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I would like to share a couple of experiences I had in the last year that I can now look back and reflect on. In the last 5years I have learnt to stand my ground. I have been involved with bringing truth, integrity and transparency to the fore front regarding my working environment. I will say I have fought and stood my ground mind you this has brought me physical/mental pressures along with this. My working environment is very toxic and even though I could have left for some reason I stayed and decided to stand and be in truth.

I have realised when these situations came about and were dealt to me in a very bullying way I stood my ground. I could have just cowered and went with the norm and let them happen BUT my inner being was saying no. Now I know that this can be seen as an ego thing and maybe it was however, my inner being was so strong (on a human being scale) I knew this behaviour was not good.

On one occasion in a big meeting with 30+ staff a guy stood up and expressed an opinion that everyone in the room was thinking regarding an anonymous survey.  The manager shut him down and no one was will to stand up and support this. I did at the end and when I confirmed the person's opinion/question on behalf of the 29 people I confirmed this guy was saying what people were thinking. Because I was so passionate about confirming this guys opinion I noticed while I was talking the person next to me moving away in an upper body bending motion. I am always trying to be aware of my energy and later asked this female I noticed her move away from me which she confirmed that the energy from me was full on but no negative just powerful.

On another note, I  had another situation which was not nice and I stood my ground and while I was talking with such immense energy that I could feel emanating from my body which was about my rights as an employee I saw three people move away from me.

This doesn't mean I was out of control, it just meant that on a human level I had rights I felt were justified and this over rided  people trying to blind sight me. I spoke to another person in a spiritual level outside of work and advised on whet happened which confirmed at THAT point in time, my personal power came out.

So I thought I would share this, as I know someone somewhere will relate to this.

I know there are people who are fluffy duffy sprititual but hey would they stand up for a person not being treated right? Does fluffy duffy mean that you are spiritual? No way, why stop being yourself and pretending to be someone your not. Really human kind is about being treated right, would these people stand up for you or is it too much drama? Nothing is perfect we are who we are.




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Hello All,

I just wanted to share some info, I have had a lot happening in my day to day issues (challenges) that I have encountered.. but I have decided to reconnect with nature.... Lets take a look around us on an average day... Have you ever noticed a certain bird fly into your house, or a lizard, snake or even spider just appear in front of you?? Well the native American's always worked with nature and had good knowledge of signs (nature), so why don't we do this???

Lately there has been situations in my life that I would usually see as negative however, I have had certain out of the blew nature experiences... So all I can say is take note of signs with nature, wild life, respect and nature it and this will come back to support you. Here is something to read and it is a confirmation for me with certain creatures turning up relating to situations in my life. I have only just woken up to this and it all makes sense/relates. To give you more of a guide

 Check this book out cause it is fantastic and has given me a calmness and I have finally stepped out of a big comfort zone.. but I get confirmation from certain animals/creatures around me. Treasure your earth and who lives on it.


I hope this will at least help someone as I am on my journey (fork in the road) now, I don't know what is going to happen but I am keeping my "attention to my intention"


Lots of love



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Hello Everyone,


We all know there is fear being pumped into us from all directions!! To my American friends I hope you are all doing the best you can with what is going on! BUT, please remember, if we feed fear we will produce fear.. Energy (frequencies) is a powerful entity to itself. Lets start a worldwide visualisation of healing embracing the earth and everything on it and saturate this motha!! Lets give her what she needs! HEALING ENERGY! Whatever happens will happen as we all know but at least we can subside it! Put your intentions out there and pump this EARTH full of it and lets make an energetic change with a loving/positive harmony that everyone will live in peace with creatures on it! Lets do it and ramp this up to make that change!!!


Who's In?




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You are a being a (human be-ing) and that is what you are. Whether you are here to relay, transform or translate.. don't focus on it. We are here to do all things... you may say tasks..  Yes we want want someone to confirm why we are here.

 Basically we need to help each other  in any way shape or form (not meaning this is true to the exact).  I have had many types, and what ever "floats your boat" in the aussie saying is what you are drawn too, maybe an "ahha" or a "tingling" feeling either way, go with it!

It's your intuition calling so go forth and question!!! Cause all messages can be misleading. It is your thing that will keep you going towards the change of humanity, as I have always kept that in tact.




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