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April 4

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I am 36 about to turn 37 in April. I have four children. Form ages 20mo to 14 years old. Atrial born leader and warrior. I am ready for any positive change for this world. I know we need to Evolve spiritually. Long over due. I know that amazing changes await us and I am so excited about those changes. I been on my own spiritual growth since 2018. I feel like I had An awakening that sent me in to a energy hungry for knowledge and truth. I gain a lot and I am still growing. I want to help bring people to knowledge and truth about the True God. God Consciousness will heal our species. Can’t wait.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

So I teach myself through meditation. I keep my frequency high and through this frequency knowledge and truth flow. I understand that source live within me so I meditate to bask in the energy of source. I look at people and the world differently thru this practice. God teaches me directly.

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"And now I'm sure there are some members who find my debates with Roaring about history, somewhat trying....I would like to offer another interlude for all to enjoy...But this time it's not music, but rather some excellent autumn forest…"
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"Well that was a few decades back, Roaring, old boy....We are now the 5th largest economy in the world and have less debt than America...or Japan, the country with which we butted heads in WW2, along with Germany and Italy..
You seem to think that…"
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"The brilliant idea of Talibanis was to take U.S. round and round for 20 years, forcing them to spend $16 trillion, till the grew bankrupt chasing them in the desert. Bankrupting the enemy is an excellent war tactic!"
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"Drekx said:

"The German 3rd Reich lasted a paltry 12-years...
And unlike Germany, Britain was never defeated in war......We just gave the empire up, at that time, because the war bankrupted our economy...."


Growing bankrupt by having to…"
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ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"Dr. Berg explains it well. So I understand it in theory, but switching to keto takes time. And I should like what I eat, that is what I want to find out. I’m making good food lists 🙂"
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"Now let's return to the 21st century, with the battle between sovereign nations and the awful European Union, which is a modern day version of the Holy Roman Empire.....lol Now that is an empire I want to fall....

"EU Bosses DEFUND Hungary For Not…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"Well I would recommend keto and IF, for general health and well being...It's great, but does take adaption and some discipline, to start, but once in the routine, it's a piece of cake....😋 (without the real cake, though...)

Of course, it is also…"
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"Justin Trudeau, a Canadian cabal comedian, on Twitter:

“Canada strongly supports people who are expressing themselves and protesting peacefully in Iran. We are calling on the Iranian regime to end its repression of freedom of expression – and to…"
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