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ASCENSION - RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY by melchizedek144 Viewable in Full Screen on YouTube.com Living On Light-Nourishment From Source by melchizedek144 Viewable in Full Screen on YouTube.com Infinite Merkabah Activation with the Gayatri Mantra by melchizedek144 Viewable in Full Screen on YouTube.com LISTEN TO FOLLOWING VIDEO BELOW WITH HEADPHONES LISTEN TO YOUR SELFTALK (WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO YOURSELF) IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE AFFIRMATION IF IT IS NEGATIVE YOU WILL NEED TO DO THE "FORGIVENESS / SELF ACCEPTANCE MIRROR TECHNIQUE FOUND IN THE ARTICLE BELOW "THOUGHT CONTROL" ALSO WHEN THE VIDEO BELOW ENDS CLICK ON THE SCREEN FOR PART 2 Introfinity: The Awakening (Part 1of 8) Viewable in Full Screen on YouTube.com (For Awakening Souls) Awakeningthedreamer.org For chakra meditations, check out the following links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs_DuZigRzY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy19SWRGpkM I am currently learning to increase (accelerate) my spiritual frequency and sharing this knowledge with others who choose to do the same. (Ask, outloud that your frequency be increased, quickly, easily and safely as possible). Your statement will be heard and heeded. LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS AND PEACE FOREVER Terry

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  • Thanku 4 the bday wishes! Love&Light Mystic Bridgette
  • Hi Terry, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for listing those affirmation suggestions. I think they will do me a lot of good. Thanks again! -hallie
  • Namaste
    Thanks, Terry, thanks for friendship.
    Love & Light.

  • Thank You ;)

    You have an Excellent Page Here,

    Great Messages to Bring Forth.
  • Hi Terry! new friends are always welcome in my life :-)x
  • Many blessings, Terry :-)
  • Hey Terry:) good to meet you...seems we are very much on the same path and share the same conviction in consciously creating our own reality and in sharing it with others:)
    Wishing you a wondrous day
  • Thank you for the friendship Terry :)
  • ~thank you for the invitation of your friendship Terry! ~ i like your cabin, yellow is so warm! once i painted my whole room bright red with this color yellow rolled over it! it looked like i was living inside a burning ember! it was awesome! thanks for the memory! lol! your videos look very interesting indeed! i will definitely check them out, my friend! thanks again, & very pleased to meet ya! ~ :0)
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Terry posted a video
A clip from "Bringers of the dawn" by Barbara Marciniak.I just want to point out this special part of her story.
Nov 2, 2020
Terry posted a blog post
THOUGHT CONTROLPROGRAMMING AND REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS:First and Foremost, I must Thank all Teachers (Authors) of Positive Thinking,Reality Creation, etc... I am unable to recall and assign the proper credit to each and…
Jun 19, 2010
Terry commented on Terry's blog post THOUGHT CONTROL
""How to Disperse any Malevolent or Negative Energies"

VISUALIZE: A green circle with a green triangle in the middle of it with a green dot in
the middle of the triangle. Visualize the circle expanding and
elongating creating a tube with the…"
Apr 13, 2010
Terry commented on Terry's blog post THOUGHT CONTROL
""How to improve Relationships with Anyone"
Visualize yourself hugging and kissing the person you choose to improve relations with.
Tell them mentally that you LOVE them with all of your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength."
Apr 13, 2010

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