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December 6

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My name is Zuleyka. Im an active lightworker from Puerto Rico. As a child i use to be very intuitive. I use to see one of my guides she named herself "Mecha" she use to talk to me about God and that i was a helper from God that came here to help humanity. Sometimes while i was on classroom she use to take me in the astral form to another classroom with other kids to take and listen spiritual teachings. I come from a very christian family so obviously this was a lil weird for them. They started to make me bealive that Mecha was not real that was only a imaginary friend and that as i get older i wasnt going to see her anymore. So i bealived them and started to ignore Mecha really thinking that it was my imagination. Not seing her anymore untill i was alot older.But still having astral experiences all over.To the point that i wouldnt go to school for "x" reason and the next day i go to school and knew everything that the teacher thaught the day before and when they asked me why i said i was there in my "floating chair" but they just couldnt see me .LOL Growing up i had a hard time "fitting" in school and with society and that make me very rebel because i was tired of being always so "different". Since i was little i always acted a few years ahead my age all my friends where always alot older than me to tell u that at 1st grade my best friend was in 8th grade and that made me experience life a lil fastforward. Later was told that i was an old soul and that was why i always experienced adult stuff at a very young age It was the way that i chose to experience this lifetime. At the age of 17 I had a NDE (near death experience) and thats when the "Rabit Hole" kinda opened for me. From that day on my life completly changed. I started seing ufos all over the sky. Having contact and even having "dreams" where i was inside spaceships. And waking up with needle marks in my body. Not really understanding why. And feeling scared about this beings. Later on i went to the International UFO Congress in Nevada and met a lot of people with similar experiences so this kind of make me understand more of what was going on in my life and lose my fear to the unknown. Then i open up more to them and really wanted to know why this was happening to me. They started showing me stuff thru my dreams. A few months later i had a contact experience where they showed me a baby ET I felt an incredible conection with this little being he seemed so inocent and vulnerable I felt and enormous Love for him beyond human words and like we were related they told me yes He is your son but we are taking care of him until u are ready to come back with your star family. I woke up crying my life out but then he started appearing to me everywhere i go kinda showing me he was ok. It tooked a while to take all this in as my reality because it was so unlike what we have here and what we are use to experience so i kept this to myself only telling my mom who is very spiritual and also a starseed. Then after all this i got into Reiki and became a Reiki Master fell inlove with healing people and being able to help them in many levels. I have now a son which is also a very special crystal baby and im experiencing the new dimension of being a mommy. I love him so much.And thats basicly where i am now working Spiritual Healingand helping others accept the nature of benevolent beings from other planets assisting us in this times of change and transisson. And of course enjoyng the mommy life. So thats a lil bit about me. (If you are interested in chargeless Distant Reiki Healing just write me!) Thanks for coming by and HUGS OF LIGHT FOR ALL!!!!

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The Real Creation Story
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"Thanks for the thingy :)"
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"Hey Stranger!!!
Long time no see!
I hope ur doing great!!!

P.S. Loving the music!!!

Lots of Love!!!"
Oct 26, 2009

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