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I see you I feel you I AM one

From the heart truthHave just been with the heart collectiveofoneness experiencing the Devine within this oneSuch peace no tears either of happiness or wantingImportantWas in another world during the actual callTending to the vibration of Mother Gaia opening withinNow leaning against brother sister tree listening and being healed within my heart and various other livesGreat joy is released through my crown to all here and there within the sourceNew birth are these platinum children bringing no labor pains does this one feelOnly the creation of golden SourceAnd unconditional love for all(In trying to select the image that want to associate with this still searching)How does one convey the ultimate sourceMy perception. Multidimensional selves doesn't mean you leave each of your dimensions you have ascended along the journey. From within you are now able to remember your past experiences from each level hence the reason one has 9 levels to journey through to get to the DevineWe are love and in trying to love myself unconditionally the I Am must love all of who they were (the white Unicorn that flew through the skis of long ago) to where I Am in the now Now can I see and am grateful for the love from the Source
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