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  • Why, thankyou Dizz for the profile like...... I do try to keep it interesting....  ;-)
  • I  had a similar encounter when I was nine, 1968 or 69 to be exact.  I always ask myself about the  writer of the story of  Close  Encounter of the Third  Kind, did he or she had the same experience? cause that was what I saw.  The music was like  from heaven, lights changed colors on each tone.  In my dreams I can see their faces and hear their words like "believe", another one was "ek or eck or ech", which I dont know exactly what it means.
  • Hi, thanks for your friend request! Hope youre enjoying the amazing energy today? :)
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  • You Welcome Dizz8113844500?profile=original
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  • Thanks :-).Tellme about your encounter curious ;-)
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Sonora, CA


November 22

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When I was 10 we lived in a small town near Sonora, Ca called Columbia. We lived near a small airport and while growing up my father working for a airline in the bay area. So needless so say I knew what color lights are on a aircraft green, red and white lights. My encounter was a quiet summer night I remember my mother watching Dallas on the tv and I was sent to bed. In my room my closet doors had mirrors on both side and were facing my bunk bed where I was almost asleep. Then all of a sudden I see through the mirror which was reflecting what was outside window next to my bed was these beautiful lights of orange, purple, greens, blues, redish and super bright white lights. All circling each other in a circular pattern. It was completely silent I could not believe what I was seeing and at first I hid under the blankets. And then something told me "everything is ok" and I took head out of the blankets watch it for 1-2mins then it vanished. I got out of bed ran to my mother telling her what I saw.... she didn't believe me. So I ran to the door near our backyard near our in-ground pool. The pool's water looked like 20 kids jumped in all at once but there was no wind at all that night. So since that night I've seen many UFO's but nothing like what I saw that night.

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"Awesome video, Ingie.
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Lots were false flags and lots believed them to be true ..suckers
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"It is more likely that the government initiates a political dogma when it lacks money for its own wallet."
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"A proper 'economic war' only targets military. So 'arms embargo' for instance, is a proper war. But freezing assets of civilians of a warring country? Nope!"
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"'Weaponization of banks' in a so called 'trade war' must be seen as a war crime because it targets the civilians. Everything that targets civilian, from damaging infrastructure to killings, in a war, or that indiscriminately target pple is a war…"
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"In the future, you should invest in real estate and gold. Try to make yourself as independent as possible from the state and from the consumer society. Grow your own fruit and vegetables, collect and clean rainwater? Buying houses with existing…"
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