

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  • Any tips on which blenders are quality, ect...?
  • Have u spent any time on galacticroundtable.com? Some aussies there. I spend more time on the chat there than here. Yeah nice to know someone close by lol.
  • Hey neighbour, I am in Bondi beach :-) very close by . I have been on this site for ages but only now have been meeting more star seeds in real life :-) we are quite a few in Sydney...let's keep in touch.I am gathering more and more star friend around Here and abroad . Things are getting much faster now:-)

    keep well :-)

    And pleasure to meet another star sibling


    Cmr Jay

  • How'd you get to the point you are now? If I may ask.

    Any recipes you can recommend? Not planning on switching over, just need a tastier way to eat my greens ;)
  • Maine*...
  • I’ve done just that each time I’ve replied, except the previous one:P

    That must be amazing! I lived on the East Coast for some time, and I miss the solitary Mane coastline…so beautiful. I have quite the affinity for water, whether in rivers, streams, ocean or in a cup. =)

    What do you find is your biggest obstacle?

  • Its mid summer here so nice and warm! I live near the sea, just love feeling the power and beauty, especially at nite this time of year, and most especially at this time of change.

    I am an on and off vegie person -would like to be full time. Am currently dropping meat, one sort at a time. A bit more challenging this time of year when there's so much to eat!

  • Good to hear!

    It was snowing here a few days ago, nice and cold.


    Are you a Vegetarian? I'm not, and doubt I ever will be, but y'all know how to do some delicious things with veggies!

  • Thank you, Mademoiselle!

    How were your Holidays?
  • thanx a bunch :-)
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diane-m posted a video
by ovnimoon
Nov 2, 2020
diane-m left a comment for Star ★ Base
"love the name of where u'r at, kissimee !"
Jan 27, 2010
diane-m left a comment for George Elk
"well, i wanted to feel better about myself in general diet/digestion-wise so went to a green seminar advertised in my local organic shop. the seminar concentrated on green smoothies, so went ahead and tried it out, and the rest is history.
Jan 26, 2010
diane-m left a comment for diane-m
"Have u spent any time on galacticroundtable.com? Some aussies there. I spend more time on the chat there than here. Yeah nice to know someone close by lol."
Jan 26, 2010

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