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May 30

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I am a man of the world yet have no home. I have a father and brother and mother yet identify myself with the deepest core values of all humanity, and respect truth over all else. I love music for it's beauty, as well as people and their innate ability to have fun =). I love to people watch, but most of all I like to help and solve and love.

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All sciences and theologies/philosophies need to by understood and integrated for true meaning to have any shape in the mind

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  • I think this say it about right

  • 8113794894?profile=originalShen dashelious lemar estornia.
  • stopping by to say hi...so "Hi." =D  Ty for the invite and your friendship.
  • I really like this song, and the video.



  • "I will gladly relive my life for you..... I believe in you..... Just to spend another day with you!"


    How the HELL do you DO that.  What is that songs name you send me today.

  • 8113659066?profile=original
  • 8113793295?profile=originalSigh, I had to pull, this out again last night.  You almost lost something special.
  • Hey, I saw your response on the 3d/4d discussion, and you seemed pretty upset with what I said. I wanted to clear the air - I wasn't talking to you or making any negative comments towards you; I was responding to violetray. My original response was in regards to her attacking Shelly, which I thought was pretty uncalled for. She then kind of turned around and attacked me, and I'm just not one of those people who is going to deal with power plays like that. I do think I actually responded to your post in my first comment. Anyway, I'm sorry if what I said came across as exceptionally negative. I was mostly responding to the fact that I've noticed a lot of self-absorption, power games, and just plain rude comments going around on the site, and I have patience for that to a point, but I'm not going to just take it. However, I hope you have a great weekend; take care darlin.
This reply was deleted.
Zanando commented on Anush's blog post To Soul or not to soul.... The rambling Soul
"I LOVE YOU!!!!!! =)!!!!"
Oct 2, 2011
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Sep 10, 2011
Zanando replied to Reikara's discussion I Want Oil
"heeheeheehee XD
These cartoons are FUNNY! =)"
Sep 8, 2011
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"THANKS MARIQUE!!!!!! XD I love the butterfly =)"
Aug 29, 2011

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Roaring Lovely posted a discussion
When you ask people what 'infinity' is, their minds draw blank. In other words what they have in mind for the 'number' 'infinity' is not different from what they have in mind for 'number' 'zero'. So maybe I can savely say 'infinity=0'! Both these…
47 minutes ago
Love & Joy posted a discussion
      Open Letter To Ascending Starseed Souls By Ronna Herman & Archangel Michael Beloved masters: As you learn to tap into the cosmic records within the higher realms, you are beginning to broaden your awareness of your cosmic lineage. The process…
1 hour ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in Galactic Federation of Light
That is one subject I agree with Carl Sagan on but as for the ET reality I have different views.
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in padawans
That is certainly true for Adam Driver's character aka Ben Solo!
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in Ashtar Galactic Command
Or none of them as the case maybe.
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in Gaylactical
If not I will be happy to delete it if anyone wants to complain. 
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in Tibetan Raelians!
At least that is what the Prophet Rael told us.
2 hours ago
RichRaelian posted a photo in The Vulcan Idic Society
They do such a good job I salute you!
2 hours ago