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help a family?

m asking for donations, any kind of extra money you can share with us would be awesome!, Life has been a struggle for us for so long, We were homeless for a while, Now we are all together in Apache Junction, Arizona renting a place and pretty happy, It's just that life challenges have come our way when it comes to "money" that paper with ink/drawings on it.

I had to call 9/11 in June of 2012 and now I have medical bills that I can't pay, I'm currently looking for work and always looking for ways to earn money by helping out whenever possible, Kalindi has needed help with the children while we make some changes

 I also went to school for Massage Therapy and I graduated (with top of the class), But I can't get my license due to my legal issues out of California. So that is also holding me back from my/our dreams. I can't afford a good lawyer(wish i could!) ...If I can get my massage license then i'll be self sufficient and not need help! 

We are just barely making it month to month, as things change so will this page...

Shaun, Kalindi, Nimai and Mirabai Walker

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