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June 16

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As a pre-teen I began seeing ships I never felt fear just wonder and curiosity the began a new direction in my belief system and changed my life. I'm a 65 year old "Hippie" that began metaphysics at a young age. As a child I was brought up strict Southern Baptist when with my grandparents, had a stepfather who was the choir director at a Methodist Church, my mother did't care for the Methodist so she became a member of Christian Science Church and threw me into that atmosphere even though we lived with my Methodist Choir Director. My father opted to go with the Pentecostal Church. As a child I was exposed to many ideas. I have throughout my years, put together a belief system and use the practices that feel right to my heart. I began Transcendental Meditation at age 13, with the Church of Christian Science. I've taken courses such as EST, ALPHA OMEAGA (2 times), PSI (staffed several basic trainings), PHS7. Being a Star Seed I agreed to this (and all) incarnations being alone and different, I have vivid memories of my past and continue activating these memories. I'm very excited about the coming "Event" and want to do my part in this transition. I have a profound desire to learn as much as I can regarding "Egypt" "Hathor" "Isis" and the beliefs, intentions and practices, I feel the love energy and I feel at home in that era. My intent is to assist in sharing our Love, Light and Passion for this Great Galactic Movement. I Love you all I Love myself! And so it is

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I began with transcendental meditation at the age of 13, coming from such a mix of religions as a child I found that meditation allowed me to understand the confusion I felt and the ability to use aspects of all each of these religions into a belief that worked for me, and I formed a relationship with inner spirit. I had my first sighting at that young age as well which left questions. I began reading anything I could find such as Jane Roberts "Seth" which took my belief system to a new level, Carlos Castonate, books on reincarnation. Courses such as EST, ALPHA OMEGA (a couple times), PSI BASIC TRAINING (staffed several Basic Trainings), PHS7, the KRON teachings, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Moral of the story is I've spent a life time so far searching (remembering) the truth and the light and sharing it with the world through pure example. I AM LIGHT LOVE & HARMONY Be blessed!

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