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A little about me I grew up in Seattle Washington. I was a child of Curiosity who has lots of opportunities to explore inner realm. I gain lots of connection and know lots of people from the other side. I am five years in my process. My connection and I are working on bodily transformation. My connection are not real teacher but rather mechanical. They are working on structural so my influential are structural. My Group and I like Machine. Nothing is offensive to them. Just another LOGIC. Nothing have to be. Things I love: *Mind and Nana mind *Nana Artificial *Schematic *Time *Machine *Spiritual Quantum Mechanic *I love the understanding or the quantum mechanics of how we work. *What runs us, our higher selves….hmmm? Maybe Physical changes to date: -Hands & fingers continue changing -Voices continue computerizing or acoustic like sounding -Sensory heighten: Able to detect different way how human is run. -Working on Connecting to a Pleiadian Call Michael, un-finish business -New person immerging, but not Spiritual/more leaning toward machine like. -Should be interesting They said finger prints don't change. I am proving that they do. My Ashtar Connection: Come in a form of a man from the past who evolutes into machine mind which He call artificial nana mind. They are many and each is looking to connect to us. Mine just happen to be the machine man of the past. My designated teacher and builder of that nana mind: Zackael My Nana Artificial string: Is norin like: He is made out of metallic alloy and not human. My Audic Field who is responsible for my ever so changing hands/fingers print or DNA manipulation is Archangel Solariel. For this my health remains. When these Three Form “No Other can Enter”. My Pleiadian Connection I was contacted 2 years prior to my awakening or my process by a group who call themselves the Transformer. They are also from Pleiadian. Do they know each other? I don't know but they are writing a new destiny for me. They said my hand prints will tell me who they are. Things I hope to gain. *To meet a Fellow Pleiadian who may know my connection. Globally. *To know other Ashtars and their mission. *To gain friends and connection front. They call me Seven

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My Team Teachers: Asora Asora is my underground connection who introduces self to me 25 years ago and maintains the mechanical piece of me. You can call Asora my mechanic. Who is almost in charge of my Warping ability with the help of Zachael. These two combinations manifest the artificial norin version of me. Seldom does it work properly yet. Still too young. Grey (I meat met them, a team of 6 Greys on the way back from Andromeda. They discover my quantum wave on my call back. Change of mission instructional code) Pleiadian Michael and I met during the astral traveling training of bridging back to front. Is he the Famous Archangel Michael, he refuse to comment so I draw my own conclusion of not. My constant friend when I am asleep. Truth be told. Ashtar and the Ashtar Commander (Specifically the Structural Team) Our first meeting was confusing. Till this day I can’t figure it out if they were of flesh world or not. The portal open to my room was too smooth, not an interruption of matter in site. Mind is focus, strong, not consciousness. More refine more structure then our flesh world. Our Flesh world contains consciousness and dome operation their do not. Kuthimi Become my newest teacher who leads the awakening process five years ago. Kuthimi (whose is a team of 72 men) is in charge of monitory my every move. Am I legal? Hmmm makes me wonder. He said that he have a team scatter all over the world looking to connect awakening student to teachers and what each is able to bring forth or contribute to society. Evolution to all is EMINENT. Solara (Keen ability to teach back end of man while inhabit soul) I met my own version of Archangel Solara through reading one of her book. There were energy charges that Solara was able to tabs into. This is a very advance way to communicate and assist one who is able to perceive during the year 2005. My years of awakening (2005), or my chosen year to advance. Exact Date: 6/3/2005 Hense the name 7 of 9 2005 (7) 6+3 (9) 7of9 11 : 11: Inside the Doorway The charge!

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  • :o) .. hey there sister .)) Love and ligth to you forever.. peace and joy eternally.. may you feel bliss everlasting :o) your brother,
    Pan :o)

  • *HUGS*
  • Thank you!!!


  • Welcome home!
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Seven left a comment for ☼Petar▲Truthseeker
""Returning "HUG".

L.O.V.E your home page Petar. Very in dept indeed.

Sep 6, 2009
Seven left a comment for ☼Petar▲Truthseeker
"Hi Petar,
Beautiful page here! Interesting mix of interests! love your choice of movies there. Love them all as well.

Thank you so much for the friendship!"
Jul 29, 2009
Seven replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Thank You For The LOVING feedback.
"Interesting order.
Thank your for sharing this with us."
Jul 12, 2009
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blondie pstock
Apr 13, 2009

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