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  • Hi sweet :-)

    I just want to thank you for the comment that you left on my page, it made my day even better! :-))) I wish you a beautiful day with lots of love and light!

  • Thanks for your comments...and sorry of beeing late for the answer! lol
    Happy new year!
    Love, peace & light
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Regina, SK


April 13



About Yourself

I have three beautiful children: Crimson, Rudy, and Isobel. I am only 26, but feel that I have lived a very long life already. I would attribute that to the fact that the normal hum drum life I led fell away in 2006, and I began feeling that I had lived this life many times and wanted to get it over with, which is an interesting thing to think for a 23 year old in North America (my opinion at the time). Something snapped while I was sitting at my desk during the work day. I couldn't get the vision of me throwing myself up inside out, to leave the confines of my mind. I had tingling in my scalp and forehead for a couple of days, and my thoughts focused only on the seemingly futile thoughts of what is, as being all that would ever be. I felt like I was existing in a huge slow moving void of 'what'. I can't explain it in any other fashion at this time. Ultimately it has been a very interesting path since that day in April of 2006. I have learnt many things, and still have a ways to go. Right now I have conflict around profit and the need to be free of it, as my desires to help people do not come with a price, because it feels absolutely wrong - so I am at a crossroad and working to clean the slate of it. That and the rediculousness of fear...not that I fear as much these days, but I haven't quite faced it for what it is and had a good laugh. Although, I know that I will receive that which I am asking for - because I always do, and I have a story for every experience. This is a really quick 'nut in shell' spin on things, but you know, nothing else has mattered as much as that turning point in my life; in my awareness. It is a moment etched into my experience, unlike any other in this timeframe...of course, my children are the most wonderful extensions of self that I could ever ask closest teachers, friends, and love. Ask me anything, and you will receive the answer - I live in a transparent house :0)

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I have a few that I won't mention at this time; they are family of course, some old friends (few), some in the holistic field - bioresonance, astrology, BodyTalk, Angel/Energy healer, Reiki. My mom and siblings...most recently my dad too.

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me and my man trying out yoko and lennon (:D
May 14, 2010
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"You have stunning eyes! Just had to tell you something that you have probably heard many times over in this lifetime! I hope that you find some meaning to your search here and where ever else your journey guides you.

VictoriaDelete Comment"
Apr 3, 2010
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"Hey, you know, that is how it goes. Time is but man-made, and I do not fret the stuff that is held within its confines ;) Happy to hear from ya. Hopefully one of these moments we will connect on this site and make more meaningful chit chat. Until…"
Mar 15, 2010
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Little Isobel Toshley Aurora
Mar 15, 2010

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