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i’m a pure channel receiving and trasmitting codes,sounds and languages from the cosmos translating in light frequencies to support the healing and trasmutation process, activating the higher consciousness here on earth. the cosmic codes reconnect YOU to your GALACTIC FAMILY. the uman mind cannot understand… but you should listen with your heart….it works!!! in the deepest cell structure it transforms from low frequencies to higher frequencies challenging to health and wealth.

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GALACTIC COMUNICATION Edit is one of the most advanced tools in planetary evolution which takes you into the AWAKENING, CONSCIOUSNESS preparing its way to the so-called QUANTUM LEAP / SIZE. The reason i work with AKA DUA and GALACTIC COMUNICATION is , that after so many years of an inner, personal and spiritual evolution I really raised up my frequencies also called ‘ VIBRATIONAL FIELD‘. akasha blue All the people i get in contact can sense and feel this Energy and Lightfrequencies . In consequence also your frequency will increase and taking you in a state of very high well being . A state of ecstasy and joy. I had a NDE (Near Death Experience) in connection with the SUN as a Consiousness Being. It pulled me out and at the same time it recharges me up with her strong energy called AKA DUA This very powerful and physical experience completed with a COSMIC WALK IN . Trips in other spaces and dimensions as contacts with Extra-Terrestrial Multidimensional Beings is now the order of my day and night. They are working with me since a couple of years. Several times i ‘m visiting Lightships to make extraordinary trainings and experiences. . I am a pure CHANNEL 24 per 7 and i LIVE for the transformation of the planet and its systems as a bridge between the dimensions. I am giving my HEART, BODY , MIND and SOUL for this Transformation Process. Sometimes it is really hard particullary because of so many physical symtoms. But anyway i want to share with everybody all that i lived and went through , because it is the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT of my LIVE. Shaping together all these experiences, my higher aspects created LIGHT MESSAGES ONE of the tools for receiving and trasmitting codes,sounds ,voices and languages from the cosmos translating in light frequencies to support the healing and trasmutation process, activating the cell structures and the higher consciousness individually and collectively here on earth. . this is a new way to co-create the GOLDEN AGE a process of inner transmutation to the perception of our COSMIC BEING as all ONE, Body, Mind ,Heart and Soul. all you need INSPIRATION THE QUANTUM AWAKENING and THE SYMPTOMS OF QUANTUM AWAKENING We are much more than our chemical container … the physical body .Everything that exists is ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS. Every thought, every emotion, every word, every object, every color, every sound, every smell, etc …. The only tragedy is that the human race has not yet become aware despite signs on all levels in environmental, social, economic, personnel, etc.. Thanks the COSMIC ALIGNMENT Energy and Light is increasing on our Planet and it is profoundly changing our Lives. Let us open our HEARTS and enter together into the vibrations of the UNIVERSE and EARTH.

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    Align with the Divine Within
    Authentic Living Thoughts from Socrates and Leo Gura
    The energy alignment and timing are spot on for each of us to focus upon opening up to what is genuine and authentic within an...
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    "To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they're blind to your shortcomings but because they so clearly see your soul. ~Victoria Moran

  • Let go of that which is not of you or authentic; let you inner~guidance lead the way

    Authentic You; like a diamond with many facets

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  • WELCOME TO MY CONSCIOUSNESS & thanking you for ALLOWING ME IN YOUR'S >>>I also thank you for giving me the gift of UR friendship...LOVE, LIGHT, BLISS BLESSINGS, TRANSCENDENCE, HEALING, PEACE, ONENESS AND GRACE.


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    "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." ~Buddha

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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are not just your allies and your helpers in this journey that we are all on of ascension, but we are also your co-creators. Everything is happening by…
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