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  • You Welcome......Love You


  • Å eran Dronning, jag minns hur magiskt det var å få se henne prata till folket via fjernsyn som barn och se henne på balkongen på långt håll, att ibland gå förbi slottet.. en riktig drottning som var dansk! det var magiskt, då var jag i NUET. Jag blir allt bättre på att läsa engelska, speciellt nu när jag läser kanaliseringar från Sananda som Ben-Arion tippsat om till alla här. Det är mycket intressant men man får alltid fler frågor inom sig. Men att stava engelska är fortfarande svårt. Att få höra vilket väder danmark har känns härligt, det är som en del av mig flyttas dit då :)
    Här utanför Göteborg är det också vårväder, jag hoppas bara vi slipper "vulkanmålnen" från Island för man vill ju kunna vara ute och andas frisk luft.
    Tack så för ditt fina medelande och hoppas att solen får lysa upp din dag!
    Kram Jorina
  • Tusen tack! Du bor i köpenhamn precis som min älskade mormor, jag har ofta som barn och äldre gått runt med henne i köpenhamns olika parker och andra sevärdheter, jag älskar Danmark, språket känslan i folket och morgonmaten, en bit av min barndom finns där fast jag alltid bott i sverige. Det måste kännas härligt för dig att känna sådan tillit som när man kommit så långt... Jag tror jag pendlar lite fram och tillbaka, jag önskar slippa känna tvivel ibland.
    Hoppas du förstår svenska, jag är inte lika bra på engelska..
    Hur är vädret i köpenhamn idag?
    Kram Jorina
  • You are great! :D Remain like this :D Love and Light during every Night! :)
  • I see you too Sister. . .
  • Dear Soli,

    Do you know that SOL in romanian language means MESSINGER? And SOLI means MESSINGERS?

    Your profile is much more interesting. I am very glad to meet you. Mike Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle are my theachers right now. And others of course! You will be one of them, I think. Maybe! Who knows? I feel that Sirians are close to me! I feel that they are joyfull and happy like me.

    Thank you

    Alin Bogdan
  • Dear Soli,

    Thank you! Hope that my profile will not remain only interesting. I know that my experience in this life will help. More than one milion romanians (in fact all country benefitted from it) enjoyed their's forests after the restitutions of forests. The wood is more protected and their souls received (after many many years of unjustice) a little light.

    in peace,

    Alin Bogdan
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January 23



About Yourself

I am retired from my job. I am a mother to four wonderful sons, and a Grandmother.. My husbond and soulmate passed on in 1999. I have a new Love in my life now...Love has no age..I am still young at heart! My great awakening was in 2004. My parents belonged to the Spiritualist Church of Copenhagen. I grew up believing in reincarnation and other Spiritual teachings. I am grateful for the gifts I have: Clairvoyant, Angle-card Reader, Healer, Communication with animals, Automatic writing. I am in connection with my Starsisters and Brothers. I remember some of my past lives and write it down. Much about a life in Egypt more than 3300 years ago. I am also a Regression Therapist. I found great peace in 2007 when I was told that I am a great part Sirian. I remember very well when I was a girl and cryed to the sky asking my real family to come, pick me up and take me home. For many years I did not feel at home on Earth. Now I do. I am very happy here. It was my choice to come here. My other interrests is reading, going to Cinema, bwalking in the forests outside Cph., meeting people, Ancient history, Cropcircles...and much more.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My Dad, Ashtar, Sananda, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Merlin, Cmdr. Juluionno, Adama in Telos, Thoth, Robby Curdorf, Gregory Possman, Erik Berglund and many other I met in my life.

Soli Trinsia of Sirius left a comment for Maleneds
"Et stort, varmt og kærligt "Velkommen" til AC
Interessant profil.
Soli i København"
Aug 23, 2012
Soli Trinsia of Sirius left a comment for Jim Manning
"Hello Jim
Welcome on board ...I am sure you will love it here among like-minded people
I have been here for more than 2 years now, I am not very active, but I have learnt a lot being here,
I agree with you..Conversations with God...are amazing…"
Aug 21, 2012
Soli Trinsia of Sirius left a comment for Liza
"Hi Liza
Thank you for adding me as your friend...I hope you will enjoy your stay here in Ashtar Command Crew.
I read your profile...very interesting
See you...and namaste
Aug 16, 2012
Soli Trinsia of Sirius left a comment for Darryl
"Hi Darryl
I am honored to be your friend...Thanks for inviting me
Love and Blessings
Jun 4, 2012

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