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  • LOL Thank you sis! You be well And forever shine;o) Take care


  • hello starseed how are you today , my wife is from auckland and i spent 18 years over there  around auckland ,  it is a beautiful country   , do you have many people over there that share your loving interest in all things  spiritual, When i brought my wife back to my home country australia about 23 years ago you didn,t really talk much about this stuff to family or friends but now it is different. We started up our own psychic development courses and meditation and have never looked back. well starseed  thankyou for taking the time to talk to me  norm

  • Yes I LURVE Geuter.....sista


  • hello norm here just checkin in to say hello , hope your life is giving you all that your desires are asking for , thankyou for your  caring norm

  • hello my name is norm i live in australia  i have been in this field for over 20 years now  my wife is a clairvoyant and i am a healer i love this life of ours and i am so facinated with the workings of our body and mind  i love the teachings of abraham by jerry and ester hicks  have a lot of time for wayne dyer books and in general juined this site to seek more info to broarden my mind  and sort out what is truth and what is not but i know iam the creator of my own life and at the moment iam loving creating well thankyou  for allowing me to be in touch with you you take care

  • Blessings to you Starseed.

    Thank you for the complement on my page.

    much Love


  • Blessings to you, Starseed! All the way from sacred Mount Shasta to sacred New Zealand... :o) 



  • Hi, how have you been? Long time no heard.
  • Thanks Starseed its always nice getting compliments. Much love


  • A book is an infinate story that writes itself when the soul disconnects from its ego self.


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Starseed left a comment for rev.joshua skirvin
"  Thanks rev yes ive been feeling the same and the numbers have  been coming fast and strong thanks stay safe and blessed starseed"
Jun 21, 2012
Starseed left a comment for rev.joshua skirvin
"hey rev how are you doing
I am in the mist of 1111 love light and blessings"
Jun 17, 2012
Starseed left a comment for Amatar
"   Thanks for the friend request blessings"
Jun 17, 2012
Starseed replied to rlmstudio's discussion GETTING GNARLY NOW... My Wife Just Asked Me To Leave My Own Home since I AM SCARING HER !!@?%!!
"Yes I am in your boat brother dear
whats up with the timing"
Jun 16, 2012

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"Dear Space Brothers, I have tried to find out if it is possible to carry out a light cleansing on the body at home, plus replace the sunlight so that the body produces vitamin D. It's so that you can form vitamin D in the human body with sunlight,…"
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Awakening time 
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"More bizarre shite from the loonie left;
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"Yes, theoretical physics have become a religion! No one bothers to check if actually 'no signal can move faster than light'. The scriptures say so, so it must be so!!

In true science, we have no way of 'proving' a NEGATION.We can only falsify it.…"
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