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A ban on healing.

Next Friday the European Union will pass a directive that will effectively ban all natural remedies from EU countries. The directive comes in the guise of safety standards as is the tack of the EU - note locally grown food - but the only manufacturers in a position to meet those standards will be giant pharmaceutical companies.


There is more information and a petition to sign effective action group with little support or money.


In my unawakened days I would have written an article on the move, recorded a plea from a local health shop owner  (get a nice pic in the shop, i can hear my editor say), lambasted the government and pointed the finger at the pharma giants. A few people would have read the article, been inspired to sign the petition and then the ripple of my effort would have petered out. 

Today as i read this, i have a different concept of taking action. These days I know that the EU is one crumbling system of the old world, that will inevitable fail as the Earth ascends. But this attitude can be fatalistic, we can become passive in our detachment.

In the meantime, the behemoth still lives and can do huge damage in its death throes.

We must still take action, just a different kind of action, one that recognizes the energetic reality of the EU and its directives. So I'm asking everyone to send light to Brussels, see it slicing through the black web of negative influence around that parliament building, send it to this action group to bolster their effort.

I've created an event of it, called a Ban on Healing. On Wednesday April 27th between 7 and 8pm we can blast the parliament with God light and then wait for Nature to take her course with our action.

Love and light lads,


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