Medinah, IL


December 11

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I enjoy giving psychic readings and raising the vibrations of everyone around me. I feel a deep love for this planet and would like to share that love with the Ashtar command Community.

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  • Hi there! You haven't been on here in a while. Hope all is well. You may also want to check out our new network too since you are in Illinois. :) http://evalisticstarseednetwork.com/ Namaste! Adrienne
  • My Brother,
    Now is the time for my reading!
    Lady DancingWind
  • Hey Spiritwolf_11

    Hello. Happy to make your aquaitance ,please forgive for not replying sooner,I have not been on the site for awhile esp inbox. As i was checking today i saw your email. Thankyou, Do I really have amazing energy ? Can you tell me more? like to know more about you? What do you do and what is you background? I have just come an amazing w/end conference about success and I have met so many like minded people and I noticed these people had such love and passion for everyone .it's so great that this happening. we all have much to do for our planet.
    Love and light and blessings Nikki (london)
  • Dear Spiritwolf_11, Thank you for your friendship and offer of your talents. I would Love to have a psychic reading if that is what you have decided to offer. Linear time is of no importance. As we know that it is rapidly dissolving since the eighties. I truly hope that you are making new discoveries daily and integrating with the Ray of Revelation that we have with us for the month of July. I have been connecting with the Archangels and Ascended Masters daily to align with the Highest Path and Purpose for this time of change. I Thank You for your wisdom in advance. I send you my Silver Violet Flame with the Highest Blessings of Unconditional Love...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx

    Thanks For The Comment Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
  • Where did u see any portraits i painted?
    here is a face i did with roller pen...it sprouts out of my sub consiouss
  • Photobucket

    Some art of mine, cheers bro.
    Wishing u a wonderfull weekend

  • waited ages for the reading what happened??
  • Dear Spiritwolf_11, The warmest welcome to you to the Ashtar Command Crew. I hope that you find what you are looking for here. Everything Happens for a Reason. Come by my page and if it resonates with you please add me as a friend...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun

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"Hey, sorry for not responding in a while, i just began checking on my wall and writing on other peoplez walls. I was wondering if i could give you a psychic reading? Well hit me up sometime i'll be monitoring my wall frequently or just send me a…"
Jul 23, 2010
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"Hello, I was wondering if i could practice my intuition on you by giving you a psychic reading? If not we can still just be friends, hit me up when ever

Jul 21, 2010
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"Hello. Your energy is very volatile. I would love to give you a psychic reading, if not we can still be friends. Leave me a message sometime

Jul 21, 2010
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Apr 14, 2010

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