Citrus Heights, CA


October 13

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I am a Reiki Master and a writer. I am a starseed a lightworker. I am here to heal an awaken with love and light.

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  • Hello Theresa, I was recommended to your page and hope that you are doing well!  I have Level 1 Reiki and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree with majors in Theory Of Literature and Communication Science.  I will register at University tomorrow as I have been accepted to commence in 2015 with my Honours Degree in Media Studies and will specialise in International Communication.  My speciality as a writer is free verse and urban and spoken word.  I write so that I can make sense of things and because there is an inner voice that has things to say.  I have used the performance aspect thereof to tackle social issues and create awareness of the nature of institutions controlling the planet.  Until now I have been quietly planting seeds here and there, but my courage seems to be growing at a rapid pace...too fast for even my fears I think.  So , that is my introduction of myself to you!  Much love!

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"Old hag Nancy is back and has now opened a call position in a cyber security firm. More evidence of a cyber attack incoming probably during the presidential election. https://rumble.com/v4fwhee-ep-3292b-pelosi-opens-call-position-in-c..."
10 hours ago
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"Nice job farmers standing up to the Dark Cabal. Meanwhile 30 yes 30 new countries set to join up with BRICS sometime this year. The destruction of the cabal and their corrupt system is happening and pretty quickly to.…"
10 hours ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"President Bukele of El Salvador standing up to the so called elites at CPAC. I like how El Salvador is also standing up to the central banks as mentioned on the X22 report the other night. https://youtu.be/oxo92I-akL0?si=cXT1LvbiAVgk488M"
12 hours ago
Joe Barnett posted a blog post
THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS Dr. Angela BarnettCRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA.COMcmagicorch@gmail.comMy latest PROBABLE FUTURE of the HARVEST is 2029. I was given this date as a result of the final work that was done to bring the EARTH'S CHAKRAS, Grids and…
12 hours ago
Joe Barnett posted a blog post
WINNING HEAVEN ON EARTHDr. Angela Barnettcrystalmagicorchestra.comcmagicorch@gmail.comWe are now in the time of the greatest ELECTION of the history of the Universe.We are not electing a president. We are electing the choice of livingin heaven on…
13 hours ago
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"This documentary also does a good job at talking about the Rothschilds and what they are all about. https://youtu.be/IbWl40xgw0A?si=bsL6YX85bvO4gVtl"
13 hours ago
Joe Barnett posted a blog post
I will share with you what will happen in the next four months and the next seven years.I will tell you exactly what will happen and the reason why it will happen.However, there is always only a Probable Future because man is always changing…
14 hours ago
Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The Rothschilds are definitely a sketchy bunch of individuals that's for sure."
15 hours ago