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Hi Everyone,this is a good group with aspirations and posts that reflect each member seeking and doing Spiritual ways.One on their path ought to be careful to not allow the Ego,to get in the way and to negate it,nothing is more damaging than a Spiritual Ego.Saying oneself is better than those who do not or are inclined towards the Spirit,humility,is important here.Now my subject here is "The Good Red Road" which in Native American Spiritual Ways is a pathway of responsibility and humility and care for each other.It is both an inner and outer journey plus it is about interdependence and interconnection to all of life,equality,love,compassion,respect of all life.Taking care of mother earth,it deals with the chakras,and ceremony,sacrifice,fortitude,prayer,helping others,it is shamanic,medicine and ONENESS,this is why my calling is for this way for me,an inner pathway to truth and illumination.Seeing one's self worth.Anyhow these are my thoughts,everyone on their inner path is valid and right for them.Okay.thanks.Phil Shearer.More later one other thing is they meditate to.

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