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Opening the Eye of the Heart

This is something from my divine within. I hope it brings you joy!

The heart is more than a circulation tool, more than a home where love is your sacred truth. Your heart is a vortex of creation. You, human instruments, breathe Love through your hearts. In every moment, renewal comes through the breath in heartspace, the exchange of living love.This eternal flow of Love refreshes the world.

You envision a world of peace, where all life expands the joy of Being. That too, is the prayer of ascended Beings and of your mother-home, precious Terra. Peace is given through your heart. Many follow their hearts into a place of refuge, where Love's true measure transforms all feelings. I tell you now that your heart is a pulsing singularity, a single eye where one blesses and recreates, healing fragmentation into wholeness.

As you walk through your lifeworld, your eyes touch many sights. Referencing these sights through the library of your mind, one misses the living voice, the presence of all phenomena. Yet, look first through the eye of the heart and one feels this pulse of life before it was named. When Humans name most everything, they forget their living vision. I ask you now to look through the eye of your heart and be Self-guided you into a new dimension where Being brings its dreams Alive.

The eye of the heart is a gift from the very beginning for Joy-based humans to open naturally. Love pouring from each power-full shining hearteye refreshes and remakes the world. Stand at this vortex where language ceases and be remembered by your divine mind. Open Your eye of the heart. From this nexus, your mythic unities radiate in frequencies of Light and each heart shines them like a star.

Long foretold across the universes, is this heart seeing Love, when Humans claim their true nature as caretakers of Divine Beauty and they become the Shining Ones of Light.

Joy to Human stars awakening! Joy to Human hearts opening and breathing the world of wonder and deLight.

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Tree Consciousness

Tree Consciousness

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 12/04/10

We stand in your presence, so peaceful and strong, no words pass between us, very few acknowledgements are made and yet westand as a supportive energy for all on the Earth. We are the energy of theCreator in manifestation on the Earth; we are the aspects, consciousness andqualities of the Creator, standing tall, ever growing and evolving, holding allthat is sacred and holy from the Creator's soul. We are akin to pillars of lightnurturing and maintaining the vibration of Mother Earth but we are also here toassist humanity and hold a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share with you. Weare the tree consciousness with the prominent presence of the mighty oakconsciousness. We honour you dear friends of the Earth and ask that you devote asmall amount of your time to listen to us now as we share with you our energyand love.

Within every manifestation of a tree on a physical level you will discover different vibrations and consciousness of the Creator's soul. Indifferent areas on the Earth you will notice our energies vary in order tosupport our surroundings and maintain a balance in the Earth's energy. If youwere to hold in your hands a branch, leaf or touch our trunks or roots you wouldfeel a current of Creator energy flowing into your being from our manifestation.By learning to notice and sense our current of energy you will then be able toaccess the consciousness and wisdom that we each hold, linking directly into theenergy of the Creator.

You may discover that our energy feels rich in wisdom as if it is from a period on the Earth that was long before you placed your feet on the soilof the Earth. The tree consciousness which is integrated with the Creator'slight holds wisdom and insights which extend from the birth of the Earth andhold the numerous truths of the universe and the mighty Creator's soul. Byconnecting with our energies you can grasp and accept these truths in order toexpand your awareness and develop your understanding of the larger picture ofthe Earth, your soul and the Creator's soul. You will discover within our energyand light a map of the Creator's universe and that we are able to transport youto different realities, dimensions and civilisations. We have so much to sharewith you and yet we feel that although each person understands this deep withinthem they do not have the courage to step forward and connect with our energies.We must explain that in order to connect with the pure and truthfulconsciousness of our energy you must come to us with an open heart and mind thatis filled with love and a radiant peace.

We have many levels to our energy as do you, this is because we are in physical form; the lowest or slowest vibration of our manifestation can benoticeable as the lower or sometimes negative qualities of the Earth. This isnot our truth nor is it yours, we are each high vibrational pure beings of lovebut when energy is slowed it can become stagnant and so create the appearance ofnegative qualities, but these are simply extreme or exaggerated energies. Whenone is able to find their centre then they are able to connect with the truth oftheir being and the truth of the Creator, bringing forth peace, love andjoy.

We are asking you to come to us with your truth so that we may share our truth with you, come to us in a state of peace and love and we willopen our peaceful, loving and wise energies to you. Let us link on a level thatallows us to unite our Creator's energies, heightening our vibration andascending to greater states of freedom, expansiveness and bliss. We are here toassist you in any way that we can and to share with you the ways and methodsthat you can help in the positive development of the Earth and ascension ofhumanity.

There are many methods that can be placed into action by humanity in order to bring peace, harmony, balance and love to the Earth and this can beaccessed from our energy, because in truth these ideas have been in theconsciousness of the Earth for much time, it is just that humanity is choosingto ignore what is essential and needed on the Earth. We, the tree consciousnessare calling you to connect with our energy either in meditation in your ownspace or to go forth and connect with us physically by touching or linking witha tree of your choice.

We wish to prepare you for the changes that will and need to occur within you and on the Earth. We wish to enhance your connection with the Earthand the Creator so that you may exist in a similar way to us; as holders,beacons and anchors of the sacred light manifestations that exist on the Earthand the Creator's universe. We wish to act as a support network, as anchors ofthe Creator's light and as healers to all.

All that we ask of you is that you take time to link with our energies and allow yourself to experience our light, sensing its influence onyour being. Below is an invocation that can be stated if you wish to connectwith the tree consciousness while not in nature.

`I call upon the protection, light and love of my personal guides and the Creator; I ask that you assist me ingaining a state of love within my mind and heart while adopting an existence ofpeace. I am love, I am peace.

I now invoke the light, love and wisdom of the tree consciousness of the Earth and the Creator's soul to anchorinto my being allowing the most appropriate vibration and level of energy toflow through me. I ask that as I open my truth and love to the treeconsciousness, that I am able to sense and experience the trust and love heldwithin the tree consciousness. Allow me to receive the wisdom and energy that Ineed and is essential to my growth now on the Earth. Thank you and let itbe.'

Then allow yourself to sit peacefully in a state of acceptance and peace.

If you wish to connect with our consciousness in nature then we ask that you first allow yourself to activate from within you a state of peace andlove, radiating this abundantly from your being. Allow yourself to be drawn to atree as each tree holds different vibrations and so you will feel a greater bondwith some rather than others. Sit or stand near the tree sending your energy ofpeace and love and notice if you feel a bond or blending of energies building.You may find that the tree, experiencing your energies, extends its light toyou.

When you feel ready move forward and place a hand on the tree or lean up against it. Ask for your senses to be open to experiencing the light,energy, love and consciousness of the tree. It is important to follow your ownguidance and to also be alert to any thoughts or insights that you gain from thetree. You may speak with the tree; trees are naturally receptive to the sound orvibration of your voice. Ask the tree to allow the united consciousness of thetrees to flow through you or you can ask the tree to align you on a deeper levelwith the soul of the Creator. You may even ask the tree to assist you inconnecting with the energies of your soul deep within you. With practice anddedication a connection will build and as a trust develops so you will receiveneeded wisdom and enlightenment to aid your connection with the Earth and theCreator and to assist you in supporting the ascension of the Earth andhumanity.

We also wish to remind you that even when you hold within your hands a branch or leaf, dead or alive you will be able to access a certain levelof consciousness during meditation.

We hope that we have inspired you to hold the courage to connect with our energies and to honour our presence as we stand alongsideyou.

With deep Creator love,

The Tree Consciousness

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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Heal the Polarization

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about what will happen in 2012. Most of it isfear-based and predicting things like cataclysmic earth changes and the end ofthe world. In Truth, we have already entered the initial impulse of the Shift ofthe Ages. We began our ascent up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimensionbetween the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in November 2003, during an event that wascoined Harmonic Concordance. That does not mean, however, that 2012 is notimportant. It is very significant.

Whenever the collective consciousnessof Humanity is focused on a particular moment in time, we have a tremendousopportunity to cocreate something together. Depending on what we are focusingon, that cocreation can be either wonderful or devastating. It is important forus to realize that whatever happens in 2012 will be the result of what you and Iand every other person on this planet empower with our thoughts, feelings,words, and actions between now and 2012.

Since we have already begun ourAscension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God's Infinite Perfection, ourability to quickly manifest the archetypes for the New Earth has been greatlyenhanced. We need to pay attention to the negativity that is surfacing to betransmuted back into Light so that we can invoke the Violet Flame and transmuteit, but we must not stay stuck there. Once we invoke the Violet Flame, we needto focus our attention on what we want to cocreate on the planet instead of thesurfacing negativity.

One of my favorite quotes from Buckminster Fulleris "In order to change something, we do not try to alter the existing model. Wecreate a new model and make the old one obsolete." This is what we need to dowith the existing systems on Earth that are not working toward the highest goodfor all Life. For instance, the banking systems and Wall Street have proven thatthere is no depth of greed or corruption to which they will not sink. Instead ofwaiting for the people to change who are still being grossly manipulated bytheir human egos, people with a higher consciousness need to create new monetarysystems that will make the old ones irrelevant. Instead of waiting for thecorporations who are creating the devastating pollution on the planet to developa reverence for Life, people with a higher consciousness need to reach up andtap into the viable solutions that are now available in the Causal Body ofGod.

Our time is at hand! This is our moment! The key is that we need toface these challenges and cocreate new options without falling into theconsciousness of "us against them." There is no separation. We areOne.

Because of the intensity of the challenges Humanity is goingthrough, the Company of Heaven is asking awakened Lightworkers around the worldto utilize the collective Cup of Humanity's consciousness between now and 2012.We are being asked to cocreate a forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love thatwill envelop the Earth and all Life evolving upon her. This will help shift themass consciousness of Humanity by revealing the Oneness of ALL Life in new andprofound ways. As the Infinite Love of God floods into the hearts and minds ofunawakened souls, they will be able to raise their heads above the chaos andconfusion in their lives. Then they will remember who they are and why they arehere, and the Truth of their Oneness with all Life will be reflected in theirbehavior patterns.

Go within and ask the Presence of God pulsating inyour heart to reveal to you your part in this Divine Plan. If you feel the heartcall to participate, please join with fellow Lightworkers from around the world.Weave your radiant Light into the Chalice of this Divine Mission, and offer toserve as a surrogate on behalf of your brothers and sisters in the family ofHumanity. Prepare to release the residue of the behavior patterns that no longerserve your highest good, as you pave the way for an unprecedented shift ofconsciousness.

Every day deliberately use your thoughts, feelings, words,and actions to add to the Light of the world. You have been training forlifetimes to do this. Ask your I AM Presence for guidance. Listen to your heart.Trust yourself. You are powerful beyond your knowing.


Day by day more and more people are awakening. This inspiresthem to lift their hearts and minds, which, in turn, raises their consciousnessand allows the Light of God to increase on Earth. When our consciousness israised and the Light of God increases in our lives, we begin to "see with neweyes and hear with new ears." This phenomenon has the wonderful effect ofallowing us to clearly perceive the Oneness of Life and the Divine Truth thatall Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. We then knowbeyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all One and that there is no such thingas "us and them."

When this reality resonates in the deepest recesses ofour hearts, the validity of war becomes impossible to accept, and the conceptsof poverty, greed, corruption, violence, abuse of power, oppression, hatred,selfishness, prejudice, pollution, disease, ignorance, and every otherreflection of our belief in separation become intolerable.

Often, fromour newly awakened state of consciousness, our reflex response is to take astand against these negative situations and behavior patterns. Unfortunately,this causes us to polarize ourselves against the people involved. Any time wepolarize ourselves against a person or group of people, we motivate them tofight back. This merely widens the abyss between us and causes furtherseparation. We attempt to solve this problem by arguing our case and trying tocoerce the people we are polarized against into seeing things our way. We shareall of our newly acquired insights and try to convince them that their way ofthinking and feeling are flawed. They, in turn, argue from their perspectivethat our way of thinking is delusional and that we are being duped byunrealistic idealism. Of course, these arguments are futile and only exacerbateour polarization.

It is time for all of us to really grasp the fact thatPEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW. When a person awakens, his or herconsciousness is raised up, and their perception of reality is transformed. Anawakened person literally thinks, feels, sees, and hears with greater awareness.This shift of consciousness allows the person to perceive a greater Truth and tocomprehend the Oneness of Life at a deeper level. This awakening results in anindisputable inner knowing within the person's heart and mind.

When anunawakened person tries to deny, dispute, or discredit the inner knowing of anawakened person, it is futile. That effort is like a deaf and blind persontrying to convince a sighted-hearing person that there is no such thing as coloror music. The difference in that situation is that the sighted-hearing personwould understand perfectly why the deaf and blind person was having troublegrasping the concept of color and music. The sighted-hearing person would havecompassion for the deaf and blind person and would respond to him or her withpatience, love, and understanding.

Unfortunately, we cannot easily tellif someone is awakened or not. We often make the mistake of assuming that peopleshould know more than they do, or that they should understand more than they arecapable of understanding. When we expect more from people than they are capableof, we are generally disappointed and frustrated with their actions and theirperception of things, which only polarizes us further.

This is a verychallenging time for people everywhere. It is a time when Humanity is beingpurged, and the negative behavior patterns of our lower human egos are beingpushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted. This is a necessary part ofour transformation, and a cleansing that must occur in order for Humanity tocomplete our Ascension into the 5th Dimension. This purification is happeningfor each of us individually and for all of us collectively.

It seems asthough every time we turn on the news, we see widespread reports of corporategreed, governmental corruption, atrocities of war, gross imbalances in theeconomic system, and myriad other things that reflect Humanity's fear and abelief in separation. These things have existed for a very long time, but theyhave not been brought to the attention of the masses as profusely as they are atthis time.

During this intense time of cleansing and awakening, peoplearound the world are becoming vastly polarized over every conceivable aspect oflife. They are polarized over the wars, the economy, taxes, health, healthinsurance, the justice system, politics, government, religion, education, familyvalues, life-styles, energy, security, business, management, labor, medicine,food, water, air, the environment, and on and on ad infinitum.

We havebeen told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that Humanityis in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness ever known. The Earth andall her Life are Ascending up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th-DimensionalRealms of Infinite Physical Perfection. In order for the Earth and Humanity tocomplete this Ascension process and for Heaven on Earth to become a manifestreality, we must heal the polarization.

Then God's Eternal Peace andAbundance will be the order of the new day on this planet.

Sinceunawakened Humanity cannot easily grasp the concept of the Oneness of Life, itis up to awakened Lightworkers to heal the polarization. This means you and meand every other awakened soul on Earth. This is our purpose and reason for beingin embodiment at this time, and we already have everything we need within us toaccomplish this mighty feat.

What affects one part of Life affects allLife. In other words, as I AM lifted up in consciousness ALL Life is lifted upwith me. Instead of polarizing against everything we disagree with, we need tocreate a new reality, a reality that reflects our Oneness and makes the conceptof separation obsolete.

We have the opportunity to assist in thisendeavor daily and hourly, as we take the power of our attention away from theillusion of separation and focus it on the vision of Heaven on Earth. When weobserve something in our life or in the world that does not reflect Oneness orthe Reverence of Life, we can invoke the Light of God into the situation andtransmute the negativity associated with it by using the Violet Flame. Then wecan envision what we want to create in its place.

Instead of polarizingagainst our government, for instance, we can invoke the I AM Presences of thepeople who hold public office and ask them to take command of their thoughts,feelings, words, and actions. Then we can visualize the public officialsresponding with integrity and striving for the highest good for all Humanity.When greed, selfishness, and the gross imbalances in the distribution of wealthare brought to our attention, we can invoke the I AM Presences of the peopleinvolved in these activities as well. We can envision their I AM Presencestaking command of their hearts and minds, and we can visualize them respondingwith love, generosity, and a willingness to assist those who are less fortunatethan themselves.

Whatever we focus our thoughts, words, actions, andfeelings on, we bring into form. We need to create the vision of what we wantlife on Earth to be like, and then we need to set about creating that newreality.

In addition to empowering the vision of Heaven on Earth with ourevery thought, word, feeling, and action, we have the ability to serve assurrogates on behalf of all Humanity. Since all Life is interconnected, when welift into a higher level of consciousness or transmute an aspect of our humanconsciousness that no longer serves our highest good, we also lift and transmutethe collective consciousness and energies of all Humanity as well.

As wetransmute our own obsolete behavior patterns, we need to simply ask the I AMPresence of every man, woman, and child to lift their consciousness and totransmute their negative behavior patterns simultaneously. The Universal Law is:Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.

In deepgratitude for our ability to serve Life on this sweet Earth, let's join togetherand cocreate a unified forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love. This forcefieldwill be far more powerful in its impact on Humanity's global consciousness thanany of the other humanly generated forcefields of energy perpetuating theserious problems facing us on this planet. It is a Universal Law that if theinner conditions or forces within Humanity's global consciousness aretransformed through Love, the outer conditions of the world will proceed toreflect the Divine Plan for the Earth.

The Divine Plan for the Earth is aliving, active, all-powerful forcefield that will produce perfection if notinterfered with by our human egos. In the Heavenly Realms, the Beings of Lightwork purely and precisely with the great forces of Cause, knowing full well thatthe effects will take care of themselves. Most of us are currently trying tomanage EFFECTS in our lives rather than focusing on the CAUSE which will trulychange the situation from within. Trying to change things by focusing on theeffects is like trying to change the reflection in the mirror without changingthe object that is causing the reflection. It is a futile effort.

Toinsure the transformation of inner conditions for Humanity and the Earth, let'sjoin together and create a forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love. Centeredwithin unity consciousness, our collective spiritual ability will empower eachof us to accomplish this Divine Plan.


Please focuson this visualization now with the full power of your attention, knowing thatyou are joining in one-pointed consciousness with Lightworkers around theworld.

We begin by invoking our I AM Presence and the I AM Presence ofevery man, woman, and child on Earth to take full dominion of our thoughts,feelings, words, and actions.

Our Father-Mother God now expand the Flameof Transfiguring Divine Love blazing in every person's Heart Flame. Thisexpansion of Light creates a tremendous magnetic Heart of Divine Love thatenvelops the entire Planet Earth.

This blazing Heart of TransfiguringDivine Love draws to itself the energy, vibration, and consciousness of pureLove from every Ascended level of Being in the Universe. This gift of Love flowsinto our planetary CAUSE and helps us to manifest the perfection of Oneness andReverence for ALL Life through the hearts and minds of every man, woman, andchild on Earth.

Our Father-Mother God send forth a clarion call, andtwelve magnificent Solar Archangels of Transfiguring Divine Love respond. Theseselfless Beings of Light descend into the atmosphere of Earth from theelectronic belt around the Great, Great Central Sun. They take their strategicpositions around the planet and willingly prepare to assist in this activity ofLight.

These Solar Archangels are stationed equal distance around theEarth's equator. As One unified force of Transfiguring Divine Love, they projectthe Light from their Heart Flames into the center of the Earth. They beginconducting a symphony of Love that ensouls and interpenetrates our BelovedMother Earth and all Life evolving upon her.

The Love from the Archangelsexpands through the 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras of every person on theplanet. The I AM Presence of every soul becomes a power point of Light unifiedin consciousness with the I AM Presence of every other soul. Together weinbreathe, assimilate, expand, and project this forcefield of TransfiguringDivine Love. This Sacred Fire now blazes through all Humanity, the ElementalKingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, and the entire atmosphere of Earth.

The IAM Presence within every person is the open door for this resplendent Light. Atinner levels, every person on the planet is now experiencing this forcefield ofTransfiguring Divine Love. Through their I AM Presence, every person is seeingthe scintillating colors of Love, smelling the fragrance of Love, and hearingthe Cosmic Tones and moving melodies of Love. Through this activity of Light, weare all, truly, Love in action. We are collectively changing the core vibration,the CAUSE, of the primal Light substance, which has gone into the presentnegative conditions that are surfacing to be healed on Earth.

Through theLove of our Father-Mother God, the Solar Archangels, and our I AM Presence, weare the CAUSE of this magnetic forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love nowanchored on Earth. Together we have set in place the basic, spiritual forces ofTransfiguring Divine Love over which Humanity is Ascending out of our long exilein darkness into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light.

Unified inconsciousness with the Kingdoms of Earth and the Realms of Heaven, we are theopen door that no one can shut. We are exploring and rediscovering the Companyof Heaven and the Divinity within every person, in which we now find completesupport for the fulfillment of our Divine Plans.

This is what ourFather-Mother God's magnetic forcefield of Transfiguring Divine Love isattracting to each of us personally and collectively as we live within it. Weare being raised into a profound awakening of Supreme Love Consciousness. Weare, here and now, the masters of Love we were always destined to be.

Wenow know ourselves as Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving thissweet Earth and all her Life FREE. We are One with this blessed planet, and theplanet is One with us.

The twelve Solar Archangels are now expandingtheir Light to embrace every Human Being in a Cosmic Forcefield of TransfiguringDivine Love. This forcefield surrounds each of us and is anchored directlywithin the Divinity of our hearts.

Every person's I AM Presence nowaffirms with a deep inner knowing:

I AM a planetary forcefield ofTransfiguring Divine Love. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through me.The Heart of Transfiguring Divine Love now enveloping the Earth is transformingthe primal Light substance of my four Earthly Bodies, as well as the physical,etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Earth.

I AM changing the innerconditions for the entire planet, and I AM setting this Earth on a new planetarycourse of Divine Love. I feel complete unity with ALL Life, and now with everyHoly Breath I take, I inbreathe, assimilate, expand, and project the Love of Godinto every aspect of Humanity's day-to-day functioning.

I feel thisforcefield of Divine Love permanently secured within my Heart Flame and theHeart Flames of ALL Humanity.

I accept that this forcefield ofTransfiguring Divine Love is manifest now, and forever sustained through God'sHoly Grace. It is done, and so it is. Beloved I AM.

I now breathe indeeply and return my attention to the room. I become aware of my physical bodyby gently moving my fingers and my toes. As I exhale, I open my eyes and beginbreathing normally. (pause)

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study ofHumanity's Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educationalorganization
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