August 11

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LOVE ALL and all loves me, sounds simple but it is true so embrace and enjoy (is what i say anyways)

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  • love is the energy of now,the fuel of your lightbody,free your mind,let go of  the processed ego,no more teachers,no more journeys outside for empowerment,listen to the vioce inside of you,let go of the static,the signal is strong now,"swap your cleverness ,for bewilderment"  cleverness is an opion of mind,bewilderment is your intuition,intuition is your way to self empowerment,your imagination is the way to find innertime,innertime is doorway to the galactic source,where you have always been,and remember,no one will get there before you,we will all arrive together,so relax dont worry,everthing is perfect,just love unconditionally,have faith,as the light quickens,love is all we need,love you all,ky/ish /ku
  • Peace


    The journey has begun.


    Let's walk.


    Step, step, breath, breath



  • Thank you my friend,

    much love and light to you,


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To Know Your Self Is To Know All commented on ky/ish/ku,red spectral serpent's photo
Oct 15, 2011
To Know Your Self Is To Know All left a comment for Kaire
"thanks, love 2 u too"
Oct 15, 2011

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The cows are not looked after properly with care so the milk they produce has low vibes, energy and taste.Those who have to have cows milk then Organic milk is a better then non organic milk..better then organic milk is ahimsa milk…
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"The truth is mighty and will prevail. I like it. I have a tattoo that says "esse quam vidiri""
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