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Sydney, NSW


October 9

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Have been studying and preparing all my life. The time has come to remember, act and empower.

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Tyberonn, The Hathors, Kryon,

TM commented on d'tewa's blog post 10 Helpful Tips To Help You Ascend
"What a great post. Thank you."
Oct 31, 2013
TM replied to Justin89's discussion anybody else getting frustrated or losing some hope
"Justin, it's a bit like eating an elephant...... One bite at a time.
At the point where you are stretching yourself to your absolute utmost is the time you can feel the most abandoned and not connected to Source. It's a time to trust that your light…"
Nov 11, 2012
TM replied to Minerva's discussion Message from the Ascended Masters ~ The Twin Portal of 11-11 ~ Channeled by Mercy 10/11/2012
"Thank you Minerva. As I sit under the setting sun in the Southern Hemisphere on 11/11 the words are a healing on a beautiful ray of light.

Bless xxxx"
Nov 11, 2012

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Getting irritated that wants to have my personal info before I'm allowed to see the comments on their vids..
57 minutes ago
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"Drekx and Malcolm. I am SO Sorry for treating you like shaite a few years ago. I were cocky, full of self righteousness, and convinced that I were Right. I know now that I weren't. We should connect again. I Truly miss you guys."
1 hour ago
Acute Observer left a comment on Comment Wall
"Where's Drekx and Malcolm when we need them the most? :)"
1 hour ago
Acute Observer left a comment on Comment Wall
"Bluesword Angel, Are you saying that we should LEAVE ACC in order to get what you're trying to communicate?"
1 hour ago
Spiritual Marcus posted a blog post
Most of us just ignore the emotions that are thrown towards us and don't realize that the universe is showing us these emotions in other people because its a reflection of our own
3 hours ago
Albertha commented on Albertha's blog post All feelings are only looking for a loving home
Definitions are dead and of the past.
You are too alive for definitions.
You're not a success or a failure.
You're not a good person or a bad person.
You're not a wise person or a fool.
You're not beautiful, nor are…"
3 hours ago
Albertha posted a blog post
 Everything that comes into life has two sides, a masculine and feminine quality, even LOVE. The masculine side of love is “I love you.”Longing is the feminine side of love:“I am waiting for you. I am longing for you.”Longing is the cup waiting to…
3 hours ago
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