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September 9

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XorAh left a comment on 5D Telepathy Practice Forum
"I am doing this from a long time.15 years Can be very dangeourus at first be cause your doctor can give  you the diagnosis of schitzofrenia. Anyway there is a couple of facts you should take in consideration by practicing telepathy.
1.)If you ask…"
Feb 12, 2013
XorAh posted a discussion in Spiritual Energy Healing
My knowledge in spiritual healing coming from a race not known till now .They call themselves Meurians. They show me this spiritual way what i call mayanetics. If you want to learn more about this visit www.mayanetic.com
Mar 29, 2012

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"The tide is turning Drexk-and Isreal just bombed Iran to escalate WW3 that will make everything else yeaterday's news (hope not)-explosions in Syria and Iraq too
Iran is the biggest sponsor of organized terror strikes, but Biden released $6 billion…"
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Antarctic pyramids and structures.No preamble today.We may be getting a clearer picture of what the “we’re going down this weekend” might involve. And it’s only Thursday. Urgent Alert: Space Force Flexed on Deep State Showing they can/will Shut…
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| SourceThe corporate theater of the absurd that passes off as news in the West reached a new low with the so-called Iranian attack on Israel that was “99% stopped” by Israel. The Israeli cabinet then issued a photograph and video with bottles of…
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