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  • Blessed love spiritdancer


    Light abound



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  • A sunny Hello to you and you are very welcome Spiritdancer! Thanks for that beautiful image! I love it!

    Have a loveley day!


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    Thanks for the message spiritdancer ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  • Beloved Spiritdancer, it is with great joy & happiness that I'm added as your friend :)

    thank you. Simply LOVE your page - music & images, the are wonderfully familiar...Yee haaah.

    Sending Pure Divine Unconditional LOVE, LIGHT & Glorious Rainbows to your beautiful Heart & to ALL around you......Huge Huggggs of LOVE from Scotland O:-D

  • Thank you Spiritdancer for such a magical picture.  A couple of days before I ask you to add me as a friend, I was hanging out with friends and all of us took a sort of rune, randomly. I took out the spiritdancer one. Coincidence? Whatever it was, I bumped into your profile and thought to myself: there is a reason for everything. Hopefully we'll sort it out. Much love :D

  • Hi Spiritdancer, thank you for your beautiful friendship!
  • Thank You8113938093?profile=original
  • You are the earth...


    Light to you


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June 27

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I'am someone with à open mind for Spirituele things and Mistery's. from our beautyfullll universe,. Only my heart is the key to my light and Love,.♫*´¨`*•.¸¸.♫ .I'follow my heart bud it's not alway's easy ,bud i'm happy be who I am,. and Love giving to all what's à live.... that's It's message to spread the world,. Before it's to late for the people who's not believe in the Golden world,Mistery's of Spirite's God .Iff you not listing to what other people saying,.bud only be your self and know yourself who you really are till In to your soul!!you will see the signes coming on your" so beautyfulllll believe me..

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Only my self ,.I'just follow my heart,.My sense of things and now finally to be aware and let go,. ... Love It's the Only Key..You are the Guru ..looking inside yourself and try with our love and you will see, it's not alway's easy believe me,.bud now I''m honest it has not always been easy to be myself, because not many people know themselves inside and out, or dare .. and then those that are or are not generally accepted or understood, and are sometimes viewed and gossip. but believe me I've learned a lot from and I'm glad we experienced because I'm still glad I am who I am. believe me, since one year I get signs from the cosmos on my path. where I am grateful to be allowed to feel and see that there are indeed many more,. it feels really very good, although I understand they do not always .. but by being allowed to see and feel it until today so far, it was magical (3oct.2011) I know that I already saw divine things, even my son was so happy when he saw them flying in the air tonight they were pink with a white light, and then a pair of white orbs and even a small white feather that had a light that came to us and then fly right back up and open to the road .. it was a wonderful feeling of blissful feeling you do not know in this world but in my world our real world where we all be one.. ԼღƔЄ .•*¨*•.. .(^_^). .._/l\_.. ☆¨¯`♥۞❀Ɲαɱα§ɫé ჱ♫♥..

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"Helen, this is a lovely post and just as I feel. We have to embody all things of earth and sky! to get by in this difficult time. I have a cupboard full of 'magic' tricks including homeopathy and am pretty good at self healing. Thank you for this."
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"To create a better future for humanity one needs to visualize a positive future for all of humanity first of all one needs the protection of archangels, ascended masters, or it could be any of mother's nature spirits. Always use protection whenever…"
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"There is no such thing as unbiased site. Main Stream Media is 100% propaganda. only intuition and discernment are capable of knowing truth"
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