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580569_667084729976622_1695637681_n.jpg?oh=cf352be71bf5aa64de330c9fc6fabb6f&oe=557A2CBA&__gda__=1438083613_5e4a2f8fb5d03583bcfea04a0f55cb89The Starseeded Ones - We came in this way… And we are meant to be this way. We may have no support in the physical, because our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour are often not understood by mainstream society. Many of us are loners, because that is how we are best able to focus on our mission. We are channels and portals for higher energy, vibrations and frequencies to the Earth. When we purify ourselves on all levels (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) our physical body becomes an instrument for higher energy on Earth. We are the portals. Our bodies are portals, channels and instruments. We live and breathe our purpose and mission. We are no longer affected by anything but doing what we came here to do. Emotions, thoughts, feelings – none of it affects us anymore. We are able to remain detached and in control of our emotional, mental and physical body. We integrate and become one within ourselves.
As we integrate our many aspects, our ego/identity may dissolve… Because it does not serve us any longer. It does not matter what we are or what we are not. It does not matter what others are or what they are not. We’d rather live and act from our higher self and from a place of oneness. As we become increasingly aware of our truth, this truth is all we want to be. We remember our purpose. We remember our mission. We remember how human trivial issues are not important. We remember the bigger picture. We see how we may affect the world simply by being here. If we make a conscious choice to change ourselves and become a channel, instrument and portal for higher energies and vibrations on Earth, the whole planet will change. We can do that. The starseeded ones can do that.

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