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  • dear Warrior Phoenix,later today i will post a web link that you may like to join,such loving souls of light there,beautiful weather here today on the NSW border,hoping the same is for you as well in queensland,have a very blessed day dear friend,love,light,blessings eve.8113664895?profile=original
  • To your unfolding joy, and rising into ever larger harmonics of creation!

    Lyndy Starflower


  • Hi Warrior Phoenix,

    Hope you have fun here, and find it interesting..

    Its hard for me not to get involved with some weird conversations on here, the strangest usually turn out to have the most knowledge and insight to be gained...

    Intergalactic wars, government conspiricies, weird dreams, goodies and badies, and who knows what else... Our world is Crazy!!

    Anyways, thanks for the friendship..

    Im in SA, you may already know =)

    Glad to meet ya!


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  • dear warrior Phoenix,thankyou for accepting my friendship,and it is good to have another friend you lives in australia,i have been on my spiritual quest,and journey for many years now,and have been involved with other spiritual sites sites also,some closed because of ning bringing in fees for operating a site as an adminstrator,and so some of them set up another that does not require paid fees,and in turn,communicate with them today,also over the years there has been so much discerement of what to filter thru,and have learnt that the best way is to follow ones own intution and judgement amongst all the forks in the road,i am looking forward to geeting to know you better,and exchange many truths on our paths of soul evolution,the weather here today is quite pleasant,and i hope it is the same in queensland,i have a few spiritual friends who live in queensland,and have shared many enlightened chat moments together away from sites such as this,have a very blessed day dear friend,love,light,blessings eve.8113660253?profile=original
  •  Okay so we have both a Warrior and a Water Phoenix

     that's what I call a good match. One ordained in Heaven. Kingjeff

  •  Soft Gentle and Caressing. Must have had a ladies touch

     otherwise there would be scorch marks or puffs of smoke.

     Blue needs to morph into Aqua which is why he appeared

     not reading your name called you Water not Warrior as long

    as the next one doesn't greet you with a bucket of ice you'll fit in well.

    Cheers for now as I've already had a long day. Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  •  Warrior Phoenix I wish you a warm welcome Brother you'll find many good people

     on this site with your Warrior intuition. I notice you are already settling in. It must complement your other journeys. There is a lot of synchronicity happening as I had a meeting with an Admiral followed by two Elders from Cairns who travelled down to meet my friend whom I met with and having a meeting with Jack tomorrow all on the Book of Isaiah. This will be interesting as my friend has learnt ancient Hebrew fluently and Jack has not. Light and Love, Blessings, Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

    PS Its the getting of wisdom for them

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Warrior Phoenix left a comment on Shamanism Focus Group
Put a bowl of water out, where your dog usually sleeps, wait 3 days, she will come home.  It will be brief when she comes, say thank you."
Mar 26, 2011
Warrior Phoenix left a comment on Dream Interpretation
"Hello to all members.My name is warriorphoenix all so known as water phoenix we have read some the dreams you guys have.My latest dream or vision i was standing outside totally blue sky  wind blowing noticed these golden leaves coming towards me …"
Mar 25, 2011
Warrior Phoenix left a comment for kingjeff
"Thank you brother and sweet dreams, night Jeff"
Mar 25, 2011
Warrior Phoenix left a comment for kingjeff
"my wife told me not to lift the energy and fry the computer"
Mar 25, 2011

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Not to worry though, everyday brings us more new opportunities to share.
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care, share and Be aware! Thank you namasté
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