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March 5

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hi my name is chief threw the last cupal of weeks i have found out so much about my self that i needed to brubg out im gifted in many ways that i cant even exsplane yet and i hold a lot of energy i dont want to ssy to much about my self yet but if you come to know me you will soon find out

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i teach my self in many ways

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  • Happy peaceful loving summer solstice! <3 <3 <3
  • Dear Chief, thank you for your friendship!  I love you friend!  What ever your path is...Love light peace laughter within!
  • 8110188492?profile=originali made this specifically for heart energies to be raised
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chief posted a discussion
maybe killer storms are mother nature way of saying we live to comfortable
Dec 4, 2012
chief posted a blog post
so as i was mrditating just a few moments ago i had something happen that usually dosent, some strang music went off in my hed and some jiberish that sounded like another language i couldent get any of the wrods out because they were so close…
Dec 2, 2012
chief posted a blog post
if you could pleas send blessing to nikki she is going threw a ruff time but i promssed to not say why but if you could just send blessing and love to her if we could all work on this tonight she will feel a hole lot better thank you all and much…
Jun 28, 2011
chief replied to EARTHGODDESS's discussion THE MOON
"its not just the moon its the sun its the clouds its the stars its everything take the time to look at the coluds some time if you dont already there so much lower there fromation is so strang the stars seam to hold energy as well i am most alive…"
Jun 27, 2011

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"RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
The Chinese are doing that"


This story is all around. Notice that they have realy not sanctioned Russia's gas or oil. It is only that Russia demanded doubles out of…"
13 minutes ago
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"So, my friend, go to a nearby forest, take a log of dry wood, or two of them, place it somewhere in your room, ignite it, and you will find that it won't go off for the whole month! Neither ashes nor smocks are poisonous.

Then you will find that…"
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"Drekx Omega October 1, 2022 at 7:07pm

"Roaring said: " Gas is not a basic need. Gas is about convenience, not necessity. Life can go on without it."

Drekx response: Natural gas is certainly convenient for we who live in cold northerm nations, in…"
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EARTH ANGELS ✦ʚ♡ɞ✦ NOW IS THE TIME! Transformation of Earth Has Begun Blessings Beautiful Family of Light, With everything coming to a head, we are beginning to experience the transformation of the world's power structure. For many, this is…
7 hours ago
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"RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
The Chinese are doing that"
8 hours ago
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"Problem-if all who got the 'jab' die as the demons intened then expect 4 billion deaths(God forbid) within the next 2 years-total collapse of society-food, supplies, (and all other activities that contribute to economies)all on a conveyor belt to…"
8 hours ago
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""Epic Tribute To The Unvaccinated - Indian in the machine, Scott Buckley and Fernando López-Mirones...."

Another reminder that we who did not give in to evil, will inherit the Earth....
The healthy children of the future, will only be born to…"
12 hours ago