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March 15

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Still experiencing life in 3D albeit some changes including an increasing number of spirit animals and synchronicities I no longer will ignore. Every day I strive to keep my energy levels high and keep my intentions pure especially while working at a very tightly wound country club and with my family who are struggling in the lowest of frequencies. I started hooping a year ago and I know this has made a huge difference in my evolution. mainly in that it's helped my spine to be straighter and muscles toned to support that spine so energy can flow with better ease/free blockages. also got a ton of confidence and grounding I didn't know was in me:) my small collection of crystals is always with me and attracts the chillest bugs ever. yoga and meditation<3

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

spiritscience.com and unite the collective.com watching lightworker's videos has had a large influence on the speed of my awakening. also everyone I meet has a lesson to teach me, but sometimes I'm not always aware enough to remember this:P

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