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How to communicate 13000 years later

Comet Elein is spectroscopically made of cyanide....this is not a bad thing at is the best possible thing for many reasons!

1.the 'nitiirile' carbon nitrogen triple bonds has a resonance between 3.57-4.54 microns well within the frequency range of DNA

2. at 887 k/J per mole means it has a huge capacity to store energy

3. combined with iron it has a high degree of magnetic resonance

4.When combining iron and cyanide in space it will of course takes the shape of the most energy efficient shape for that molecule in 3-D

that shape just so happens to be a tetrahedron


How to communicate 13000 years later

1.First you build a small asteroid made up of iron cyanide a lovely tetrahedral molecular structure that is capable of a high degree of magnetic resonance.

2.Then you send on a orbital trajectory of 13000 years with all the bells and whistles built into the orbit so that anybody with the equipment and intelligence to see it coming will realize this is not a natural phenomena. Build the trajectory so it won't show up until the correct time..... 13000 years from now

3. Using the properties comet capacitance you can have this iron cyanide asteroid build up a huge charge of energy and store it in the nitrile triple bond.

4. In the core of your asteroid you put your computer and signalling device so when the so called battery is charged the whole system turns back on. Because you would not want to risk your mechanisms going bad in 13000 years. So you would have them shut off until the appropriate time.

5. 13000 years later you cannot count on your descendants even speaking the same language as you or having the same technology as you. So the question is how do you communicate the signal to your ancestor so they will understand it?. That was solved by Georges Lahkovsky.....if you have never heard that name don't be surprised.....he was one of Tesla's buddies. He realized that ALL cells made of DNA are constructed like batteries. They accept energy of a certain frequency range. If you bath them in that energy they adsorb the energy. it has the medicinal effect of what can only be described as 'rejuvenation'. Why you never heard of him, is because after he applied for the patent on his 'multiwave oscillator', the men in black showed up and destroyed his lab, all his equipment, and all his manuscripts because it was an economic threat to the emergent pharmaceutical companies.

6.Once your asteroid hits the correct alignment which causes the iron cyanide to release it's energy, you asteroid bursts into prussian blue flames. it then bathes the earth with blue star kachina light that is resonated to Lakhovsky multiwave frequencies.....The result is a spontaneous rejuvenation(the rapture) to all that have a receptive kundalini channel and an open pineal gland. the humans, animals and plants not receptive to the energy don't get the upgrade or the DNA message embedded in the signal

7 as the asteroid will have a tail, and that tail will be iron cyanide, the debris will be heated in the atmosphere and the iron will separate from the cyanide and create a chemical we call 'Prussian blue' This chemical is noted for it's ability to adsorb radiation. In other words our planet will be showered with about the only chemical known to man that is capable of ridding the planet of radiation buy showering the atmosphere with Prussian blue.


So you have a satelite that shows up every 13000 years just before crossing the galactic center. It has 'nephews' tracking along side of it. In the sky that it will suddenly 'take off it's mask' by bursting into blue flames.....burn as bright as a second sun for a limited time......communcicate and rejuvenate......and then shower the atmosphere with an anti radiation agent. All before our Sun's twin shows up as a big red iron ball called Nibiru


love as light

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