November 9

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I have always taken interest in methaphysical phonomenon and peoplearound say I am" sensitive", which I am not quite sure of myself, yet. A few years back I have taken a two and a half year education in using hypnosis in healing mental and emotional wounds of my fellow men. I am myself on the way to something new, but the vision is not quite clear to me yet. So I am expanding my knowledge while enjoying my everyday life to the fullest with my loved ones.

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Finland's Hypnosis Association, Helsinki various teachers and lecturers

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  • I see, I see what you must see in your own eyes.
    its the beauty before you.
    The one who the world has been awaiting for.
    And as you wake up there will be green pastures
    to play in.
    Wide open skies to fly in
    and a beautiful dance floor to move upon.
    Oh yes I see you Tarja dancing
    dancing child with the wind
    and embracing the wholeness of self.
    They cover the ball they do in
    that vibrates inside your dreams
    once covered by untruths.
    Now is the time to rise and take your place.
    your place in the chain of togetherness.
    Good Day Tarja and do come again
    and don’t forget to follow your beautiful heart.
  • Same here glad we connected.
    Here is something I wrote just yesterday.
    Have a great day.

    I reach out my hand grasping a form.
    A form that will, when held lead me in protection.
    An eagle maybe this time I’ll pick,
    who flies gently above open fields,
    so I may fly upon my feet.
    Or No, it could be a duck,
    who floats across the waters in grace
    so I may glide in my footsteps.

    Or yet perhaps, a bear that hugs the trees energy
    and guides with a roar of strength.
    Which shall it be this time?
    I reach out my hand and invisible forces take control.
    And so I take a step
    and rest upon the shoulders of a duck this day.
    A gentle one who,
    will with deepen breath I take
    sing a melody of oneness.
    Away in action I move through the front door gliding,
    peaceful in my thoughts of safety
    and eyesight of beauty.
  • ;-) x
  • Hello and so glad we are friends. Hope all is well with you and stay great.

  • thank you for acknowledging my words and thank you for putting on such a nice picture so I can do so. LOVE

  • Bannaghtyn Tarja thank you for your Comment hope you have a wonderful day love light joy and peace from show me real love ♥ ;-) hongi
  • Wishing you Bountifull Blessings
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"Just like Bible has predicted..."
Sep 14, 2010
Tarja commented on Ben-Arion's photo
"I do not know if your picture was meant to be analyzed by members, but since some other have taken the priviledge I share my intuition with You as well. I don not see much emotion in your appearance and in the look of Your eyes, but rather great…"
Aug 28, 2010
Tarja replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Looking for a Twin Flame/Soulmate
"Don't you think tht a female with all those characteristics and beliefs of herself might be quite a burden to live with at this time. I am only looking for a humble heart and good humor. Rest will take its course as days go by.
Anyway, I do like…"
Aug 26, 2010
Tarja replied to Tarja's discussion Light House - spiritual turism and sharing
"That is true, it would mean simplicity and really slowing down to connect. But of course to certain extent what we know of man today and what technology allows us to do to without causing harm we could combine the Ancient and the New. The whole…"
Aug 15, 2010

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