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Happy New Year!

This past year has been extremely busy.  The lessons and signs plentiful as the Universe provides the answers.  The lessons taught and learned this year have been about trust, truth and growth.  The two times that I went against my own grain - because I did not wish to interfere and ruin a lesson/experience for another - the ending result turned out that I was right from the very beginning and things unfolded as I had originally stated - for I understood and saw what the other individual's true intentions were. 

This past year brought about not only pain with a few losses of dear beloved souls however, that is the cycle of life and although they may have left the physical embodiment, they are still around with love and guidance.  The Brahm's composition that played out of nowhere the other day, following a phone conversation with my Aunt on the East Coast - confirmed that my Uncle had been around and near in another realm - for the last time I heard that song, was when we were together for Xmas in 2006 - the last time I saw him before he became ill. 

The Fall was very busy as the 2nd energy portal opened and the energy intensified.  The gathering continues as others are awakening to the energy and realizing and making the spiritual growth on this journey as we draw closer to the alignment later this year. While my energy continues to increase and grow stronger, it continues to draw the darker side as they feel they can challenge me.  An ex mentor returned yet again...and seems to think that she can 'control' me yet she is going to discover again that she is sadly mistaken.  Though the Summer Solstice brought back a few reunions with some dear souls that I have adored for a very long time - things are moving slowly at its own pace as a few of those souls are still evolving slowly and are awakening as they are meant to. Those who were lost in the dark for a while, have found their way back to the light as I knew they would. 

The New Year brings about changes, realities and reflections as it always does.  This year is going to be a very busy one.  A dear friend out here on the West Coast was having some problems and a bad luck streak where nothing went right and she was depressed and sad and felt as if something were missing.  So she came to me for advice and I recommended her to a female shaman who assisted with my soul retrieval last year.  It is amazing the changes in her since the ritual was done!  She glows and shines brightly and is happy and bubbly and I have never seen her happier and so harmoniously balanced.

As the signs continue to come, I remain aware and continue to grow into what I am to become on this profound journey.  This year I wish for changes in positive aspects in not only the world but also in humanity.  I have become more aware this year and have been right on with my instincts and what I know.  I am ever so grateful to be blessed with being aware and awake on this evolutionary journey to enlightenment.   

Happy New Year all!

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