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Ypsilanti, MI


June 22

About Yourself

I am an operating Engineer in the utilities field and I have been in this profession for 37 years. But my interests have always been in history and the sciences with a thurst for knowledge that has not dwindled for all of my life. My quests for seeking knowledge in my interests have always, in one way or another, taken me on a Spiritual path. Many times, I have tried organized religions, and I have taken many lessons from them. I drift away, not because I do not believe in God, but there is always something missing and the question of where have I really come form is never really answered. Birth is a beautiful experience. I have delivered all of my children with my own hands. But birth Is only when the physical body is introduced to life on this planet. My question has always been "Where did this energy come from in this baby?" It takes love to make a baby, but it takes a higher power from a higher plane to send out this Energy. My interest in my Family, arts (I build models), music, nature, food (my Wife and I have a small restaurant), helping in my community are in one way or another reflections of the true power that I have in myself.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

The Dalai Lama has always been an inspiration to me. His devotion and understand of the importance of the relationships of inner peace and their effect to events in the outer world is an example that all of the World must learn to comprehend. Even in times of confusion and misunderstanding in my life, I have always found the perfect comfort in silent meditation and music. Music is the most powerful gift (and weapon) available in all the Cosmos. Every culture uses it to instill every emotion imaginable. Without music, there is no power – Good or evil. I find great solace and peace to single meditation, but there is also great joy in my Family and with the love I have for my Wife. The fact that the true love of my life was placed here is more than just by chance is no coincidence. We are two "Old Souls" that have found each other AGAIN. My love is my wife of 12 years, but that we have been spiritual partners for millennium is a fact that neither of us can deny. I am of German earthly decent and my wife is of indigenous Mayan earthly decent – 2 very strong and powerful cultures. I am certain that that how I have lead my life, how I have cared for others in my family and community is no more a coincidence than the traits that I have been recently discovering in myself that are those of a "Starseed" and a Pleiadian. If feel that the window in my mind that has been opened is one that is to be used to a greater and higher advantage to myself and others.It is now time for me to seek out others with the same awakenings in there lives and share with them what I have learned and experienced.

Uršānu Alad Micah posted a discussion
Why is the US Air Force and the DOD feeling that they need to release this information NOW? Any comments?!USAF Secret flying saucer plans declassified
Oct 11, 2012
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Sep 13, 2012
Uršānu Alad Micah posted a blog post
The Vril Connection to Monumental Earth ChangeWhat is the Vril Gesellschaft and just what effect did it have on the changing New Age of planet Earth. No matter how you look at it, it's philosophy and its effects have changed our Earthly existence in…
Sep 4, 2012
Uršānu Alad Micah posted a discussion in New Members Lounge
Greeting to all,I am an operating engineer in the utilities field and I have been in this  profession for 37 years. But my interests have always been in history and the  sciences with a thurst for knowledge that has not dwindled for all of my life. …
Sep 3, 2012

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