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  • And we will always be! kisses for you

  • Hiya Rita! I'm sitting here watching goose feather like snow clumps come down fast and furiously! I managed to get outside recently when the sunny, slightly warm weather let me do so. I pruned my front yard 20 ft. tall crab apple tree and deadheaded my cute fat short lilac tree/bush. I saw a mockingbird eat some of my honey locust leaf buds, grrrr. Oh well they need to eat something since there aren't too many bugs out in this crazy spring weather. I can't wait to visit the Tomato Lady nursery which is about 4 blks from my house. She (her name is Susan, lol), has over 40 kinds of seed grown tomatoes. Four of them are Idaho bred. She also grows different plants every year. I bought some healthy bell & slightly hot peppers last year. I plan to grow quite a large variety of veggies and sprinkle in some flowers & herbs to confuse the bugs! My poor Sunny puppy/pom has come down with a nasty cough that keeps him up at night. Poor thing. I want to do reiki on him, but my osteoarthritus won't let me. For the first time the sneaky inflamation went into my fingers! So, I asked AA Raphael to heal my pomerainium. Sunny coughs a lot less and is his usual frisky self. His sister, Molly, The Huntress, lol, brought in a dead slimy vole! Her father, Teddy Bear has dug a moat around my 3ft tall & wide lavender plant looking for voles. Miss Molly must have beat him to it. Hope they give up soon. I might have to put some big rocks around the plant. Teddy leaps and pounces on my yellow bush looking for more voles. It's his new hobby, groan. When the birds come to eat some of my cherries, he will bark and run after them. The birds perch on my roof to eat the cherries which drives Teddy bonkers! If you love crystals, check out our crystal group. I put an ebay link to their crystals and minerals. HUGS

  • George Kavassilas - Sydney Equinox - 2 of 8 - The structure of the Universe.mp4


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  • I Know Beautiful Like You

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  • Blessings from our family. May you receive the gift.

  • Thank-you for your friendship Star Flower! Hope to see you online!

    Namaste! Jane (lightworker)

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  • Hi Friend! Thank you for your request! And I am so happy you get my sick, twisted humor! Isn't laughing better than just pointing fingers?? Lots of love and peace to you!

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Washougal, WA


May 22

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I am a poet and fiction writer, and an editor. I am a sister, mother, aunt, wife and grandmother, and wish to be a friend to all. I love to read, write, sew, paint, walk in nature and take photographs and videos.

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Swedenborg, Krishnamurti, Buddha, Rumi, Joseph Smith, Gandhi, Annie Besant, SaLuSa, Sananda/Jesus, Jonathon Swift, Unis Emery, Kahlil Gibran, The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, and hundreds more.

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CNN Cooper Anderson covers UFO disclosure
Nov 2, 2020
Star Flower replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion SHELDAN NIDLE: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT I feel like I have waited eons for this announcement! Perhaps I have? Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
"I can only speak from this dimension where we have been told, for over twenty years now, that the final sweep (of the cabal) is happening. If it can take twenty years, it can just as easily take thirty or forty. Meanwhile, I have a life to live!…"
Nov 15, 2013
Star Flower replied to Mr.Ed's discussion INTERVENTION FOR WORLD PEACE ---- FROM ABOVE?
"No, not from "above". From a regular dude.

Mario Gandolfo
I was just informed that this story I wrote yesterday has gone viral and that someone is now laying claim that this is true and they got this from a secret source..This was written solely by…"
Sep 12, 2013
Star Flower replied to Altaira's discussion Introduction....Altaira, daughter of Ashtar
"Hello Altaira, and welcome. I do have a question for you. You wrote, "I treated the lowest with love and respect". That sounds admirable, but can you please tell me who is "the lowest"? I have yet to meet anyone who is lower or higher than me. This…"
Sep 9, 2013

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You see that suing media for lieing is unreasonably difficult. This gives them a licence to lie.

When US first ammendment was made, they probably never had a monopolistic…"
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"So these 'reptilian', 'lightworker', 'ETs' etc are just yet other metaphors for 'the saints', 'the righteous', 'the sinners' etc?"
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1st Type...are called Humans and they are living in the Mode of Goodness on Planet Earth. They do no harm to other living entities and mother earth. They are ligjtworkers. 2nd Type..are closer to Reptilians and are living in the Mode Of Passion.…
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"Hej, i just want share something. This happen yesterday morning. I wake up and my Eco Dot from Amazon just talk from all alone. It was a Men who say something, i think in African language. It was the same again and again for Minutes. I Sound like a…"
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