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  • Sharing 3 images from the 21 st of December in Angkor Wat temple while we were meditating with boudist monk and seeding crystals, in the library of the temples, now if you read this , you are a part of this too, friend xx  8)8114595497?profile=original
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  • Glad to be your friend Eni....this is a fast moving site with so much to read daily and you will find some very interesting information here

  • Eni, Love & Gratitude:)

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July 26

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I am vegan, I am interested in spirituality, esoteric teachings, cosmic people, aliens, astrology, meditation, enlightenment, tantra, angels, zen buddhism. I believe that we are one with God. I like to dance, to travel, I love animals, the nature, the healthy lifestile, I don't smoke.

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Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue, Anthony de Mello, A. J. Christian, Michael Newton, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Bach, Osho, Kryon, Shaumbra, Crimson Circle

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Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
"Also note that it is not the 'which slit' confusion at detectors D1 and D2 that causes the interference pattern at D0. Yes when two rays arrive at the detector, a stupid guy observing at the detector gets confused. But also another thing happens…"
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Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
"So if we don't think that the 'observation' at the detector is the one causing a sudden 'collapse' at detector D0, we absolutely don't need a signal from say D3 to go 'backward in time' to tell the signal at detecor D0 to 'collapse' for the signal…"
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Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
"The Correct Explanation
Both the light that goes to D0 and the one that goes to the other detectors is 'quantum entagled'. What this mean is that they, somehow, behave like a single thing, not two things. So whenever the 'top' light 'interferes with…"
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Roaring Lovely posted a blog post
Of all the experiments that attempts to prove quantum mechanics, the delayed choice quantum eraser takes the beer being the most amazing! I am bringing this here because again I hear people saying that quantum mechanics teaches that when we believe…
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
. We heard that med-beds might be released in March 2021 and Charlie Ward has a video with Maria Bernardis about those and the new field of Quantum Healing which will replace Big Pharma, drugs, cutting, burning, poisoning, etc. Healing will be…
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amparo alvarez posted a blog post
  Rumble — Magenta discusses the plan put out by the UK government for coming out of lockdown. Whilst this video is specific to the UK in the physical sense, the metaphysical and spiritual aspects discussed in the video as well as the…
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amparo alvarez posted a blog post
The Most Powerful Portals You’ll Ever Access ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We have awakened so many of you to the portals of energy that you…
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