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November 1

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  • hello their, hows the weather, hehehe, I haven't been ice-fishing for a while, I guess I got to much of that cabin fever these last couple winters, the sun, I missed it so much, I am so glad I can sit outside now and write in the sun, I live in "the boonies" (Ontario), in a nice quite forest, yes nice yet secluded, it fits me, but, you know.

    anyhow I'm generally new to these kinds of groups and am a generic outsider type I guess, thankyou for the invite

    actually I have  a question, what province do you live in, are their any meetups around where you live based from this website, I just showed up and noticed this meetup thing and have not investigated it fully yet
  • ...Greetings...
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TheHappyOne posted a blog post
Everyday day I see my dreamWhere I live we do not fearThough we do shed a tearFor the pain of our teamWe see in our dreams. I wake up over and over againThis time without a smile,I am sick my brain hurts.models are ugly!!!!♫ I finally see the sun's…
Jun 4, 2011
TheHappyOne posted a blog post
HEARING ALL YOU SPEAKWATCHING A LARGE TREEGROWING TO ITS PEAKAGAIN I HEAR THE WORD FREEfor you its not,for me its hot! I REALLY LOVE THESE TREE's a LOT spit on the screen listening to one scream,Is all this just a dream!!!I am not a teen AGAIN…
May 22, 2011
TheHappyOne posted a discussion
just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone that celebrates MAY RUN! or may 24 or just this long weekend! here where i'm from we call it MAY RUN since we run from place to place having fire's outside and just enjoying the good times! remember be…
May 22, 2011
TheHappyOne replied to Reikara's discussion Call to Arms - All Starseeds and Shiny Love Space Dust People - Friend in Need
"to have psychic energie or to know something is about to happen is easily said AS BEING OBSERVANT! to observe and not create! to only observe what is created in front of us AND HOW WE DEAL WITH IT! all I can say is that i am giving everyone who…"
May 17, 2011

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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Starship Earth: The Big PictureThe circus is in town! Have you seen what’s happening under the big top in Phoenix? It’s a real three-ring circus as the Democrats try to get their fraudulent, blatantly stolen election results certified, but more…
1 hour ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"“Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

The US Military is being run by woke traitors and creampuffs"
2 hours ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"Troops have been moving around China in large numbers-Xi is crashing the economy with these ridiculous lockdowns and when the people ris up for real-you can guess the rest-Xi wants to be Moa Cow Dung"
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Hugest penalties:Foodball is a sport and should be played in true sportsmanship.Firstly football has lost its game potential..players are often seen attacking each other rather then playing proper football. The solution to players acting out off…
4 hours ago
Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"And yet another theory of mine revealed when it comes to scientists finally admitting the truth about what is inside a galactic core. They still won't say the big bang is an all out misnomer of how the universe formed. They can't seem to believe…"
9 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

Good luck to those oppressed people, fighting their wicked government...👍🏻👍

10 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"I can’t confirm this, but I’ve seen this posted on Twitter:

“Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

Note: Article 142 of the Constitution states that the armed forces are to „guarantee the constitutional branches of…"
10 hours ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government"
11 hours ago