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A Venezuelan Girl living in Iceland..

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  • Hi,Valenttina
    Thanks for your friendship!

    One Love from Tokyo!
  • Thankyou, Valenttina
    I Treasure and Value your friendship.
    Love, Joy, Happiness and Peace
  • Hey Val ,whats up. Hey is Iceland still all green and geo thermal and the world model for energy efficiency? If you dont' mind me asking. I know that they got hit pretty hard witht the financial wall street shitstorm, I was wondering if they had to sacrifice some of their greenness?

  • hey !!!!!!!!! have a nice week , lot kiss
  • Alo'ha Valenttina,
    It was very nice to hear from you! How did you end up in Iceland? I know it is very beautiful where you are, and I am glad Iceland is blessed with your abilities to anchor the Light. Have you been reading the messages from SaLuSa from Sirius? He is a most wonderful being...so full of Love and encouragement! He said the first Star Family we will meet are human, like us. I sent an email back stating we are already meeting these beings now, during the sleep of our bodies. I would like to also meet beings who are not from the Human Line of evolution. I am like you--I LOVE the diversity of life on this planet, and that is only a little taste of the diversity within the Universe!
    Wishing you Light and Love and the beauty of Spring!
    Victoria (Meishaiaya is my Plejaren name)
  • Why Iceland?
  • Alo'ha Valenttina!
    Thank you for the honor of your Friendship. I was looking at your photo-you look very Pleiadian, but also Sirian. I know there are mixtures of races in the galaxies, just as there are on earth. I myself am Plejaren/Andromedan.
    In the end, it does not matter. We are all the same! Its fun to see all the diversity of life.
    Wishing you joy in all that you do!
  • thanks for add me again, soulfriend. peace and love,heli
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Valenttina left a comment for Elder
"Hey elder, yes Iceland is still all green and geothermal thanks the universe and for the way things are going I don't think we'll have to sacrifice any of it :) But we are still trying to get out of the crisis :).... Thanks for asking! Light to you…"
Mar 6, 2010
Valenttina left a comment for peter1111
"Welcome Love and light to you and thanks for the Add :)"
Jan 26, 2010
Valenttina left a comment for Þotu Stjarna
"Hæ hæ, takk fyrir addið... Love&Light til þín :)
Jan 25, 2010
Valenttina replied to Valenttina's discussion 11:11 help... in 11:11.
"I know it's a very very good thing and I'm feeling connected to them, the thing is that seeing up to 47 codes a day I think is a little too much... :/, But I love the fact that my angels and guides are around all the time .)"
Jan 14, 2010

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"The 'Sith' demons incarnate will eventually have to pay for all the suffering they have caused-I understand that Hell and The Pit are considered superstition -beliefs driven into our subconscious from our Christian upbringing-my experiences and…"
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"Nice job farmers standing up to the Dark Cabal. Meanwhile 30 yes 30 new countries set to join up with BRICS sometime this year. The destruction of the cabal and their corrupt system is happening and pretty quickly to.…"
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"President Bukele of El Salvador standing up to the so called elites at CPAC. I like how El Salvador is also standing up to the central banks as mentioned on the X22 report the other night. https://youtu.be/oxo92I-akL0?si=cXT1LvbiAVgk488M"
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