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  • Hi Whapity, Thanks for accepting my friend invite. You have a cool page and a cool energy. Tell me, Do you name yourself after the elk?
    Love and Bleesings friend

  • Hi, I looked at this picture and these words flowed out.

    And as the fairy forms of
    my mother and father showered me with energy,
    I watched and felt the light of their love.
    It was cool like a summer breeze,
    and it tickled my ears like birds
    that fly in rosy colors in the sky.
    I sat on a ground with no floor floating,
    and felt like the universe was a playground,
    where anything was possible.
    With every twist and turn of wind,
    my curls danced to become a rhythm
    of a golden tapestry.
    As the circles of light surrounded me,
    my palms opened,
    while the auras held me,
    with their molecules of powerful dreams.
    And as my eyes twinkled
    I celebrated and honored
    the light that was now present in my beating heart.
  • hey - du er velkommen :-)
    kan du nu have en rigtig dejlig dag :o)
    p.s. hope you understand danish :-D
  • :-)
  • To the bird that flies on your page:

    With wings spread, I take off across in a missions flight,
    collecting the oceans brisk air and energy of fish at rest.
    While I move in time to my birds beating heart,
    I catch the waves light as they mirror the twinkling stars.
    Miles seemed to be just seconds, against the endless sky and timeless seas.
    As I travel in a never ending flight patten
    against waters edge, my feather body will never tire.
    Because here I am home, spreading love for father sky is my guide as I whisper a peaceful goodnight.
  • Hey my brother of the stars, thanks for all the kind words and your support. May the divine light keep you and uplift your spirit. Peace love and light
  • Ayer Asher Ayer Asher
  • Interview with a Zeta-Hybrid about coming Earth changes and the Reptoids
    (they are connected to the -Illuminati- and our socalled -Governments-)

    The coming -swine flu- vaccinations are not really vaccinations at all,
    but an excuse to give all of us a NANO-MICROCHIP, when you get THIS
    you could say goodbye to all privacy as they would have total control.

    Please spread this video far and wide and watch it fully, it might be the
    most important video you will ever see in your life

  • Takk for det! Fra Nesodden, litt sent ute men:)
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Nov 2, 2020
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"I agree with you KiaraAries ."
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"Hei charlie thanks for the unity ~~~:-)))

lets spread the light in unity for humanity ~~~:-))

Namasté ~~~:-)))"
Jun 14, 2010
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"Hyggelig å treffes deg her Katrine ~~~:-)))"
Jun 8, 2010

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