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Coming to Earth has been a very positive experience for me. I can remember watching humanity grow and evolve over time. I found Gaia through the Sirius star gate. When I saw the awakening come into focus, I knew I had to be here to help ascend Earth. Also, to help humanity continue to evolve and heal as a species. This process is what will steer all Terrans towards the age of enlightenment. Like a home coming, many of my soul brethren have long awaited for this time to arrive. As it is materializing, I would like to say a few words in honour of our efforts this far as I have become aware of things moving in this direction as the veil thins. It feels so special to be nearing the beginning of a new chapter as we round the corner from struggle and hardship faced by everyone on planet Earth. My purpose is to assist soul growth in providing a defined voice supporting the much desired shift towards cosmic understanding. We are awakening together by remembering ourselves and our history in the future we inspire now. Disclosure is key, as to its also needed to be made in a peaceful way. On a mass and calm level, this will occur as the broadcasts of human development reach the tipping point in other star systems to be known for a movement of equality by spiritual alignment. I am one of many starseeds focused on light work and interplanetary consciousness. We are not alone. Many of us are incarnate now to become wayshowers in the face of the new dawn. Ashtar Command is one of several key intergalactic organizations making up the galactic federation of light, who is here to support this transition. As blossoming flowers of a vibrant garden, I look forward to getting to know how we have made a difference. Thank you for having me be present and able to serve in this way.

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My soul memories and spirit guides have been the most outspoken. Through members of my soul brethren assisting me, I have felt the call to connect with others of like mind. We are in a way, like messengers of a time where the worlds shall unite for peace and prosperity.

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  • Thank you for your friendship
  • Thank you Sirian Starlight for your connection. Blessings to you and family members of Ashtar Command Crew Community 💝💖🙏
  • Thank you for your friendship, Sirian Starlight. :)
    Beautiful to feel the Light of Sirius radiating, and read your uplifting profile. Love & Blessings always, Joanna. 💖🙂
  • Thank you for the friend connection! Blessings to you!
  • Thank you from me too, it is an honor!
  • Thank you kindly for adding me Sirian Starlight.
  • Thank you Sirian Starlight! Very much.
  • Welcome Sirian Starlight. I am glad you have had had recall prior to when you incarnated as to where your home Galaxy is. You are blessed having the continuity. I was only shown I had to incarnate following the Atom Blasts in the 1940's. We were all around a table and my lot was drawn and now 12/21/2020 we have the Winter Solstice Northern Hemisphere when All are moving to 5D..........Blessings nice to meet you kingjeff
  • Thanks for adding me Sirian Starlight 🤗
  • Thaks Sirian Starlight ... ;)) and welcome to ACC!
    Some of your Sirian brethren is here ;))
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"Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.
Hard times create strong men.
I do wonder.
If you remove money from the equation,
what withstands the test of time on this world?
The value of that which cannot be…"
Jun 4
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"No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as…"
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"If you take a look at many of my blog post I have been punching holes, for a while, on the common idea that the body is a 'container' somehow housing another entity termed 'soul'. I noted that a so called 'material' thing cannot contain a so called…"
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David Ickes Latest watch @ https://youtu.be/HNtvC70Wbsk
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Humans Must Learn To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong And Choose Righteousness A lot of humans are doing things that are wrong and a lot if told off attack the person who is telling them that what they are doing is wrong. STOP ...THINK...CHOOSE…
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"Thanks, Agarther. Neither the Balkans nor the rest of Europe needs someone like Kurti. I don’t know how popular he is among the Albanians, let’s hope that they don’t get carried away."
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