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March 14

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I work as an ordained minister, counselor, public speaker, writer, teacher with more than twenty years experience in meditative arts. For every outer manifestation of a problem, I believe, there is an inner solution that can be achieved through diligent meditation combined with physical training, with or without accommodations necessitated by a condition the body might be encountering; coupled with focused energy and thought; overlaid with absolute devotion and servitude to the Divine Creator; which I have come to recognize as self. During my own process of healing, Spirit guided me to develop a program that conditions the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through daily practice of Qi Gong or other forms of moving meditation; meditation and guided focused relaxation sessions along with proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation as needed to assist the body’s efforts to achieve a healthy balance affording the ability to reach the higher meditative states.

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Grandmaster Liu Seong

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  • Hi grandma, this hoc, your baby, contact me asap love you :)

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