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I am a spiritual soul that is in search of the self. I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood and studied psychology, perception, meta physics and many more related subjects.

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Jung, Carl Rodgers, Edward De Bono and many others

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  • A Unity Minister once said, "all paths lead to the Light"

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    Tracy S
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Steven Burnand commented on Charles Magus's blog post Jim Corr : Message to the people of Ireland VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!
"Hi Charles, Jim is 110% right! I am amazed how this scam has been played on so many nations and they have all submitted to being robbed blind. This just goes to show the level of social conditioning. The bail out money in the USA was picked up the…"
Nov 27, 2010
Steven Burnand left a comment for Star Rider
"Hi Star Rider its good to link with you on the long and winding road. These are certainly times of change and reawakening of our true selves. I get the feeling that our solar system is now entering its half cycle of YIN that will last another 13,000…"
Feb 9, 2010
Steven Burnand replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Post your Healing Request In This Group in Spiritual Energy Healing
"Hi, since Christmas last year I have had a bad stomach, with all the usual symptoms. I have had many tests and nothing has been found to date. I will be going in to hospital shortly for a more extensive test and hopefully they will find what is…"
Sep 22, 2009
Steven Burnand replied to Marlene Marion's discussion Swine Flu the same as Bird Flu is a HOAX?
"Hi Marlene, thanks for posting this informative video. Its really good to see those behind the mindless corruption and senseless greed get exposed. 'We the people' of all nations are living in a gangsters paradise! There have to be alternatives to…"
Apr 29, 2009

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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"All creatures praise God, not just humans.

Then note once again that I compare humans to parasite not because I demean humans but because I don't demean parasites, like most pple do. Don't judge my attitude by making inferences based on how you…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Psalm 139:14
New International Version
"14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well."

A question to Christians: should fleas, bed bugs, flies, tapeworms etc too…"
2 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall

"RL Your stories bore me.
Either way, you must always be right and always have the last word.
As if I'm just too stupid to understand your strange descriptions. You would never admit that your words may be misunderstood. Maybe the choice of…"
2 hours ago
Nora replied to Nora's discussion Not a dream...
"Very interesting, thank you very much!"
9 hours ago
Drekx Omega liked Nora's discussion Not a dream...
9 hours ago
Nora replied to Nora's discussion Not a dream...
"Thank you! I'm feeling more comfortable with the water path, definitely. Thank you again! 😊"
9 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 , this particular comment wall is at the ACC community level.....BUT, many of us ALSO comment and discuss spiritual ideas and thoughts, on our own forums and blogs, as well...
You are welcome to comment on my forum, if you would like…"
9 hours ago
𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Coronavirus and Vaccine, i read each Day in the News and then here again. Spread Fear? Maybe a little? In terms of medical care, simply saying that the best thing is not to take anything is somehow also wrong, since there are still diseases that can…"
9 hours ago