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April 17

About Yourself

I am an Awakened Arcturian starseed, high light channel, creative scientist, artist and experimental musician. I have an intuitive knowledge of quantum energies and many years of experience communicating with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a high degree of sensitivity. He is driven to help humanity and nature, and to create and teach a universal way of life based on love, without any bounds or restrictions, and which fosters instant understanding, wisdom, compassion and spiritual insight. My interests are astronomy, psychology, Buddhism, lightwork, healing, psychic, writing, art, music, science and science fiction. Three years ago I experienced many dreams, visions, synchronicities (like 11:11). Then knew I was a starseed. I have always believed in extraterrestrial life of many forms and this turned me to Astronomy, science fiction, role playing (etc) as a child.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Many paths, recently including Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (Buddhism), pagan federation and light work at local new age centre. Also attended several new age fairs and other spiritual organisations in the past including Chaos Magic (IOT) and Brahman Kumaris. Last December I attended one of Jerry Sargeant's Star Magic workshops, and then did the 5 day Star Magic healing facilitator training in February 2016. These literally blew my mind and realized I was Arcturian, and later part Pleiadian. This has resonated with my whole life (the past-future-now ripple effect).

Tim Stokes posted blog posts
Jul 18, 2016
Tim Stokes commented on Avatar's blog post How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Do You Have?
"Hi everyone,
With me it is loud involuntary thumping sounds in my ears, especially left ear when I burp, yawn or wake up energetically depleted. Sometimes my aura flashes many more colours than normal like an aurora display with eyes closed. The ear…"
Jul 15, 2016

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ShinobuAna posted a status
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Roaring Lovely replied to Pet Rock's discussion ISISL IS BACK-Trump Stopped Them-Biden Regime Will Do Nothing
"Also, you are accusing Biden regime for 'not doing anything' and also for 'sending troops to Syria' all at once!"
2 hours ago
Ara replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion Humans, Lets Talk Love
"Without the purpose, love is not for everyone, especially when they can't relate to it atleast not in words, but action. Some become so irritated they close up and become a 'chinese wall', braking that is 'futile' ... ;)) maybe kindness is a better…"
3 hours ago
Roaring Lovely replied to Pet Rock's discussion ISISL IS BACK-Trump Stopped Them-Biden Regime Will Do Nothing
"ISIS had not gone anywhere. I think if you read or you will understand this; why ISIS seem back following Biden win and also why Iranian nuclear scientist was murdered following Biden win.

It comes from the way democrats differ…"
3 hours ago
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"I downloaded one of those thaosands of CIA documents. It just talk of sightings as documented by CIA. So they tell us nothing new. CIA is like just saying, well, we too have seen UFOs and we don't freaking know what they are!

So you wonder why they…"
3 hours ago