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building the spiritual city

I need to start a Utopian society to be the beacon of light. I need to Know who is in this life path. I need the people to start this right and to spreed around the world throughout the century s. if you feel like the perfect person for this it must be true. please contact me 

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light the world

Once you begin to focus exclusively on well–being, you will find your life changing for the better in magical ways. Not only that, but when you change your focus exclusively to well–being, you influence the environment around you. You become a lighthouse, a beacon shining your light into the world. One person broadcasting a powerful signal of well–being is more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Believe it or not, one person shining his or her light may influence the million and do so much more quickly than you can imagine

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the building of New Earth

the building of New Earth


By:Demetri Tsianos



The Test to mankind


Start by land or island? need the room to Live and survive.  Start to build the basics needs water, electricity, shelter and food sources. once all the above is required the rest is easy fun of life no worries all free from the earth and god given enjoy a peaceful society developed on the foundations of life.

The beginning will be the hardest of all. to acquire land and that means money in this reality I am collecting donations to get this vision on its way but for now i am work save money from the endless jobs i work. You can email me at for donations.

Great now that the land is on its way we will begin with water lots of water. we need a well to provide us with water. we will build a wind power water pump to pull the water up and into a container for the Town and then have the manbuilt lakes fill with the excess. yes a lake for the farms a lake for the animals and the people. wow land and water can you see it.

Electricity i have been updating this every year but there is lots of ways for free electricity. we can go by wind or water or earth or solar i am still trying to find the best choices. I will go with wind to start.

On shelter well we can use the dirt ya really i have seen some amazing homes built out of dirt i think i will add a link to this so you can see for yourself.

Ok food well fish in the lake right and a farm of animals and a farm for fruit and a fam for vegies and will have wheat and rice fields. 

Now to build the community like schools for the mind for the body and for the spirit. building to make clothing, dishes, and medical supplies, metal works, and crafts.

Law of the town the golden rule.

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