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3 dimensions over

How will I ever release...

This unease

Only in my sleep

Do I ever feel at peace

Embrace neutrality

Break out of the polarity, duality, mentality

Give to the extent your giving may be received

Feel the breeze through your belonging

Your longing can be freed

Outside of this life

You may choose who to be

Now you may choose

How you truly be

To be or not... That was the question

Breaking out now... In a totally new direction

We're not designed to resign

To the same old design

It is the time for the climb

That time has finally come

Keep it now under your thumb

Just don't play dumb!!

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When the race endsThe beginning really beginsI think we will ascendBut first, we must cleanseRunning around in circlesJust counting until 10When will we be saved?We do not know quite whenThe lord Heaven will sendHe'll return once againLife is so toughIf you subscribe to that paradigm Just read between the linesA better life can be truly sublimePure health is true wealthThe problems we all have dealt withIf we must first save ourselvesRemember to also save someone elseI think we're coming back home at hour elevenI think I hear Heaven's bells
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